Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Make 10 minutes of free calls each time you spend 2 minutes

Those who are living in US could not be benefited with the jajah free call hack, now we have alternate hack for the readers of

This blog is rebtel unlimted free call hack, you can make call to anywhere in the world, even cellphones in European union.

To understand this hack, I request you to read these blogs.

First try to understand how rebtel works

First you your telephone number with rebtel (click here)
Second you add the phone number of your friend
Rebtel gives you a local number to call
Once you make a call, your call is connected
Rebtel identifies your call with your Caller ID information and then connects the call.

Now where is the hack to make free calls?
If you have not made 10 minutes of trial calls from rebtel, then follow the procedure at Ten Minutes + (100 Minutes) Free trial call from Rebtel then for the next each ten minutes.

Please follow steps A to C
Step A
Reregister your number by adding extra digit to it, for example 4042624567 and its already registered then register your phone as 40426245670 or 4042624567999 or any number in between by putting an extra digit(s) to it, you can put as many as digits you want till rebtel accepts the registration

Register your friends or family number

You will get a local number to call you friend

How Can you generate the caller ID that you have registered?
Step B1
If you are using nonoh,

then in Your phone number: type the registered phone with extra digit, for eg, 40426245670 or 4042624567999 and in Destination phone number: type the local number given by the rebtel.
Step B2
If you are using any other betamx services like justvoip etc
Follow the steps written in the Caller ID and Caller line identification with betamax, like justvoip, nonoh etc and set 40426245670 or 4042624567999 as your caller ID.

Once your caller ID is verified, call to the local access number given by the Rebtel.
Step C
If you are not using any betamx services, then read this Free calls from India to US/Canada, UK, Europe and many more and start following step B2
Once your 10 Mins are finished, start from the step A and make another 10 mins of call. Repeat and make.

Enjoy free calling, if you have any problem then leave a comment, I am happy to answer.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Caller ID and Caller line identification with betamax, like justvoip, nonoh etc

This blog is not about making free calls, but I thought of writing it because it is useful to use CLI with betamax services like 12voip, Dialnow, Freecall, Internetcalls, Justvoip, Lowratevoip, Netappel, Nonoh, Poivy, Sipdiscount, Smsdiscount, Sparvoip, Voipbuster, Voipbusterpro, Voipcheap, Voipcheap, Voipdiscount, Voipraider, Voipstunt, Voipwise, Webcalldirect, voicetrading etc.

Please note that when I am referring Betamax means any of the above mentioned service that you are using.

This service is free from Betamax. You only pay the cost of SMS from getting the verification code in the case you add a cell phone.

What is CLI?
CLI stands for Caller Line Identity or Caller line Identification, this facility allows customers to see who is calling them before they answer the phone.
Just think how you feel when you receive a call showing Unknown number.

What is Caller ID?
Caller ID is the identity of the caller, with the normal phone or cell phone connection it is default, but if you are using VoIP softphone, then you have to enable this service and set your caller ID. If you have set caller ID as your phone number and whenever you make a call, your phone number (Caller ID) is transmitted along with the call and it is displayed in the receiver’s phone. If you have not set your phone number as a caller ID, then VoIP softphone will consider your user ID as a caller ID and will display Unknown number when you make a call using the softphone.

Yahoo voice, globe7 do not give you facilities to enable your caller ID.

How to activate your caller identification in your Betamax softphone
Goto Tools>>Options>>then click on the Caller ID on the side bar >> >>
Then you will see the phone numbers available from your profile and No Caller ID at the bottom is checked.

You can add upto five phones as your caller ID but you can have only one as a default as a caller ID, If you have not added any phone as your, you will see all the number blank and No Caller ID at the bottom is checked.

To add the number, click on the Edit my xxxxxxx profile (replace xxxxxxxx with your betamax provider like justvoip), you will see a popup window with customize your profile with your phone numbers. You can add up to five numbers in the list of phone numbers.
(Betamax used to provide VoIP-in number, but now it is no more providing it)

Once you will add the number in your profile, click ok.
Then you will see the number in the list of phone numbers available from your profile, and verify. Now click to verify the phone.

If you have added cell phone, you will receive a SMS with the code to activate

If you are adding a landline phone, a code will be displayed on the screen and immediately you will receive a call asking to dial your code, once you type the correct code, you will get a message; thank you your phone is verified.

Do not forget to uncheck the No Caller ID. Otherwise your caller ID will not be activated.

When you use phone to phone calling service from betamax, like nonoh, you do not have any connection fee, your number works as a caller ID, then you need not to set any caller ID.

