Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rynga SuperDeal, Call free to Bangladesh Landline & Mobile.

Recently we published about rynga betamax voip offering cheap calls. Under rynga superdeal you can make free call to Bangladesh Landline & Mobile. This is the first time any voip is offering absolutely free calls to both landlines and mobiles in BGD. Earlier lowratevoip had offered free calls but now the calls are charged.

Sunday, September 27, 2009 Telcan Unlimited INDIA calling plan review

Recently we have discussed about Lingo, Vonage and Reliable unlimited world calling plans. The most painful word with all of them is Fair use Policy. Every provider is saying "Unlimited Calls to INDIA", "Unlimited calls to World" but actually none of them is truly unlimited. They have a fair use limit from 2000 minutes to 5000 minutes. Moreover the "contract" is another thing which hurt users, if they want to switch to some other services. Today we will discuss about who is offering unlimited calls to INDIA pack in just 29.99$.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lingo world max, unlimited calls to India + 100 locations, only $4.95 first month

Lingo recently announced the launch of Lingo World Max plan which offers unlimited calls to over 100 destinations including India. Lingo is an award-winning service as rated by WIRED Test Magazine (Winter 2008). This is the first time lingo is offering unlimited calls to India landline as well as mobile phone. With this offer you get Lingo World Max $4.95 for 1st month+ Free Activation+ Free Shipping+ Free Equipment. I think this  is really a good offer for frequent callers to India.

VoIP payments with UKASH vouchers (betamax, dellmont, skype, rebtel)

Ukash vouchers are one of the instant, easiest, cheapest payment solutions of most of the VoIP providers, it is quick and easily available in European countries, and you can check their location on the websites and buy the Ukash at respective locations. You can also buy Ukash vouchers online in selected countries.

Rynga VoIP provider: Dellmont launched after jumblo, 0.7 cents to India

Recently we talked about the increased rates of Jumblo/actionvoip etc. We were expecting new service to be launched and finally Dellmont srl launched new service called Rynga discount VoIP provider and offering the cheapest calling rate to India which is only 0.007 EUR/min (0.7 cents per minute)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rangatel Digital phone service: Residential World Unlimited Plan Free calls to 32 countries, including India

Last month Vonage has announced Unlimited world Plan which includes INDIA. After that because of highly competitive market in VOIP industry, so many Digital phone service providers launch their Unlimited World Plans. Almost all providers have priced their Unlimited World Plan at arround $24.99/month. Rangatel is also started Unlimited World Plan for its Digital Phone Users.

Lets review their service and Unlimited call to INDIA Plan

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enjoy Phone Spoofing on iPhone with iPhone application

Phone spoofing is really a fun among friends. Earlier,We have post few tricks about making free Spoof calls and twitter Spoofcard credit pin. How about making spoof calls from your very own Apple`s iPhone. Yes now its possible with iPhone application.

Now lets see what is special in iPhone Application

Monday, September 21, 2009

TATA DOCOMO Launch Unlimited GPRS service for Prepaid Users

Last month we have published about newly launched TATA DOCOMO GSM service. That time the main concern about value added services. I think GPRS or mobile internet was one of them. At the time of launch they have given an option for GPRS but that plan was on "per KB basis" which was little costly, if you are a frequent user of internet on mobile. Now because of competitive market in INDIA, TATA DOCOMO has taken one step further with "Unlimited GPRS Plan" at very cheap rates.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pingo $10 Free Calling Card + 50% off on Wednesdays: would you go for it

Pingo is offering $10 Free Calling Card + 50% off on Wednesdays, this makes effective calling rate to India lowest calling rate offered by any voip provider.
Pingo is a very popular Voip Service and known for their exciting promotions and excellent voice quality. Thanks to highly competitive market, we always get great offers to save our International Calling bill. Pingo regular rates to India is 1.9 US cents per mins, The current offer gives you effective calling rate of less than one cent.

Click here to claim your offer on Pingo website.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vivox voice chat system: talk to your friends on facebook

Facebook and Orkut are strong competitors in social community space. In recent past Google`s Orkut has added number of extra features in Orkut including voice, video and text chat from Orkut page by installing the little voice and video chat software from google. Now it is the turn of facebook to start this feature soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009 offers free international calling from South Africa

Last week We published about, which became very popular among our readers and we have got so many responses. Thanks to our readers. is limited in terms of calling from destinations. It only provides access numbers from USA, UK and Brazil. For people who don`t have any access to Internet or free calling to USA numbers can not use this service. Well atleast our readers from South Africa don`t need to worry about this. Here is another website for you to make free International Calls.

Effect of Mobile Phones on your Health and how to reduce it

Mobile phone is one of the inevitable aspects of our lives today. Everyone is using mobile phones at a faster pace. Their day starts from making important calls and sms and ends with the same.

