Sunday, September 30, 2007

Call India for Rs 1 per minute, cheapest call to India

Warning: use betamx services at your own risk, Betamax GmbH & Co is a Köln, German company which has the following voip services.
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First they offer cheap calls, and later on they block your account.

First of all, I would like to thank all the visitors of this blog for spreading freeVcalls to all your near and dear one, and hope that your patronage will continue to give the benefit to our family and friends to be in touch with each other without paying anything or for paying very less. I will do my best to find out the best ways to call to India. I request all the visitors to subscribe this blog that you can receive the updates through email. I also request all of you to forward this blog to all of your friends to get the benefit.

How can you make cheap calls?
You will use nonoh web calling service. nonoh offers phone to phone web initiated calling service. Call to India costs 2 euro cents per min for cellphones and 2.5 cents to landlines, but only if you call from any of the free destination. Please note that the call cost will increase in you make a call from a paid destination (but don't worry this blog will solve this problem)

Before going to tell you the procedure, I would like to tell you the good things about nonoh.

Good Features of Nonoh

1. You can call for very cheap cheapest (To India and From India).

2. The voice quality is superb and the call connects like you are calling in the same country.

3. Your family or friends in India can use your login and password and call you whenever they like (Suitable for boy/girl friends, husband/wives and parents) If they call to free listed countries, then the call will cost 1.1 Rs per min, if they call to not free destinations, then you have to check the rate. In that cases I will suggest them to use their normal ISD enabled phone to make the call. For example, if your parents are calling you on the landlines in Italy the call will cost 2.0+1.5 = 3.5 (Rs 2.00) Cents or calling on the cell phone in Italy then the call will cost 2.0+8.0=10 Cents (Rs 5.50 ) which is cheaper than the normal ISD rate (9.00 Rs per min to Europe) but if you are calling to UK mobile then better to call by normal ISD.

4. No need of broadband (If you are not using free incoming US number) suitable for Indian environment, where one is having dial up connection can use Internet to initiate the call, once the call is connected, You do not need Internet. In another cases (yahoo voice, skype) you need broadband to make call.

5. No connection fee, as other betamax providers, like voipcheap, justvoip etc.

6. Provides many ways to purchase credits.

What you have to do to make the call.??.
You need to follow four steps to make this cheapest call.

1. Register your self at nonoh (,

Don't forget to select India as your country (To save 20% EU Taxes), after successful registration, you must verify your account by downloading the exe file from nonoh.


  1. Sounds awesome.. going to try it.. but what is this 50 cent processing fee ? Is it a one time fee ???

  2. Thanks for this post. Excellent information.

    I was reading the TOU, and this line : 'Registered users get max 300 minutes per week of free calls'.

    So people need to be careful not to call more thatn 40 mins a day (thats enough :) ), otherwise they get charged for US number also.

    If someone tries it, I will be glad to know if they are fiar with their billing.

  3. Hi everybody
    Thanks for the comments

    The 50 cents is one time processing fee, it would be applicable whenever you will purchase the credits. If you want to save money then purchase more credits.
    Please select India as your country to save 20% EU taxes

    I do not want to make somebody fool. Its my personal interest to write blog to help all our friends so that they can know about the best offers available in the market, if you are clever enough, you can make the offers more cheaper within the limits of company policies. I am using nonoh for the last one month and found that they are fair with their policies. Only problem is that they don’t have costumer care if there is some problem.

    Prior to nonoh, I was using justvoip and lowratevoip, they are also good as they come under same brand betamax. (

    Feel free to ask or write comments, if you have any problem.

    I thank you all, if you have forwarded this blog to all of your friends, if not I again request you to do so that they can get benefit out of it

  4. Hey Vikas,
    Nice to see yoour post. I was expecting the same from your end.
    Who else can provide good rates other than NONOH..
    The best quality than airtel and reliance..
    I was using this from AUGUST.
    Since I reside in US it was not an issue..

