Thursday, January 29, 2009

ZaKoPhone: One hour free call, India not included.

ZaKoPhone is a free service that uses the newest technology to bring high-quality voice communications to people all over the world WITHOUT the needs of Software installation. To promote their service they are offering 60 minutes (one hour) free calls to most popular destination, Unfortunately India is not included.

It has flash based web phone, please dial the number without 00 or +, mean if you want to call Italy, then dial 39021XXXXXXX, otherwise you will get call failed error.

Once 60 minutes are over, you have to purchase the credit to make the call. You can go for multiple registrations in order to get more free calls, but we have not tried any hack for zakophone. Right now you can not make User to user calls, it will be available in February 2009.

ZaKoPhone is powered by German based ZaKoTel Telekommunikations GmbH.

Click here to register

Thanks to Mr. Driss from Morocco for leaving a comment about ZaKoPhone, IF you come to know any free or cheap phone service, do not forget to leave your comment.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now use Stanacard from Europe, Pay $10 and get $20 with special rate to India.

Stanacard, The most famous VoIP among Indians in USA and Canada has started their service from Europe, now you can use their cards from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK.

We have already discussed about Stanacard, It is preferred for it excellent sound quality, cheap rates to India and their never ending referral system, which is the best. If you register with this referral code, you pay $10 and you will get $20, no only this, you are gifted with $10 free call credits for each friend you invite becomes paid user for stanacard. Let’s assume that you invited 25 friends and 5 friends joined stanacard, You will get $50 free call credit and your friends will get $10 free credits each if they make purchase of $10.

<<<<Click here to register>>>>

This offer is applicable to all new customers of stanacard worldwide, using this stanacard referral code “238021” . Stanacard is in business for many years, Its safe to give credit card information.

Recently they reduced the rates to India, now you can call for just $0.047, with this offer, your effective rate is only 2.35 cents even if you do not refer any friends, Each referral reduces the rate by half.

I think, it is worth to try Stanacard. If you have two numbers and two credit cards, you can refer your self and get $50 for $20.

Stanacard offers almost all VoIP services, like PIN less dialing with CLI, multiple number registration, local access numbers for Europe, USA with toll free in USA.

Freevcalls keeps promise, Free Pingo trial cards worth $10 sent to contestants

I hope you have received your trial card, Procedure for Registering for this Free trail Card::

STEP 1 : Click here to go to Pingo to use your trial card.
STEP 2 : Enter Trial Coupon Code, your valid email id and telephone number with other details.
STEP 3: You will receive an Email for verification and activation of your account. After this you are ready to go.

You can continue your Pingo Account Later when your balance got finished by recharging it.

If you think that you have participated in the contest and have not received the trial card, you can leave a comment with your email ID, we will check it and issue you the new trial card.

I really thank you for tour patience and having faith in FreeVcalls Blog. As we have promised earlier about your free Pingo calling Card. Now have sent Two 5$ cards worth $10, as a gift to all the friends who participated in Free 350$ Pingo Calling card Give-away Contest during Christmas and New Year. Earlier we have faced one problem with Pingo, but now the Card validity problem has been resolved. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Please note that you have to register both cards from different phone numbers, if you have only one number with you, then you can give another card to your friend as a gift from you.

If you have not participated in the contest but want the trial card, we are happy to give you. Just discuss freevcalls among your friends or in your favorite forum.

Thanks again, It’s your support that keeps us working and brings you the cheap and free call offers to you through this blog.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Allvoi: Unlimited international calling plus 500 free minutes to India everymonth just for $14.99

Allvoi is offering ALL India 500 International Unlimited Plan starting January 1, 2009, which gives you Unlimited international calling to over 65 destinations plus 500 free minutes to India just for $14.99. If your calls exceed 500 minutes, then you will be charged only 2.5 cents per minute

Starting January 1st, the ALL India 500 International Unlimited Plan is available for just $14.99 per month for the first 6 months, after that you have to pay pay only $24.99 per month. The offer requires no contract, no activation fee of $29.99 value. and customers can cancel service for any reason without penalty.

