Friday, August 31, 2007

Fifteen Minutes per Month free calls to India

jaxtr link you phone is a unique VoIP service which works with all landlines and mobile in the world. In its beta version, it is offering 100 jaxtr mins per month (equivalent to 14-16 min of per month free calls to India)

The method to do it is little bit complicated, but I hope this blog will simplify it and help you to make free calls...

1. Resister yourself at
2. choose a proper screen name (login name), that name will be used to call you.
3. Skip next two pages (see at the bottom of that page)

Now, You will see your home page, Now you can add up to three numbers, but add only one number, the number you wish to call in India

4. On the top of the page, you will see the option to "Add your phone"Click to add your phone
5. Now Select country as India and then add Indian number that you want to call
6. Then click on the "Click me to verify"

After you click, the number you have written will ring and also You will see a two digit code on the screen that one has to enter to verify the phone Try your self 2-3 times without entering the code (because you are not at the phone) and check your home page if the phone is listed at the send calls to or not. if you are lucky enough, your phone will be verified automatically, if not (This is the problem, you have to think, how you can verify your Indian phone for eg, you can take help of online chat or you can tell your family of friend in India to do this process)
Important: Don't forget to unchek (disable) the PrivacyShield, other wise the calls will be directed to your voice mail

After number verification, you also have to verify you e-mail, check your mail.

Once everything is done successfully, you will see a link as "your phone link"

After Clicking on the link, you will see jaxtr widget
1. Now click on the call me free
2. Dial your country code and number from where you are calling
3. After you dial, you call will be connected to the Indian number and you can talk for the 14-16 minutes for free.
4. Once you disconnect the phone, jaxtr will give you a local number that you have to Dial when you wan to call India again. This time you have to pay for the local phone charges and ISD part would be taken care by the Jaxtr, but if you working in the office or university, the local part is also free. so call is free to India

Jaxtr gives 100 jaxtr free mins per month, and the call to India is 6-7 jaxtr min per month, once you finish your jaxtr mins, you have to wait for the next month, but generally everybody has 2-3 phones/cellphones , you can add all with different ID and enjoy more free mins.

Jaxtr service works from India also and the local access number is from Mumbai but I am not sure about its efficiency. I tried to be called from India but it was not success full, in this case one can get 100 mins of talking if one is using landlines in US and EU.

Please live your comment if you have any query, I would be happy to answer you.

India is Great

Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Yahoo! Mail to offer free SMS to India

Yahoo! Mail is soon going to change to new look and going to introduce many features..

The new features includes chatting (already working) and free text messaging (SMS) to mobile phone numbers in the US, Canada, India, and the Philippines, and the ability to send instant messages (IM) from Yahoo! Mail to members of the world's largest combined IM community, including users of Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live(R) Messenger(2).

To send a text message, press the “t” key or click Text Message (SMS) under New. Then enter a mobile number in the “To:…” field. You can also use a mobile number from your Contacts list. Now type your message and hit Send.

Earlier the messages were free but limited to 3 messages per mobile number. Now you can enjoy the unlimited free SMS feature from your yahoo mail.

Jai Bharat
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ISD Calls from India, 10 paise per min

Forget about receiving miss calls from your family & friends from India, Now they can call you for 10 paise per minute, Can’t you believe this..
MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd), Life line of Delhi and Mumbai is giving good news to Delhites and Mumbaikars.

MTNL is the first to offer Internet telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) where subscribers can benefit from ultra cheap ISD calls without even having a PC. For those who make a decision to access MTNL’s Internet telephony via PCs,

The name of the service would be “Netfone” and shall be available to about 150 countries. If you have the PC and broadband, you can make ISD calls as low as 10 paise per min.
The users, who do not have a computer, but wish to make cheap ISD calls, just subscribe to MTNL’s broadband connection and also purchase an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ADA) from the PSU for just Rs 1,500. The adaptor changes the fixed line phone into an IP machine in order that the subscriber does not have to make use of a PC and carry it over the broadband Internet connection.
The customers will be given the choice of two types of plans. In the first plan, for a monthly rental of Rs 200, you can get 400 minutes of SIP-to-SIP calls free and 20 paise per minute subsequently. This plan is called Plan VoIP 200. In the second plan, you will pay a monthly rental of Rs 400 and get 800 minutes of SIP-to-SIP calls free and 10 paise per minute thereafter.

Right now this service is available to Delhi and Mumbai based broadband customers and they will be capable of making an ISD call to any part of the world.

The service is already started w.e.f 27th of August 2007. Why to wait, forward this blog to your friends, family in India and let them avail this service.
जय भारत

Monday, August 27, 2007

Call India for 1.1 Rs per minute

This blog will help you to call India for 1.1 Rs per minute if you own mentioned phone in any of the following countries (free destinations, you can make free calls to these destinations)

Argentina (Landline)
Australia (Landline)
Austria (Landline)
Belgium (Landline)
Bolivia (Landline)
Brazil (Landline)
Bulgaria (Landline)
Canada (Landline & Mobile)
China (Landline)
China (Mobile)
Croatia (Landline)
Czech Republic (Landline)
Denmark (Landline)
Estonia (Landline)
Finland (Landline)
France (Landline)
Germany (Landline)
Greece (Landline)
Hong Kong (Landline)
Hungary (Landline)
Ireland (Landline)
Japan (Landline)
Latvia (Landline)
Malaysia (Landline)
Netherlands (Landline)
Norway (Landline)
Panama (Landline)
Peru (Landline)
Poland (Landline)
Portugal (Landline)
Puerto Rico (Landline)
Romania (Landline)
Russian Federation (Landline)
Singapore (Landline)
Slovak Republic (Landline)
Slovenia (Landline)
South Korea (Landline)
Spain (Landline)
Sweden (Landline)
Switzerland (Landline)
Taiwan (Landline)
Thailand (Landline)
Thailand (Mobile)
Turkey (Landline)
United Kingdom (Landline)
United States (Landline)
Venezuela (Landline)

How can you make cheap calls?
You will use nonoh web calling service. nonoh offers phone to phone calling service. Call to India costs 2 euro cents per min if you call from any of the free destination. Please note that the call cost will increase in you make a call from a paid destination.

What you have to do to make the call......
1. Go to

2. Register your self by clicking sign up
(After registration you can make 60 mins of free calls between the free destination countries. To make a call to India, you must have credits)
3. Purchase the credits (Plese see the rate list before purchasing the credits)
(You can use many payment options, I like money bookers because it offers INR transactions also)
click here to open a moneybookers account, its very easy and safe.

Once you open the money bookers account you will enjoy it.

Once you have purchased the credits, you can start making cheap call to India...

This is the cheapest calling option that I have found so far..,

Forward this blog to your friends..

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Ten Minutes free calls to India

Dear Friends,

This is the first blog of this website. This is the initial effort to provide you all the way to call India for free of for very cheap.

This blog will help you can call India for ten minutes absolutely free and the best thing is that you need not to register your self to any site.

Most of you know about Jahah, It is giving five minutes non stop free calls to India. Please follow these following steps

1. Go to website
2. Type your number in My Phone Number.
3. Type the destination member, India or other countries, but I am sure for India.
4. Then make a call

In this way you will get undisrupted five mins calls. After five mins, the call will be disconnected and you will not be able to place call anymore from the same ip and same phone number.

To get another five minutes, tell your friend, relative in india to repeat the same procedure, from India with the Indian ip and his phone number. This time the source number is Indian numbers and the destination number is yours.

Enjoy this 10 mins calling for free free...

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