The mobile phone companies are more cautious about the customer’s health. The leading GSM service provider IDEA Cellular launched a fresh healthy campaign “Walk & Talk”. It brings forward many people from the various walks of life and originated an idea to walk while talking for their fitness.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Global Collect India Private Limited VoIP payment fraud

There has been many complains about the Global Collect India Private Limited for the VoIP payments. You may find this payment method in India for any of these 30 betamax VoIP providers like freecalls, webcalldirect etc. customers, mainly Indians customers who have lost their money, are trying to find the address and contact details of Global Collect India Private Limited to get their money back.

Saturday, September 12, 2009, Ringplus and 1800-Free-411 Comparison:: Which one you choose

In recent times VOIP industry has given us so many choices to choose from in terms of free calling offers. As we have already discussed about so many free offers, some of them are with registration, with secure details, with limit, with some free credit,BUT few of them are totally unlimited free without any secure details. Whether it is Ringplus which have hit the market last year or 1800-FREE-411 Ad service or totally free unlimited, all these services has given us options to save our international bill and to reach our loved ones across the globe.

We have just recall all these three option to compare which one is better

Friday, September 11, 2009

NOKIA 5230 XpressMusic specs and features: A review

Nokia has been launching all new gadgets in the markets challenging the competitors and surprising its target audiences. It has recently launched a beautifully geared up touchscreen phone Nokia 5230 XpressMusic in the mobile phones market. After the launch of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia was running far behind in the race of Touchscreen cell phones. It has proven that after the successful launch of net books with latest 3G Booklet and the N97 series, Nokia is also serious enough to new launch Touchscreen series and will outshine the market once again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post a twitter tweet and get free Spoofcard PIN with five credits ( 5 minutes) for International call.

Spoof means parody or humorous or satirical mimicry which imitates somebody's style in a humorous way. This requires hiding your identity by hiding your number and/or changing you voice so that one can not identify you. One can really enjoy this service but for someone it could be disgusting, especially for Girls.

If you want to try spoofing for India and your country; you can get 5 minutes of spoof calls from SpoofCard. SpoofCard is a subsidiary of TelTech Systems ( and they are giving 5 credits for spoof calls if you post a tweet with twitter . With this credit, you can call India for 5 mins free.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Voipblast, actionvoip, smartvoip and jumblo increases calling rates to India.

As predicted. the most popular cheap voip services to India has increased their rates by alomst 10-30%. Below are the new rates for your information, now you can choose according. All rates are in EUR without VAT. still jumblo is the cheapest provider in this segment.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Freecall2india: Speak to the world for free via US, UK and Brazil access numbers

Can you imagine free calling without registration, I hope no.., but its possible with, yes they are offering totally unlimited free calls to India and 70 destinations without any registration or credit card means no obligations. Just dial the access number and you are connected, no password, PIN, security code, caller ID, nothing. Its too simple.

How to use this service (Probably the simplest one)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pay per Call plan from Tata Indicom Review and comparison

TATA Indicom, CDMA service of TATA Teleservices Ltd has begun a new price war in Mobile industry in INDIA. TATA Indicom has introduced "pay per call" plan for its Prepaid Customers. After Docomo launch, This is the most popular step by TATA Teleservices. Of course DOCOMO is GSM segment of TATA Teleservices.

Now coming to "Pay Per call" Plan...
** Starter Pack of Rs99 with 10 Year validity
** Local call at Rs 1/call with maximum call duration of 10 min
** STD call at Rs 3/call with maximum call duration of 10 min
** Pack will not be Applicable on Roaming

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sound card problem with smartvoip, actionvoip, jumblo and voipblast used with windows vista and windows7.

Are you unable to hear sound with your VoIP softphone or dialer with Microsoft windows vista and windows7?

Are you having sound card problems with your Betamax /dellmont VoIP software provided by Finaria SA?

The common symptoms of this problem after you install the application and try to call using the softphone are
  • You are Unable to hear sound from softphone.
  • Lot of delay in sound when you speak.
  • Your friend is unable to hear voice.
  • You get error: the call failed due to sound device problems in this computer.
  • Even changing the sound device does not solve yoru problem.
  • Even running sound Audio wizard does not help.
  • For other applications sound works perfectly. offers 30 min free calls to INDIA without Credit Card is offering 0.5Pound free credit on registration to try there services. is a UK based VOIP company Main Highlight is that you don't need any sensitive credit card information to register for the service.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Android Community offers 5$ MyGlobalTalk Credit :: 120 min free calls to INDIA, No Credit Card Required

Android Community is offering 5$ free MyGlobalTalk Credit. We have posted about MyGlobalTalk last year (Click here). MyGlobalTalk is a well established VOIP provider which is known for its quality service. This offer is very simple and easy to get. You don`t need any Credit card or sensitive information to try out this 5$ free credit.

Follow these Steps to get 5$ free credit

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