All customers that have signed up for International Unlimited plan in 2008 can switch to this ALL India 500 International Unlimited Plan beginning January 1, 2009 or stay on your old plan by doing nothing (International Unlimited plan only). If you wish to switch, go to your my account section and change plans, will be effective in the next billing cycle.

With ALLVOI, you can use your PC (Requires Microphone & Speakers) or existing phone (Requires Phone Adapter) to make Voice Over Internet calls, or you can choose to purchase an ALLVOI VOIP Phone specifically designed for Voice Over Internet calling. Allvoi is powered by World Discount Telecommunications (WDT)

Taxes and additional fees may apply. Rates subject to change and this is a limited time offer. I think this is a good offer and one can try it for the first 6 months.

Thanks to Mr S. K. Rastogi for sharing this with freevcalls.

For more details go to

Monday, January 26, 2009

Reliance Communication (RCom) new GSM serivce with "Customer Experience Pack" Save more than Rs 1000 in three months.

You might have heard that Rcom has already launched 3G ready GSM serivce in 11 circles Andhra Pradesh, Chennai ,Gujarat ,Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh-E and Uttar Pradesh-W and has become India's first private telecom operator to offer both GSM and CDMA services.

With the launch of its service, it has come up with a great offer to target new customers called "Customer Experience Pack"
With this new offer, you get much more than what you pay.
you can buy a new SIM just for Rs 20 to Rs 50 (depends on the circle) and get the equivalent talk time valid for 6 months. Not only this, you also get upto Rs 10 talk time each day upto first 90 days and unlimited night calling for free between local/Intra Circle Reliance GSM & CDMA.

Isn't a great offer.. you save more than Rs 1000 just for Rs 20., with this offer Reliance is definitely loosing some money but the main target to get new customers with the latest technology with good voice quality. The most important thing for the reliance is to get a good customer data base

Reliance is not putting lot of money advertising this to give the maximum benifit to its

For example: Customer Experience Pack for Maharashtra circle

SIM Validity: 6 months
MRP: Rs 20
Talktime: Rs 17.79
Benefit: Rs 10 talktime Per day
Night calling Free to local/Intra Circle Reliance GSM & CDMA Mobile Night Calling Between 11pm and 6 am

The Normal Rates are as follows
All Local/Intra Circle Calls Rs.1.00
All STD Calls Rs.1.50

All Incoming & Local Outgoing calls: Rs.1.00
All STD Outgoing calls: Rs.1.50

Along with all your SIM cards, it would be useful to take this new SIM and its worth trying their service. For details copy and paste this link

Happy republic day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gloobo: Free worldwide calls from Italy, Germany, Romania, Swiss, Latvia, Poland, Spain, U.K.

Gloobo, Call international and pay local is offering 1 EUR equivalent free calls worldwide (Including India) from Italia (Italy),Deutschland (Germany), Romania, Svizzera (Swiss), Latvia,Poland,Spain, U.K.

The website is in Italy, we will help you to get the free calls, its very simple

Please follow these steps.

Click here to visit site
Select your country under "ADESSO PROVA TU GRATIS:"
Means "try for free now" It will let you know how many free minutes you can call. For India, its 17 minutes.

Now fill the following columns
IL TUO NOME: (Your name)
IL TUO CELL: (Your cell number which you will use to call)

IL SUO NOME: (Your friends/family Name whom you are calling)
IL SUO N° ESTERO: (His number in international format, for India, it is 009122XXXXXXXX)

After filling this form, pleach check the box to accept the t & c "Acconsento al trattamento dei miei dati personali come indicato nella pagina Info Privacy e P.IVA"

Then click on the green Button

Please follow the screen shot.

After clicking, if everything is ok, you will get a local access number which is connected to your destination number, now dial the access number from the registered phone, your destination number will ring and you are ready to talk for free.

Apart from this they are also running double money money offer, means they are offering 20€ if you make a purchase of 10€.

Enjoy free calling...

