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Betamax and Dellmont VoIP providers: 33 Brands under one umbrella offering cheap calls

BETAMAX... I hope you might have heard this name many times and I am also sure that you must be familier with the following VoIP names and using atleast one for making cheap call to your country.
  1. 12voip
  2. Actionvoip
  3. Budgetsip
  4. Calleasy
  5. Dialnow
  6. Freecall
  7. Internetcalls
  8. Intervoip
  9. Jumblo
  10. Justvoip
  11. Lowratevoip
  12. Netappel FR
  13. Nonoh
  14. Poivy
  15. Rynga
  16. Sipdiscount
  17. Smartvoip
  18. Smsdiscount
  19. Smslisto
  21. Voipblast
  22. Voipbuster
  23. Voipbusterpro
  24. Voipcheap UK
  25. Voipcheap
  26. Voipdiscount
  27. Voiphit
  28. Voipian
  29. Voipraider
  30. Voipstunt
  31. Voipwise
  32. Voipzoom
  33. Webcalldirect
BUT do you know that that these all companies belong to Betamax GmbH & Co.Kgm Köln Germany. In 2005 it took over all of the VoIP services previously run by Finarea SA, and keep on adding new VoIP every month. Now they are the most used VoIP service for International phone calls. They still use the Finarea softfone, You can still see the name of Finarea while installing their soft phone.

Why they are marketing with different brands?
They launch a new brand with the lowest possible rate which are advertised via the previous brands and then slowly slowly they increase the rate to the normal level and again they launch another brand. They also launch service specific brands.

For example, the recent launches are smartvoip with the 0.005 EUR/min to India which has been increased to 1 cent and I am sure than in near future it will reach 2-3 cents per min and at the same time we can expect the launch of a new betamax site.

Most of the services offer pc2phone, phone2phone, SIP, Access numbers and cheap sms.

All the services use common login data base locked for one service, so if you have already login in one brand, you can not create the same login to other brand. You might have experienced this problem before.

The sites actionvoip and voipian belongs to Dellmont Sarl Luxembourg, they use the same user data base of betamax but the payment goes to Dellmont.

So many companies, which provides the best rate? You can compare the rates for all services for all countries

Please answer these question?
Which service  did you like most (Today and in past if you have used)?
Have you ever had any payment problems with any of the services?
What do you expect from these services?

Please share with us, may be we can find some solution for you.


  1. Thank you Vikas for the insights into the Betamax. This is very useful. Soft

  2. Hi vikas,

    Thanks for this information, it is really useful to know. I was wondering when I found my id was already registered. Now I understand why it was so.


  3. Finarea has the same modus operandi for its other international long distance site after another. Start with low rates then bring them up, and then launch a new site. They are also a rather reclusive company. People who have worked with them in the business never actually spoke with someone from there. Everything is through email.

  4. Vikas,

    You ROCK, man! Can you please verify that the comparison list here is up-to-date?

    Cold you please include the country where the call originates.

    Thank you.



  5. Hi.. I am shaifudeen. Mr. Vikas could you pls explain about sip phone. i dont have any idea,how can i use it?

  6. You may want to check the new mobile applications 'BMAX' from and they also have multiple times per day updates rates.

    BMAX aggregates all your accounts and manages least-cost-routing and chooses best provider to make phone-2-phone type calls.

    It also handles call interception, which means, when I make a call through the normal phone dialer, it asks me if I want to make the call via BMAX or direct. Configutable too.

    There is a video on site too that is for the iphone version, that I am waiting for too. Apparently should be available anytime now.

    Wonderful idea and super cool. About time!

  7. Yes Thsi blog was very useful to me and actually I was helped by Mr Vikas. I would like to thank Mr Vikas helping not only individual but trying to move inida and indians ahead.
    Nice guy thanks. We can rarely get such kinds of person.
    He gave credited my account with 10 euro very fast.
    Thanks Vikas Jee

    Babu Sharma ( indorama8800) Nigeria

  8. BMAX looks good. They just launched the iphone version too.

  9. i cannot view full customers in customers list. only can view 50, so i cannot add funds to above fifty clients, answer me

  10. hi mr.vikas, i like to know about how can i earn profit from reselling of ukash?

  11. They provide offers with grate rates. BUT and it's important, they don't diversify various type of payments.A example, in ex-USSR 90% of electronic payments being in WEBMONEY Money Transfer. Skype already keep this system as one of the official way to turn money on account, Betamax did not this. I wish to Betamax make widely network of customers!

