Monday, August 25, 2008

Youtring, earn free credit and call India at 5 cents per min.

Youtring is social networking website integrated with Telecommunication solutions. Youtring provides PC2Phone service. It offers an exciting combination of cost-effective calling, social networking, the users’ very own blogging platform, games, video sharing, TV viewing and online shopping!

They have best hot deal for US and Canada, you can choose the plan Tring India and start calling at 4.7 cents per min from your PC. I think its a good price. From other countries, like Italy, Germany you need to pay slightly higher rates.

Apart from this, you start earning free trings (3000 Trings = $ 1) when you become member and show your activity on Youtring. Total earned trings can be redeemed for the softphone credits, if you earn 30,000 Tring, then you will earn $10, equivalent to 200 mins of free calls to India.

Here is the list of earnings.
25 Trings: Successful Registration at Youtring
05 Trings: Upload and share images
20 Trings: Referral, refer a friend
15 Trings: Upload Video
10 Trings: Play Games
10 Trings: Mingling, chat
20 Trings: Write a Blog Reviews
20 Trings: Group Create
10 Trings: Create Forum Threads and reply
10 Trings: write your own Feedback
10 Trings: Group Membership

You can also Upload Channel, Create a Blog, Blog Post, Group Photo Upload, Add Group Discussion Topic, Forum Threads Reply, Add Image to Gallery and earn tring.

The purpose is to make free calls by spending time on the internet. But I do not this its worth spending the time. If you already spend lot of time on orkut, or any other social networking sites, they you can give time and earn free calls

Click here to join Youtring social networking site and start making free calls. If you like the service you can buy the credits.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15 minutes free trial call from US/Canada by Enjoy Prepaid international calling cards

Enjoy Prepaid international calling cards offer the ultimate in convenience for phone card users at the lowest cost available. Enjoy Prepaid calling card plans are superior to phone cards because they are not destination specific. You can use your Enjoy Prepaid calling card plan to call anywhere worldwide. Your calling card plan is rechargeable, so you will never need to buy another calling card or remember new PIN numbers. This is what Enjoy Prepaid claims.

To attract new users, Enjoy Prepaid is offering 15 minutes of free trial call from US/Canada to anywhere in the world, you can see this ad as "Free trial offer for new customers: 15 free minutes"

Then why are you waiting for (Click here and start your registration) and try your 15 minutes of free trial call to anywhere in the world including India.

Thanks to Mr. Neeraj for sharing this offer.

Unfortunaltely free calls are not available outside US/canada, but still you can use there service if you like. While registration, y ou need to register your true phone number and a valid email, you will be able to make 15 min call from using caller identification and PINLESS dialing.

PINLESS dialing means you never need to enter a PIN again, AUTORECHARGE means you won't run out of minutes or be disconnected, GLOBAL ACCESS means you can call any destination from any location worldwide, ONLINE ACCOUNT means you can check your balance 24/7, LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE provides you with direct assistance worldwide 24/7.

Congratulating Shooter Abhinav Bindra for winning gold and Wrestler Sushil Kumar for winning bronze medals for India.
Heartiest congratulations once again.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

TIM Welcome Home, call India at 5 cents per min from your TIM Italia mobile phone

News Update:Now Italy wind mobile iWIND is also offering 5 cent call to India from your mobile (click here for details).

TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) offers a new scheme (Piano Tariffario) TIM Welcome Home by which one can call India at 5 cents per min directly from the cell phone. If you living in Italy and want to make the phone call to India, then forget all the call centers or calling cards, now you can buy a new sim pack, which costs 10 EUR and come with 5 EUR talk time and start making cheap calls at 5 cents per min without connection charges (centesimi al minuto) directly from your cell phone. In 5 EUR you get 100 mins, independent of number of usage. Its much better than the calling card.

For more details about TIM welcome home click here

If you do not want to buy a new sim, then you can change your Piano tariffario to TIM Welcome Home by paying 9 EUR.

The cost of local calls made in Italy is quite expensive, you will pay 9 cents per min to all the TIM phones, and 19 cents to other phone plus 19 cents as a connection fee, if you make a call for one minute, you will end up paying around 38 cents, quite expensive.

If you have to make lot of local calls, then you can go for wind noi italy plan, where you can get 240 mins after paying 8 EUR per month. Then there are some other plans click here for wind details.

If you have to call sometimes, then you can go for the Italy wind Super Senza Scatto, click here to know more, or Tariffa Veloce Coop, Nessuno scatto alla risposta, click here to know more. There you will pay 17 cents per min without connectin charges and the billing is per second. For eg. If you make a call which lasts for 16 secons, you will pay only 4 cents, in other plans you will end up paying more than 22-29 cents for that call.

So all you can have is two SIM cards, because in Italy, it costs only 5 EUR recharge to keep your number active for one year.

First SIM to call India, TIM Welcome home (5 cents per min, limited to 550 mins per month, offer expires on 31 dec 2008)

Second SIM for local Italian calls: Italy wind Super Senza Scatto (not the wind 12 or pieno 4)

Please note the default plan for wind is wind12, so if you make a local call for 31 sec, you will pay 28 cents, (38 cents in the case of TIM welcome home) while in the case of Italy wind Super Senza Scatto, you will endup paying only 9 cents (66% less) Wow.

