Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post a twitter tweet and get free Spoofcard PIN with five credits ( 5 minutes) for International call.

Spoof means parody or humorous or satirical mimicry which imitates somebody's style in a humorous way. This requires hiding your identity by hiding your number and/or changing you voice so that one can not identify you. One can really enjoy this service but for someone it could be disgusting, especially for Girls.

If you want to try spoofing for India and your country; you can get 5 minutes of spoof calls from SpoofCard. SpoofCard is a subsidiary of TelTech Systems ( and they are giving 5 credits for spoof calls if you post a tweet with twitter . With this credit, you can call India for 5 mins free.

To get this offer: 

1. Visit
2. Try to find the below image at the bottom of their website and then click and follow the instructions.
3. You must have a twitter account or create a new twitter account in order to avail this offer. Click on the above image to join twitter

Once you complete the tweet, they will send you the PIN and access number to your email to try the spoofing.

The spoofing rates are really high as compared to the normal phone calling rates but if you really want this kind of service then you can buy additional credits from spoofcard.

You can also follow freevcalls on twitter if you like.


  1. Hey I did not get the card.., is it really working

  2. ya its working ,,,, just check spam of your mailbox... it may dropin there


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