  5. Hi Sarath,
    Thanks for your comments, yes you are right, for US and other free countries, there is no problem,

    Nonoh is giving cheapest calls but not providing the softphone so that it can earn more. This blog is mainly written for the people trying to call from paid destination. In future I am looking for more cheap and free calling options. If I found I will post it soon.

    Thank you, but I request you to forward to your all friends so that they can use it.

    Thanks again

  6. Hi Vikas,

    Fabulous info. As of now i am using Yahoo Voice service to call india.

    But looks like thing are goin to change. But before i make this shift, i would like to have more info. So expect you to help me out.

    I was just searching on google abt NoNoh. Came across this blog The comments on this article were not positive. People are complaining about
    - problems with connection,
    - 5 cent connection charges for every call,
    - non-transperant billing etc

    Am a little concerned about the above issues. Can you throw some light..


  7. its excellent, awesome.. i am definately going to try it and i also request all those want to make call to india..please try it. i guess this is only cheapest way to call india.

  8. Hi Vijay
    Thanks for your nice comments, I also think so and suggest everybody to try it.
    Thank you once again.


  9. Hi Rohit,
    Thank you for your concern.
    I would like to mention you that by the time, the voipguide blog was published, nonoh was still in testing period and, by mistake, was charging 5 cents as connection fee and also there were some cases of wrong billing.

    The latest update is, it is not charging 5 cents for connecting the call, as I already mentioned this in the blog.

    For the wrong billing, I think you have to trust it 99%. I can only say that I am using betamax lowratevoip, justvoip, nonoh for a long time, I had problem only once with lowratevoip, where my landline number was charged as equal to cell phone charge. but with nonoh I never had any problem.

    Even if there is problem sometimes, by software mistake, nonoh is worth calling to India, I hope you would like its voice qulaity. Its really superb, far better than yahoo voice.

    You can try the five mins of trail call from (without registratoin), limited to 1 min each call, sometimes the free offer work for India also, just check it, if the trial is working, and then write you comment.

    Please write your experience and don't forget to forward this blog to all your friends.
    Thank you

  10. this should answer a few qns here .. I signed up just now, and made a call to india.. well the voice is uality wasnt good... I use yahooo voice, and I rate its voice quality as 8, then I would rate nonoh's quality as just 4, and that is just not acceptable.

    As regards the billing, my call details show a 8 min call to india and charge is Euro 0.2 . So thats as advertised.

    But if this voice quality continues, I would just exhaust this credit and go on with yahoo.

  11. Hi anonymous,

    Thank you for your real experience.
    You need not to worry, since it is a VoIP call, out of 100 chances, there is a chance that the call qulaity may not be good. In such cases disconnect the call as it is going to be one min, and again connect. I am sure that you will get a good line.

    Sometimes you can feel the quality of call just by phone ring, it you can not listen the phone ring very well, better put down the phone and try again.

    But these chances are very less in the case of nonoh as compared to mobivox, yahoo voice etc

    I hope next time you will try and make a call and it would be of good quality. And you will write your good comment with your name. I will wait for that.

    If you still feel the problem then, do write your comment so that we can tell other friends not to buy more credits. But in my personal opinion, its best.

  12. Ok.. its too late to call India now.. I will try again tomorrow and let you know the results.. I too hope its better quality..


  13. Vikas,

    I have dealt with Betamax which is parent company of Nonoh in the past and don't have good things to say about them. Customer support is non-existent. There is no number you can call on which some one will answer and they never reply to email. I have 8 Euro credit in account which is alos one of their company but the account doesn't let me make the calls and the credit is just sitting. I had an account in the days when credit use to exipre in 3 months but since due to some German Govt. rule they cannot take away unused credit but anyways they don't let me use their account so effectively that credit is of no use. They promote a site with excellent rates get people in and than start playing such games and once people realise how they are they open up another site with effectively same rates and feel to the site and go on.

    I would suggest if anyone wants to try them out to never use paypal or any other form of online payment. Just use the credit card and if something goes wrong dispute the charge and get the refund back (atleast here in USA but not sure how they work in India) If there is any way you can help me use the credit I have I will sign up with them for this new service as well but this time I will not make mistake of using paypal...

