Monday, September 14, 2009

Effect of Mobile Phones on your Health and how to reduce it

Mobile phone is one of the inevitable aspects of our lives today. Everyone is using mobile phones at a faster pace. Their day starts from making important calls and sms and ends with the same.

The mobile phone companies are more cautious about the customer’s health. The leading GSM service provider IDEA Cellular launched a fresh healthy campaign “Walk & Talk”. It brings forward many people from the various walks of life and originated an idea to walk while talking for their fitness.

The mobile phones are however known for various eye-catching features. It has got facilities to fascinate every age-group like the young children use mobiles for communicating and exchanging music files, videos etc; adults use the phones for interacting and connecting to others via social networking blogs and web browsing; old people though less, but use mobiles to make emergency calls or sms to their relatives/friends.

The mobile phones have given immense advantages to the all of us but we have started using them unknowingly at a greater swiftness. There are many such reasons which make the use of the mobile phones mandatory for us. But the mobile phones may prove very harmful for the health. They emit injurious radio waves which causes problems in human body. The initial researches found that radiations can cause vital diseases like brain tumor, heart attacks and cancer, however later on there was no such proofs for the researches. The mobile phones if kept too closer to the human body may also cause side-effects to the internal organs near to it.

These mobiles phones emit electromagnetic radiations which may cause danger to our lives to some extent, but those who use the mobile phones to a larger extent in their lives for ex, while driving, cooking, eating, studying, sleeping, walking and all other basic activities of life; it is very harmful for their health. If using mobile phones is a habit, it is bearable to an extent; but if it becomes an addiction it may cause many problems like Glioma. Glioma is caused due to the long hour continuous use of mobiles. This problem causes high defenciences in body like aphasia and memory loss.

The researchers have found that problems like memory loss, headaches, rashes in ears and fingers, leukemia and even cancer may occur in human body due to cell phone if it is used continuously for more than 14 months. The radio waves may also affect the brains of children and badly influence their memories as well. However as the famous proverb goes that “Prevention is better than cure”, proper use of mobile phones and not using them for long hours may prevent people from this severe disease.

Mobile phones can prove blissful until they are misused or used in an unlimited manner which causes lifetime problems. These problems can be forbidden only by controlling the overuse towards of mobiles and this will help evade all mishaps in life.

The doctors suggest taking the following actions for avoiding the mishaps:

** The person should use the earpiece or Bluetooth rather than talking directly through phones.
** Try to keep the phones far away from the kids as they are more harmful for them.
** Receive a call from the left ear. The right ear is directly linked with the brain.
** The branded phones are often taken as free of risks, but the truth is that they can not be relied upon for safety of one’s life.

Mobile phones companies are also coming up with various ‘health conscious wave emission issues’ so as to reduce the dangerous radio active waves harming the customers. The health conscious matters can be dissolved now using the special features available in new mobile phones in the market like heart rate counter, calorie counter and step calculator. Health is the biggest matter of concern for the most of the phones companies today, which they keep in mind while manufacturing them.

So care for your health and use mobile phones in limitations. If you want to talk long use VOIP or conventional phones.



  1. Almost everyone carry mobile phones. Specially youngsters are very much fond of. But mobile phones are quite harmful. Its radiation are very harmful. It can cause brain cancer, brain tumours like gliomas and acoustic neuromas, tumours related to the salivary gland. So one should atleast make less use of mobile phones.

  2. i wanted to know if there is any harmful effect/s of using or receiving calls and text messages while the cellphone is plug??

    That's our topic in research.. i do hope someone could help.

  3. yeah... v shud not use at all de phone wen its bng charged...!!! but bliv me this s very informative.. i didn noe at all about the cell phone has so many harmsss... i wasnt aware about glioma n all.. thnxx ya.. thnx to the blog..!! tc njoy life.!!

  4. ooh m shocked.. i use mobile very frquently n genrally tak calls 4m ma left ear..
    bt now i ll take care of itt.. thnx 2 de writer


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