Monday, January 19, 2009

indiaminutes or india4cents : Are they fake voip sites or offering call to India for just 1.9 cents?

Something is very cheap means, something is suspicious..., Be careful when you see something very cheap without offer..., today we will bring you three websites or domains having same structure which claims to offer regular call rate to India for just 1.9 cents per minute.

These website are

Which claims to be the part of

I doubt, its a fake site or a real site..., But I am not 100% sure...,The things which makes me feel doubtful are
  • These sites do not verify the verisign logo.
  • These sites do not use https (secure) registrations.
  • These sites ask for the credit card information on the first page itself.
  • Does not provide local access number(s) on the website.
  • We also tried to dial their contact toll free number 866-999-7733, but could not reach as it was outside dialing area.

If any of you have use this site without any problems then please let us know.., otherwise consider these sites as a fake site and stay away from it. We have already intimated you about such fraud sites

Be careful when you come across such sites and become victim of any online fraud, I request you to immediately report to us.

Monday, January 12, 2009

IDEAIndiaCall: Unlimited Free Calls To the World including India,Pakistan

This is not PC-to-Phone, this is real Phone-To-Phone. No need to download anything, No need buy any thing, Even No need to Register - Enjoy unlimited phone-to-phone calls to the world including India,Pakistan.

We have published about IDEAIndiaCall earlier in our blogs. They offer long distance phone-to-phone service from USA/Canada to the rest of the world, including India.

Click here if you wish to sign in as regular member. Each new member will get a free call to anywhere in the world, including India, from Canada or USA.

Promotional offers for regular IDEAIndiacall members :

1. Double your money offer: buy $20 talk time and get $10 talk time free.
2. Refer a friend and receive instant credits to your IDEAIndiaCall accounts.


To make the free unlimited phone calls from any where in the world to anywhere in the world, including India, Click here.
Follow these steps to make free calls
1. Enter your phone # - If you are in USA/Canada, enter your phone # like 12023040208
2. Enter India destination number as 011912122566789
3. Click on Call Now
4. System will call your phone #, accept the call
5. WAIT for 2-3 seconds and system will connect you to the destination number
You can use this service to call from USA/Canada to Australia, Austria, Belgium, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, India and Pakistan. Each time you can talk for 5 minutes to any of these countries. You need to wait for 2 hrs to make another free call.

Users found abusing the promotional free call offer will be banned without any notification. This offer is for limited time only.
If you wish to join as an affiliate/partner, Click here.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free calls from Australia to India ::

Hello readers, If you are living in Australia then its a good news for you. is providing free calls to Many destinations (Including India). Free calling destinations includes India, Pakistan , Bangladesh,China, USA,France, Germany. for full list goto

No need to signup,Register, or any payment. You just need to call there access number and dial your destination number.

This is very good for people who have free calling plans to call Australian mobile.(for free calling to Australia refer to our previous posts.

STEP 1:: Call access number

Dial the access number 0424 215 152, Press 1 to make calls.

STEP 2:: Dial destination

At any time during the prompt you can dial the international number. Prefix 0011 + Country code + Destination Number + # e.g. To call India 0011 91 9812345678 # Get connected straight away in the cost of local mobile call

For more information logon to


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Free SMS to India ::

First FreeVcalls wishes you a Very Happy New Year. Today we will discuss about a new social networking website which is providing free sms to India.MyCantos is a social networking and dating site that is about finding a person the way you want it. You get in touch with others and communicate with them in a safe and secure manner - and you do that exactly the way you want it; via web or mobile. In mycantos you have a range of SMS features, tons of free SMS and a complete control on your profile. Again, its about you, your information and you decide who gets to see what in your profile.

It has some cool features like ::

* Sending SMS at desired time..( You can set time to send SMS later )
* SMS Reminders
* Good SMS network coverage. (almost all Mobile network covered)
* Unlimited SMS Sending , if you verify your Mobile number.
* Private SMS ( Hide your mobile no )
* Private/public Scraps

So to start Click here

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