Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vivox voice chat system: talk to your friends on facebook

Facebook and Orkut are strong competitors in social community space. In recent past Google`s Orkut has added number of extra features in Orkut including voice, video and text chat from Orkut page by installing the little voice and video chat software from google. Now it is the turn of facebook to start this feature soon.

Well with Facebook this will come to reality in few weeks from now. As per news report published in Cnet.com, Vivox has made a new voice char system for Facebook users which will allow any user to start a conversation with anyone on their friend list. Vivox is a Boston based company offering voice services to virtual world of games. This service will also be available to Third party developers who want to integrate voice into their applications. Well that's amazing because it will open door for developers to make voice application.

Whats special, if you are not a Facebook user then also you can use this service because Vivox is also planning to offer free dial-in number that will allow anyone to call into an existing conversation, just like phone or teleconference. (Well i see a possibility of Free ISD calling & Voice conference in this, :) Let it come :) ) and see what they are really offering.

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