Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free telephone numbers in Italy, Romania, UK and US

Living in Italy or anywhere in the world and do not have the Italian landline number to receive the calls, Here is the solution. You only need to have your PC with a broadband connection and your codice fiscale

EuteliaVoip, an Italian company is offering free VoIP in numbers. With EuteliaVoip Everywhere, each registered user can have 15 new international numbers absolutely free. Presently free VoIP numbers are available in Italy, Romania and in UK. They provide the numbers almost in all provinces of Italy.

If you pay 2.5 EUR, you can have numbers in the following locations
France, Germany Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich (only residents),Sweden Goteborg, Malmoe, Stockholm, Switzerland Basel, Berna, Geneve, Lausanne, Zurich, USA Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Mexico.

So you have your own number wherever you go without roaming charges, you can receive the call for free.

What you need to do?

1. Register at Eutelia (

2. After successful registration, goto user area and then goto number management, there you can add the number of your choice.

3. Then download the soft phone and enter the phone number and password provided by euteliavoip.

If you are interested in free VoIP number in US, without having codice fiscale, goto and follow the procedure to obtain you free US VoIPin number.

Free Italian number (Italian VoIP in Number)
Free Romanian number (Romanian VoIP in Number)
Free UK, United Kingdom number (UK VoIP in Number)
Free US, United States number (US VoIP in Number)


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    prahlad singh
    doha qatar

    Dear Prahlad,

    Thanks for your mail, first of all you did not write, from where did you get this message.

    I would like to tell you that you should neither believe any such mail or SMS or phone call where you will be given free USD 500,00.00, eventually you will land up loosing money.

    Could you please write me the exact SMS you received, then I will give you the complete scam about this SMS.

    Do not call any phone number or send any SMS, you my loose lot of money for sending SMS or calling. Be aware

  2. hi,
    Plz tel how to login in Euteilavoip. I registerd with Uk and Italian no.. but after downloading the soft phone it never asks about the numbers to Log in.
    I dont understand how to use it.


  3. Thanks Vikas for this nice blog.I am waiting for the new offer from US/ Canada to call India. Used to use betamax products till recently but now they are using sms to verify. I am not able to receive sms from their phones so am stuck.
    and their customer support is hopeless or non existent.


  4. Dear Sana,
    Thanks for the comment,

    I am using UK and Italian number for the last 6 months using Euteilavoip. After your comment, I again downloaded the ZIP file ( (, unzipped it and installed the (EuteliaVOIPSetup.exe) voip softphone. and its working. It asks for the username and password. Username is Italian or UK telephone number, and password is provided by the euteliavoip.

    IF you are facing problem, then download the file again, unzip it and install. you will be surely asked for the login.

    If you are not getting the login, please disable your firewall.

    If you are successful, please leave a comment, if not, please write again, I will try to solve it.

    Thanks and Regards

  5. Dear Stephen,
    Thanks for the comments, you are right, betamax customer support is hopeless, they only reply to the mails, which benefits them.

    But if you are facing your mobile verification problem, then you can go for your landline verification (if you have in the office) once verified you can buy the credits. then later you can add your number.

    Soon I will post a an article where you can get good option to call to India.

    If you like, you can use tringme, click on the link for details

    (if the link does not work copy and paste the complete link)

    where you can call India only at 3.9 USD cents per mins (2.6 EUR cent per min) which is much cheaper than betamx and the payment is in USD, so you save on the cross boarder payments.

    Thanks and Regards

  6. Hi Vikas,

    I am not sure how to call u on tring me. I tried.. Can i email you instead of tring me. Please let me know.

  7. Hi Vikas,
    I am also facing a similar problem, while regestering with DialNow and then when i am going to buy the credits it ask for my mobile phonenumber but i do not have a mobile. Can you please tell me what should i do to buy a credit.



  8. Dear Ashish,

    Thanks for the comments, Now I find that they have incuded mobile SMS verification, so you are hopeless for to use dialnow.Please note that they are betamax group of companies with hope less customer care.

    The calling rate of dial now costs 3.9 USD cents, and also they charge additional 50 EUR cents as fee, so the effective rate is slightly higer.

    you can read my rebtel blog

    rebtel works in better way than dialnow and effective cost of the call is 0.028 USD with no processing fee. (you will get 10 USD if you buy 10 USD)

    It also gives you 10 minutes trial call to check the quality of the call.

    you can also read this blog

    and get additions 60 mins free, if you are lucky. Thanks and Regards


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