Friday, September 25, 2009

VoIP payments with UKASH vouchers (betamax, dellmont, skype, rebtel)

Ukash vouchers are one of the instant, easiest, cheapest payment solutions of most of the VoIP providers, it is quick and easily available in European countries, and you can check their location on the websites and buy the Ukash at respective locations. You can also buy Ukash vouchers online in selected countries.
Ukash is one of the cheapest payment methods for betamax/dellmont providersgateway. if you are going for 10 EUR recharge, because the payment fee is only 3% of the total value which is only 30 cents as compared to 50-60 cents taken buy other payment methods, like credit card, bank transfer etc.

Ukash website:

Just buy the Ukash voucher from your nearest store by paying the cash and redeem it online while purchasing the credit for your phone call needs.  Now lets understand an UKASH voucher. Ukash voucher is a 19 digit code associated with a fixed amount in it. Two kinds of vouchers are issued by Ukash

Ukash vouchers starting: 6337180 (For adults only)
6337180 are universal vouchers and are accepted everywhere, included casino, internet shops and Voip IP telephony.

Ukash vouchers starting: 6337184 (Under 18 years)
6337184 are for VoIP IP telephony only.

Another advantage of Ukash is that you can split the vouchers, combine and convert the vouchers as per you need. Ukash is famous among Betamax/dellmont resellers, because it helps you to become reseller and earn profit by reselling credits to your friends/customers who can not buy VoIP credits because they don’t own a credit card.

There is a big global VoIP market involved using UKASH, its estimated that more than 50% of VoIP credit is bough by Ukash (directly or indirectly) Indirectly means through resellers. Ukash is also widely accepted at skype and rebtel.


  1. ukash payment fee is now 6% :-(

  2. We know about it, and we are working on it :-)

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