Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Double your money for first payment Campaign from rebtel

I have already posted the hack for rebtel, many of the readers could make free calls using rebtel. I hope you are the among one who could make free,
Rebtel is offering Double your money for first payment Campaign offer for its users who have never made a payment for rebtel, with this offer, if you buy 10 USD credit, you will receive 20 USD, This offer ends on 8th of April 2008 (11am GMT)
The call to India costs 0.056 USD, if you divide it by 2, the call will cost around 0.028 USD per min, wow. So why not avail this offer. With this offer, it would become one of the cheapest call offer present today.
With Rebtel, you do not need internet to activate the calls. The best this is, you can register and just after registration you will get 10 mins of free trial calls, Make free trails calls to India, and if you like the service then buy the credit. I liked its service and its call quality is also good. I hope you would also like it and buy the credits. The good things about rebtel is that they bill in per 10 seconds basis and if you disconnect the call within first 10 seconds there are no charges for the call, means if you make a call for 29 seconds, then you will pay only 0.014 USD with this offer.

If you are interested in receiving free calling voucher to India, worth 3.5 USD or 60 mins, please leave a comment with your email ID. I will send you the free call voucher and along with the procedure.
Double your money for first payment Campaign - Terms and Conditions, please read it.

  • Users are eligible for the campaign if they have never made a payment to Rebtel in the past
  • 'Double your money' means that for every dollar the user pays to Rebtel they will receive 2$ of credit on their account with which to make calls
  • Only first payments of up to $10.00 qualify for the offer
  • All credits and payments made under the campaign are non-refundable
  • The campaign is open from the 16th of January 2008 until the 8th of April 2008 (11am GMT)
  • Users can chose to donate the 'extra credit' received from Rebtel to a friend (by a voucher code through email), to a charity or to themselves in their account
  • All voucher codes generated in connection with this campaign will be valid until the 15th of May, 2008. Vouchers not redeemed before this date will be cancelled
  • Maximum 3 vouchers can be redeemed by any one user during this campaign
  • All users who chose to donate to charity will be communicated the final total collected at the end of the campaign period
  • Please note that you cannot transfer Double Your Money credit between accounts.
  • All voucher codes generated in connection with Double Your Money are valid for 30 days after the date of issue.
  • Please note that we may terminate Double Your Money at any time prior to 08 April 2008 if we see fit. However, vouchers issued before this date will still be valid.


  1. hi vikas
    i tried entering the voucher code, but it displayed the following message.
    Invalid voucher number

    The voucher number you've entered is invalid. Please ensure you've entered the code correctly. If it still doesn't work, either the campaign connected to the voucher has expired, or you've already redeemed a voucher with this number."

    with regards

  2. hi vikas with ur help i got 60 free minute to india.

    keep the gud work

    with regards

  3. Hi vikas, thanks, I could get 60 survey minutes.

    thanks again


  4. Dear Phani, Anony and Rajesh,

    Thanks for trying the voucher code,

    To Phani,
    I am sorry that the code does not work for you. Rebtel has fixed some criteria to give free mins. If you does not come under that, then you will not get the free mins.

    Since I have promised you to give free mins, I will definitely give you free mins, but you have to wait.

    Thanks once again

  5. Hi Vikas

    Its great work from you.
    Thank you very much.
    I was able to get 60 min free from voucher.

    Keep it up.
    Cheers for Vikas


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