You can find the details in english, Page 12 of

Now, The service number portability allows you to keep your same number. The introduction of this service, in Italy, was governed dall'AGCOM (Authority for guarantees in Communications), through appropriate measures and agreements between mobile operators. Its an italian low

I do not know the charges for that.., but you can do your sim with your vodaphone/wind to TIM, you need to fill one form, it could take upto two weeks to activate the same number on TIM network.

More details

(Sometimes, thy refuse to do for foreigners, take the printout of these documents and tell them to do it)

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Friday, August 8, 2008

If is not working, here is the solution and new rebtel voucher code

Today I found some visitors coming to this blog with keyword "nonoh not working" or "nonoh website not opening" or "nonoh website is down"

I also check the website and its not working, so its a big trouble for the users having account with nonoh and they can not login to their account and make the webcalls.

Here is the solution for the registered users.

Solution 1:
Instead of going to, you can goto and then login and you can make webcalls to anywhere.

Solution 2:
The nonoh softphone dialer is still working, you can login through sofphone dailer and make the calls directly from pc to any phone. If you do not have the softphoe, you can download from this link

The same method can be used for other betamax services.

Original nonoh article of freevcalls (click here)

Have any trouble, feel free to leave a comment

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Freevcalls completes one year, Thanks to all readers

Freevcalls completes its one year. Happy Birthday.
It is the only blog in the blogosphere, which is dedicated to make free calls to India. However it works for all the countries. I hope you have enjoyed the free and cheap calling offers from this blog.

Lets review, what has been published on freevcalls that was very useful to make free calls to India. We have published many articles on this blog for the first time which is copied by many bloggers writing for free international calls.

Free call articles first published on freevcalls, Some of them are still working, you can try.
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Offers first published on freevcalls
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Featured Articles
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  6. Free US telephone

Voucher Codes/Promo codes
  1. Stanacard Promo code: 238021 (Still Working)
  2. Send Global Promo Code: KEFSW (Still Working)
  3. Rebtel Voucher code: freevcalls (Not working)

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Try to find out answer the following and win free calls to India.
Which blog of freevcalls has highest number of comments?
Which blog of freevcalls is most popular ?

Also write me your opinion that which blog did you like most and it was helpful.

To reply, leave a comment with your e-mail ID.

Thanks to all

Monday, August 4, 2008

pfingo voucher numbers for 2x10=20 Singapore Dollar discount

We have already talked about pfingo free call offer (Click here for details)

If you are using pfingo calling service and want to purchase some some credits, then you can use these voucher codes.
Each voucher is equal to 2.00 SD discount, so if you buy 5 SD, then you will be eligible for 40% discount.

Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-tayshihui-7329107539309567411 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-anooptcy-9177524401638688928 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-apr252008-428923488599087291 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-utkarsh111-228960150884871809 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-zebraaly-8417371276756216825 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-imisa2-7055854827482164816 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-vinuv-7431002756538873661 ]
Voucher No: [ ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-rakeshpatil-1325710339659699336 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-r_sk1-7350032939397730943 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-ajupnly-3653030159001515993 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-vivekgawade-6555985493668672747 ]

Voucher number is inside the bracket and valid for two months.

Each pfingo voucher code can be used once. Please leave a commnet after using the voucher code, so that readers can try another pfingo voucher number.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tokiva offers 100 credits to make free trial calls Worldwide including India

Tokiva offers 100 credits to make free trial calls Worldwide including India

With this 100 credits, you can make 11 mins of free calls from US to India, if you register your US number.

I hope this works for phone calls from India to India or India to US.., but anybody can try and leave a comment to comment.

If you are in India and register your Indian BSNL/AIRTEL/IDEA/ Reliance, any number, You can again make 11 minutes of free calls to India.

The number of free minutes vary from country to country. From EU landline, it could be 10 mins.

What you have to do?
1. Click here to register.
2. Follow the instructions
3. Register your real number.
(Registering landline for EU countires woule give you more free talk time)
4. Now make the free calls.
tokiva free call

Now Invite your friends and receive 15 free credits for each referral.

You can also register the Indian number that you want to call (No phone verification is required) and then Initiate the call.

Enjoy free calling.

If you are using 3G UMTS/HSPDA phones, you can download their software and make call directly from the mobile.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pingo calling card offer, July-August 2008, ending soon

It has been almost one month I published the Pingo calling card offer. Now this offer is going to expire on 6th of august 2008. Please take the advantage of this offer, if you have not registered so far.

Here are the names of the readers of this blog who have registered for pingo, Thanks to all
1. Ramesh
2. Hyng
3. Dibu
4. Sikander
6. Jeobu

If you have registed and forgot to leave to comment on the blog, please do it to become eligible for 5 USD cash.

Please take the advantage of the referral program and earn 15 USD for referral and also let your friend earn 25 usd for signup of 10 USD.

You will be paid through paypal after the program is finished. it would be roughly end of august.
Please create your paypal id, if you do not have one.

when you refer other friends, please send me once copy to this email also.

once the program is finished, I will personally contact you for the payment.

Thanks once again

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