  14. Hi HN
    Thank you for sharing your BAD experience about betamx, voipbuster. I have also heard some problems with betamax but personally faced one time, with lowratevoip, in the last 8 months, where my call from landline phone in Italy was charged like cell phone. I wrote a mail, but did not get any reply.

    So this is the bad thing about betamx, but I think it overrides with call quality and low rates.

    In my opinion, its not the company policy, because as a German company, they can not cheat their costumers. The wrong billing is mainly due to bugs in the software (sometimes you get free calls also) and with the improvement in the software, the chances become less and lesser.
    They do not want to put money into costumer care to save the call cost.

    But your problem is different. For your VoIP buster account, I do not have any idea, what to do. You can try .

    About credit card, your idea seems to be perfect, so that one can easily claim for the wrong billing.

  15. Hi.. Tanya again.. called India mobile.. voice quality was good :) ..
    and billing was correct.

    Now only thing remains to be seen if they keep billing properly, and I am able to use the entire credit (and not locked out like some people that use betamax) .. I will keep everyone posted..

  16. Hi Tanya,
    Thank you for the comments. I hope that billing would be correct and no body will face wrong billing problem.
    Keep visitng this blog, if you are interested in writing something, you are welcome to write on this blog. We have to share out knowledge to the world.
    Thank you

  17. Hi,
    Please clarify: "Free" calls are free only if calls are made from Germany landline, is that correct?
    The tariff listed does not mention anything about the country the calls are made from. Does that mean that the rates are same regardless of where the calls are made from?

    Thank you.

  18. What is this nonoh verification tool? it seems awfully fishy. I have never come any such verification tool before on any website.

  19. sounds very fishy...i checked the website and am not very confident about it. blog advertising has now become the latest trend, to gain more beware..and take the risk only if you have no other choice (i would stick with skype, for its unmatched quality)

  20. i would agree with the prvious post about blog advertisements. its a shame.

  21. One by one answer
    Anonymous said... Please clarify: "Free" calls are free only if calls are made from Germany landline, is that correct? The tariff listed does not mention anything about the country the calls are made from. Does that mean that the rates are same regardless of where the calls are made from?
    Nonoh is a web initiated calling service, means you have to connect two phones to complete the call. first your phone will ring, once you take the phone, another phone will ring and your call is connected. If you are connecting any two free destinations out of 49 free destination, for eg, US to german landline, then the call is completely free (check the nonoh rate list for all free destinations), . If you are connecting call between a free destination and a paid destination, like between US and India, you have to pay for INdia only. But if you are connecting a call between two paid destination, like german mobile to India, then you have to pay for both. I hope this clears your query.

    Anonymous said... What is this nonoh verification tool? it seems awfully fishy. I have never come any such verification tool before on any website.
    Nonoh verification tool is to verify your identity, its not a virus, when you will run it will ask for your nonoh login and password, once you enter correctly, you are verified.

    Anonymous said... sounds very fishy...i checked the website and am not very confident about it. blog advertising has now become the latest trend, to gain more beware..and take the risk only if you have no other choice (i would stick with skype, for its unmatched quality)

    This blog is not written for the profit, this is my personal experience which I would like to share with all. who does not like to call to India for only 1.1 rs per min with good quality. you can check the nonoh website and be sure that the rate for India is 2 cents per min for cell phone and 2.5 cents for the landline. If not this I would prefer globe7 or yahoo voice, not skype

    Anonymous said... i would agree with the prvious post about blog advertisements. its a shame.

    I again say, its not an advertisement, I am not paid for writing this blog (I can think in future if this blog becomes successful, but I will only wirte if its really a good product). This is my personal experience that I am sharing with all so that everybody can get benefit out of it. I request you to read my all posts and look if you can smell the professional touch. Its all to help our friends

  22. Shabbash Hero Shabbash....I am happy to see ur hardwork in not only knowing the cheapest options but also sharing with others...commendable..

