Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Android Community offers 5$ MyGlobalTalk Credit :: 120 min free calls to INDIA, No Credit Card Required

Android Community is offering 5$ free MyGlobalTalk Credit. We have posted about MyGlobalTalk last year (Click here). MyGlobalTalk is a well established VOIP provider which is known for its quality service. This offer is very simple and easy to get. You don`t need any Credit card or sensitive information to try out this 5$ free credit.

Follow these Steps to get 5$ free credit

STEP 1:: Click here to goto Android Community
STEP 2:: On right side you will find a sign up like Pic shown below.
STEP 3:: Fill in the details Like your Name, valid Email id, mobile no and device
STEP 4:: After pressing Try Now, you will get a message that your account is provisioned and you will receive 2 emails one is your order receipt from i2Telecom and other one is activation link.

Just activate your account you will find 5$ free credit in your account. This 5$ free credit can give you upto 120 min free calls to INDIA,50 minutes of chat with someone in the UK,or around 150 minutes with all your friends in Switzerland calling from the US.

Click here to check MyGlobalTalk Website


  1. it says provision failure, iam from uk tried to register, is it possible to register from outside the US, what are the steps to be followed, i dont have any type of mobile it has specified

  2. just send an email to MyGlobalTalk.... if you have already subscribed with them you need to subscribe from a new number


  3. Dear ggg

    Yes, it is possible to register, just enter the correct information with your number in UK, You should select the type of mobile device you have-

    You will get the following message
    provisioning your account, it may take 60 seconds to provision your account.

    Your new account has been provisioned. You should receive email instructions on how to activate and use your account.
    If you have any questions, contact
    MyGlobalTalk Support at +1 888 612-9950.

    You will receive the following mail from webmaster@i2telecom.com for activation.
    Dear MyGlobalTalk Customer,

    In an effort to protect our customers, we require that new customers activate their accounts via email. Please click the activation link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. Thanks for helping us better serve you.


    please try to activate between 6:00am to 11:00pm EST otherwise you will get this message

    So that we may better serve you, we ask that you return to activate your account during our regular business hours, 6:00am to 11:00pm EST. You may activate your account in 1 hours.

    After activation, you get the message with i2Telecom Receipt

    Your MyGlobalTalk Account Has Been Activated

    Dear abc def,

    Thanks for choosing MyGlobalTalk. We have sent your login information and instructions on using your account to your email address.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call our customer experience team at 1-888-612-9950 for more information.

    The download the application and start calling.

    The how to call with myglobaltalk is a big issue, it not very clear on their website and the application they are providing is very complicated

  4. Hi Vikas,

    I did everything as specified,,,but my account balance shows $0.00 and i called the customer service people & they say it works only with the Android cellphone service,,,thats a bad luck for me ... Anyways i appreciate ur real good work. keep it up!!


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