Sunday, September 27, 2009 Telcan Unlimited INDIA calling plan review

Recently we have discussed about Lingo, Vonage and Reliable unlimited world calling plans. The most painful word with all of them is Fair use Policy. Every provider is saying "Unlimited Calls to INDIA", "Unlimited calls to World" but actually none of them is truly unlimited. They have a fair use limit from 2000 minutes to 5000 minutes. Moreover the "contract" is another thing which hurt users, if they want to switch to some other services. Today we will discuss about who is offering unlimited calls to INDIA pack in just 29.99$. is service of Globaltel,a USA based VOIP provider. We have reviewed there service in each and every aspect.. Here are the main points-

(+) No activation fee, No contract, No cancellation fee.
(+) No per minute charge. Just a flat rate fee every month.
(+) No phone adapter or internet connection required
(+) Fairly good call quality
(+) Call to any Landline and Mobile phone in India.
(+) Speed dial facility
(+) Local access number provided to avoid long distance charges (for USA and CANADA only)
(+) No Fair usage Limit defined.. However this service is only for residential use, otherwise service will be terminated
(-) You can register only one telephone number which will be used for making calls
(-) Only one change in registered number allowed per month
(-) No online dialer or SIP support given

As you can see with the review points that this service is much better than Lingo if you call to INDIA. provide free calls to only one destination i.e. INDIA in 29.99$. While other providers include atleast 30 countries to Free calling destination. Well if you are a residential user you will make calls to atmost two or three destinations. So in this case This service will be very useful to you. But main issue is that you can register only one Telephone to use this service and moreover you can change it only once. Well this is very disappointing for a unlimited calling service.

So if you only use a single phone for making calls and want to make unlimited calls to INDIA then this is a right choice for you....

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  1. TSN is a provider that strives to give users the best service possible. They have been in business for many years and always have provided cheap rates, great quality, and excellent customer service.

  2. This is not true. I am using Telcan's unlimited India calling service for $29.99 but my call always gets disconnected over the weekends. They dnt state this anywhere in their plan and hides it from the users unless it happens to them. They should be sued for not stating this anywhere as Terms of Service. I am planning to file a law suit against them.

  3. HORRIBLE - Don't ever take this guy. #1 fraud...

  4. hi guys ! I am using product they are giving awesome service and voice quality in awesome call rates


  5. I haven’t seen worst service as Telcan. I switched Telcan from one of India calling network. Thank God I just recharged only $5 to take a trial. I am facing below issues:
    1) Most of the time it says all circuits are busy.
    2) It will connect you any third line which really pissed you off.
    3) I have put few numbers in speed dial. I frequently call one number (my home) to India from US. Unbelievable thing is that when I try new number in India it will connect to my Home number only. I do not know why. And you will not able to connect the number which you want to call.
    4) I tried one touch dialing also. It is yours 50% chance that it will connect to your desired number.
    My suggestion is don’t lure with less prices. There is not any benefit if you can’t connect to India when you want.


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