  23. Dear Neeraj Bhai
    Thank you for the good words. I need praise from you all so that I can continue this job. Its too time killing.
    Thank you once again

  24. Well even if its a blog promotion I do not mind it if the product is good. I call from Switzerland landline to india, and I have found the voice quality is good. I will continue with them as long as this lasts.. simple as that.

  25. Hi Ami,
    Thanks for the nice comments,
    First I would like to tell you that its not a blog promotion, its my experience and interest that I am sharing with you all.

    If you have liked it, please forward this blog to all your friends so that they can also get this benefit.

    Thanks once again

  26. Hi,

    For me verification Tool is not working.
    After giving username and pass it simply says Validating Please wait..... thats it nothing after it thats the reason I am not able to buy Credit also.

    What could be the reason??

    can any one help me in this regards...


  27. Hi Kishore,

    Are you able to login to yahoo messenger, skype or other IM clients. If yes then you have a chance to be verified, if not then better not try this.

    If you are behind some proxy, firewall or security, it will not work. If you have Institute or office proxy, then try outside your institute or office because you can not control that. If you do not have the proxy, then try to change or remove the firewall.

    If you have some antivirus firewall, then change the setting for a while.

    Hope it works for you, if not then try from another PC outside your office. Good Luck


  28. Hi Vikas,

    Thanks a lot.

    Yes, I am using proxy I will try after changing my setting and if not will give a try outside institute.



  29. Reply to some queries received by mails.

    What is verification tool?

    Please read the comments, for answer.

    I wrote a mail to customer care of nonoh, but did not receive the answer

    To save the cost of call, nonoh does not have any customer care, this is the bad aspect of nonoh.

    After registration and verification, I can not change the country

    Once your registration/verification is complete, you can not change your country. you can always reregister with another username and passwd. I request you to reregister. Do not forget to select your country as India.

  30. Thanks dear for your nice work.i know this work is hard to finding free or cheapcall .so thanks again for it

    As you mention on your upcoming post that you have a servise(hack) for making unlimited free call to india and it is tesing mode.and you are looking someone to test it from other i right ?

    I am from Congo (african contry).I am happy if you share me this with me and i will test from here and right here in comment .i traid to find your email address here but not please send me email on

  31. NO TO NONOH!!


    They are prof. cheaters!

    What happens with them is, you put the cash on your betamax acc.

    Like nonoh, justvoip , 12voip etc..

    Once you have used 1-2 euros, they will block you from calling!

    So you cant call and they dont have
    a service support.

    They dont even have a real office.

    My friend went there to cologne.

    They are cheaters!!!

    I lost 21 euros

    Most of my friends are also facing this problem with justvoip, lowratevoip and nonoh (all betamax companies)

    Risk on your own!

  32. Hi Vikas,

    At last the things have changed. I have made a shift from Yahoo voice service to NoNoh. Yesterday made my first call and everthing went by the book,
    - Good call quality
    - Right Billing

    I just cant believe that i was able to make a call @ Rs 1.1. Lets see for how long the party last, but as long as it does lets enjoy it.

    Will forward this blog to all my friends, relatives and colleagues.

    Thanks a lot once again for this info.

    One thing is for sure, i will now be a regular visitor to your blog.



  33. Thanks rohit for your positive response.

    There is a post from unknown person saying that he lost his 21 EUR from Betamax, May be he is right or wring, I am not sure.

    I am using betamax for the last 8 months, and everything is working fine for me. I have three accounts and one has 2.83 EUR, one has 1.73 EUR and one has 7.78 EUR, I can make still make call from each account.

    This is my experience, rest is upto the readers to believe it or not.

    Those who have read this blog and bought the credits for nonoh, I request your to write a comment below this blog, if their credit is blocked to make a call, so that In future no body will buy credits for any betamx services.

    I request rohit to write his experience in future, whether he was able to use his all credits or not?

    This blog is not written as a paid blogger, this is my personal experience that I wanted to share with everybody.