  12. hi guys
    i need to know about betamax parent account i mean which brands ac can be use at all 33 betamax brands .because its costly to bought ac for the brand which is chaep for the any country?

  13. HI all i try this softphone its very good unlimited call to every where

  14. unlimted calls to every where

  15. hii guys. i want to call india. any cheapest software

  16. hi any body have idea how to open if ISP blocked proxy.

  17. offering cheap calls - and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
    I've used JustVoip for about a year and quality was more or less ok.
    Now I'm unable to log in, and there is no way to reach customer service.
    Take a look at those sites - no phone numbers, no contact emails. The only way to contact them is to login to the site and send a message through special form. But they do not respond.
    So I have a balance of 25Eur, and unable to use it.
    very disapointing. Good thing I also have skype and GV, so I actually can make calls when I need to.

  18. I've been using Internet Calls for few years but I always disliked their Fair use policy (FUP) as it not applied in a "fair" way. Every now and then they will charge you for a call slowly eating your credit. These calls will be the same calls that some days will be free so I never understand why some of them are charged and some don't. To me is an unfair use of a policy to slowly use your credit. I tried sending few emails asking for clarification and their response will always be something like: "you have exceeded the Fair use policy" with no further information.
    I will not recommend this service for anybody who want to control their spending

  19. Hi! Same trouble as Anonymous above, but with VoipAlot. I actually can access the website, and as stated there, the same user/pass should log me in their desktop client as well. ONLY IT DOESN'T!! I've contacted them twice via their contact form, but no replies whatsoever. Some Customer Support they have!

  20. hello there,
    may i make a correction. VOIPIAN does not belong to betamax / dellmont, but to a holding called CALLAX. this same holding has another voip-client called VOIPAX.

  21. halo i am in uae how to open blocked softwear plese give a solution pls contact me

  22. when u see a site increasing rate for an older site and coming up with a newer one with a forged rate and increasing same surprisingly, you better be careful with such service.

    Till date no one knows where betamax is operating from, no contact telephone number etc..

    At least we all know how easy it is to reach a reliable company such as skype etc.

    Betamax is a invisible one-man-show business.

  23. hello vikas really verygood information regrding dellmont i was confused about these voip providers. but as i am areseller for actionvoip, smartvoip and jumblo and someothers but i am not able to puchase euros directly from delmont using credit card because for resellers there is no provision of purchase via credit card for reseller can u provide me some insight to purchase via credit card

  24. Many thanks for the information, I have an account with SMSLISTO, i usually transfer funds from 10 to 60 Euros to top up my balance, last month on 26th June i transfered Euros 150.50 but till now they have neither credited my account nor answer my several queries. Usually they make the credit within three days after receiving the fund, this time they took so long it is almost a month now, but no response from thier end. i strat getting worried when I recently have heard many people complaining about the same issue with this company. I advice everybody to be careful if you deal with this company. They were fine before, but no one knows what has happened to them recently, the start acting very funny. I advise everybody not to transfer fund to them, till they come out and explain what is happening.


  26. Scame Frod Betamax & Dellmont through KeyCollect,

    Payment through: Ukash € 200.00

    Prep a y m e n t f o r V o I P T r a f f ic € 188.68
    Transactioncosts(excluding V A T) € 11.32
    VAT(0%) € 0.00
    Tota l ( i n c lu d i n g V A T ) € 200.00
    This payment is processed by KeyCollect (for
    US User

  27. Dear sir i want to become reseller, so, how can i buy voipconnect credit, now a days i am in Hongkong, anyway plese give me a details who is surroungd with me near at HK like China, Macau.
    if not possible i also can buy from Nepal, Doesnt matter, please mail me this id:,
    thanks for your kindly attention.

  28. hallo vikas,
    i want a reseller account in action voip or much price €10.pls snd me more detiles.for sales in outlet shops.

  29. for pakistan best

  30. How can I run like ( from Betamax) Business services? Is there complete turnkey solution provider.?

  31. I recommend Very cheap rates, no tax! Premium routes + CLI changer. I like it.

  32. Voip Providers is offering free and cheap phone calls over the internet for small business to mid sized businesses.

  33. can buy voip voucher / accounts via libertyreserve instantly

  34. Dear vikas ,

    i want a become reseller for dellmont / betamax voip . can give some suggestion . i want start business her in Qatar . please help me .
    email -

  35. I am looking for reliable Voip Providers offers free and cheap phone calls over the internet.Can anyone suggest me something?


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