  34. Hi Vikas,

    Tanya here again.. using nonoh since 10 days , no problem calling from landline, good voice and proper billing.

    But when I use talkdigits to talk from PC, sometimes there is a little lag.

    Is there any other similar software that gives free US number you would suggest to try ?

    thanks in advance

  35. Hi Tanya

    There are many, they say its free but you have to give your credit card information.

    There is which is free, but you should be aware about SIP setting, Soon I will write the blog about this.

    First get your number from

    and then download

    enter the settings given by

    You will get another free US phone.

    Talkdigit is simplest.

    The best solution to use Talkdigit in odd hours, like in the early morning or late evening and night, then the voice quality would be clear.

  36. thanks for the info.. i wil try it out..

  37. hello i am a user of lowratevoip.i had face a problem,that is my account get block even i got money in that account,when i try to call,it show.the call ended due to an unknown error.can you please help me out .thanks

  38. Hey,

    Thanks for the info dude. Voice quality is superb. no problemo!

    The best thing is Indian mobile is cheaper than landline!!!

    Thanks again,

  39. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. I reside in France, and I use nonoh now. Voice quality is amazing, and i belive it can not get any cheaper than this. I have already spoken for 50 eruros in this month. I was using yahoo voice before, which would have costed me three times atleast.

    And I hv subscribed to your blog. Keep updating, thanks again,


  40. Dear Sreejith,

    Thanks for the nice comments and subscribing the blog. Please forward it to all your friends.

    I will keep on updating about the latest ways to make cheap and free calls to India.

    Sometimes I will post hacks, which will let you make free calls.

    Thank you once again.

    Now reply to anonymous.

    About lowratevoip, if you trust me, I request you to give me your lowrate voip account information. so that I can look, what is the problem.


  41. Hi Vikas,

    This is Prasad. I am the one who posted a comment which starts NO TO NONOH.

    I appreciate your hacks and all. You are really doing a wonderful job.

    Now you can see another guy having trouble with lowratevoip. The point is that it is not working for the same way for everybody. Some day you could be the victim. They block your account and will not respond to your mails. I had used Betamax voip services for a very long time. But, now I can't use nonoh anymore. They have blocked 21 euros. Not only me, most of my friends accounts got blocked. If you want I can give my account details. Give me your email ID.

  42. Hi VIKAS,
    I and My friend have the same problem from today with nonoh. Call was ended due to some unknown error. We both are using nonoh.
    I also couldn't find buy credit option from my account to purchase any further credit. If u want i will send my account details. I am from stuttgart, Germany.


  43. Reply to the query by mail from Vishal

    Nonoh is cheat or what?

    I am using nonoh for about a month without any difficulty but when i
    browsed your blog about nonoh I saw warning "Warning: Betamx is fraud,
    use betamx services at your own risk, After recieving my complaints
    from our friends, I would say NO to BETAMX"

    Please explain.

    Dear Vishal,
    Thanks for your mail. I would like to tell you that I am also using nonoh and other betamx products without any problem, but I recieved some mails from our other friends, they also send me the login and password. and it is true that they can not make call even though they have enough credits,

    They wrote lot of mails to customer care but did not get the reply. it is not the single case, there are many.

    You can also find some similar clue at "". It has clearly mentioned "Further Note: In the past few months we have received numerous requests from users of the Betamax VoIP services to help with unauthorized credit card charges from this company. We CANNOT help you. Just as they will never respond to any requests / emails from you they also do not respond to our requests to facilitate. It also appears that they have even shut down the only Forum for advice and complaints on Voipbusters website."

    The biggest problem is, they do not respond, if some cusotmer is having some problem.

    One of our friend has blocked 22 EUR in his account, now he can not do any thing.

    I like betamx because its cheap and its clear voice quality. but I wrote it because in future no one should face this problem related to money.

  44. Hi,

    After reading about Nonoh on this blog, I registered with Nonoh. I am already using justvoip and am fully satisfied with the quality of justvoip. However I got registered at Nonoh because it offers cheaper call to India as compared to justvoip(0.025 Euro vs .035 Euro on justvoip). However I have been trying to make payment on the Nonoh website to get the credit. It always displays this message - "Your payment has failed. Unfortunately we do not always know the specific reason why your bank/creditcard company/payment provider has declined payment. We would advise to carefully check your payment details (first name, last name, invoice address and creditcard details) and try again tomorrow. Please choose another payment method should your payment fail again! (If you wish to pay by creditcard you could also try to pay via 'moneybookers' or 'paypal'. These options will automatically appear in the payment page if they are available to you)."
    I wanted to avoid making payment through paypal etc as I may not be able to dispute the payment if I face any problem from Nonoh. I have used the same creditcard to make payment to justvoip earlier and do not understand Y the payment is not being accepted at Nonoh. Can anybody suggest what to do..
    Pls email to

  45. Hi
    Thank you for your comment, I hope my reply would be useful for many users

    With Betamax policy, You can not use the same payment information for different betamax services, I mean you can not use the same credit card for to buy the nonoh credits if you have already used your credit card for justvoip. You must have noticed that you can not use the same login ID information for different betamax.

    if you want to purchase, then you have to use other credit card or another payment option like bank transfer, paypal or moneybookers.

    The above policy applies for paypal or moneybookers, I mean you can not use the same paypal or moneybookers account for different betamax services like justvoip, nonoh, voipbuster, lowratevoip etc. For bank transfer I do not know. I would be happy if somebody can help me.

    If you have another credit card, its good, you can use that, if not then the only option left to you is to open paypal or moneybookers account and buy the credit, using paypal or moneybookers is much simpler than using credit card directly. You need not to give all the details every time you buy on some websites.

    About the dispute of payment if I face any problem from Nonoh, you can also claim with moneybookers and Paypal. Please read the following policies of the company.

    For moneybookers, read the

    Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations at




    For Paypal security system, please read

    I feel that Paypal and moneybookers are good and secured enough.

    With moneybookers you can only open one account, if you try to open two, then will block your account. Paypal offers you two accounts, one personal and another business ot permier account, so with one credit card you can have four options to buy the credits.

    While opening paypal account, choose personal account and if possible choose country as India, now paypal gives you facility to direct withdraw money to your Indian Bank account.

    If you are in US, then Paypal is better and if you are in UK the moneybookers is better. Apart from all these services, you can transfer money to India, for paypal it is free if you transfer more than 7000 INR, and for moneybookers, it will cost you 3.5 EUR by cheque and 1.8 EUR by swift transfer.

    Finally the choice is yours, I think there is no problem in using paypal and money bookers.


  46. Hi Vikas

    It is again about Nonoh. When I registered nonoh first time, it was
    charging me .02 euro per minute from US to India for mobile and .025
    for landline.

    Next recharge it was charging me .025 for mobile and .03 for landline.

    Third recharge it is charging me flat .03 for landline as well as mobile.

    Do you are aware of this behavior or do you have some tips.


    Dear Vishal

    With Betamax, it is always like this, first they start with low rate then increase the rate as the service is more popular.

    If you read the policy, for any company, the rates are subject to change without any notice, so we can not control nonoh for chaging the rates, even if it increases the rates to 10 Cents per min.

    I hope that next time they will increas the landline to 3.5 cents.


  47. Hi Vikas
    I just subscribed to Nonoh from USA and I see it is billing me @3ct per minute for calls to cellphone in India.
    I used to be a subscriber of voipcheap with the same phone number. Is there anyway to be billed @1ct? What if I use other phoneline? Thanks for this great effort and really admire your language in which you write. Take care.

  48. you can also user pfingo to make free calls to india

  49. Hi Vikas

    I must say you are doing excellent job.I found your blog really very informative.It stands out from other blogs.Keep up the good work.Looking forward to see good posts.


    Uday Verma

  50. give a try to
    it costs only 0.009 cents/min to india mobile


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