Rebtel like services works on caller line identification, it identifies your line and the connect you call, you can save the money of local call charges by using the caller line identification. And then you can try the ten min free trial call from rebtel.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Voiceglobe offering 3 USD free calling credits to make call anywhere in the World

VOICEGLOBE, "free you voice around the world" is offering 3.00 USD Bonus (2.00 EUR) to the registered customers with valid email ID.

The call to India costs 0.070-0.082 EUR, depending one location where you are calling, but it does not matter as its free, Once you have to confirmation, you can call for 28 Mins continuously and absolutely free without any problem. The call quality is good.

Please follow the instructions below to get the free bonus

1. Goto
2. Click on flash image "FREE your voice NOW!, $3 Bonus BONUS Calling time"
3. Click on Signup for Voiceglobe Free Subscription, 0,0 €/month
4. Then in Extra calling time, select No Extra calling time and click on continue
5. Then click on the sign up I am a new customer
6. Give your details with Valid email ID, not from yahoo or gmail
7. After filling all the information, click on the proceed to check out
8. Then place the order,
(you will not be asked for the credit card )

After this you will get a confirmation message like this

Payment Confirmation
Thank you for your order! Your payment has been accepted.
Your order number is: 500570-yyyymmdd-XXXXXXYour credit card has been successfully charged with the amount of 0,00 €.Your IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX located in COUNTRY, has been recorded for order validation and anti-fraud detection. Your credit card was charged by Webpay on behalf of Voiceglobe USA, Inc.
(But you do not worry, this is a bug in their system which gives this information without giving the credit card information.)

You will receive a confirmation mail immediately with your order number, and within next 24 hrs, you will receive another mail having your username and password

Your unique Voiceglobe account & phone number is: 80123456
with password: xxxxxxxx

First download the softphone then login with you given account number and password.

Once you are logged in, you can start making calls till your balance lasts.

Please note that Dial without any prefix (such 00, 01, 011, etc.) to call any phone number worldwide. To dial for india, dial 911129876543, not +91 or 0091

Enjoy calling..., if you have any problem please leave a comment. I will try to solve the problem.

I will keep on publishing latest updates about

Monday, November 12, 2007

Unlimited free call hack, India ,UK, Germany and Many more

It is free call, but with good quality . Please read it carefuly to fully understand and make free calls

Can anybody think to make it working from everywhere in the world?
This hack is about jajah, jajah is a leading VoIP provider, may be just after skype (I do not like skype, it is hell costly) It enables web-activated VOIP calls between two landline or mobile phones. Jajah offered five minutes free trail calls from many countries to many countries. with this hack you can convert this five mins of free trial calls to 50000 Minutes of free call. This hack has been tested from UK, India, Germany, If you do not live in UK, India or Germany, you have to check for your country, if it supports this hack, and write a comment so that I can update the list.

What you have to do to make Unlimited Free Calls.

1. Download firefox,
You need firefox to delete your cookies.
2. Go to website
3. Type your number in My Phone Number,
4. Type the destination member, India or other countries, but I am sure for India.
5. Then make a call. :)

You will hear a voice message and your call will be connected.

After five mins of free trial call, your call will be disconnected automatically, now Follow these following steps

1. Delete your cookies, For firefox Goto Tools>>Options..>>Privacy>>Cookies and then check out (un select) the box "Allow sites to set cookies" and then press ok.
2. Go to website

3. Type your number in My Phone Number,(
add or change the additional digits after 5 mins)
4. Type the destination member, India or other countries, but I am sure for India.
5. Then make a call. :)

You will hear a voice message and your call will be connected. You can talk for another five mins, keep on deleting the cookie and changing the number and enjoy unlimited free calling.

If you still have the problem in making free trail calls, then read this blog completely and try to understand how it works, you can also leave a comment, I will reply asap.

Please read the description if you have problem in making calls

After clicking for your first call, first your phone will ring and once you pickup the phone, then a short message from jajah, and then your phoen will be connected. In this way you will get undisrupted five mins calls. After five mins, the call will be disconnected and you will not be able to place call anymore from the same phone number.

Why can you not change your number?
Jajah determines your IP and assign your country code. once you make a free trial call, jajah sets a cookie and your number is stored into computer memory that you can not change. Jajah also stores your number on the server, Now you can not make free trial call from your number that you used last time. If you try to make, it will give a message "You have used up your free minutes. Please register."

To avoid this and make free call you need to do two things
1. Clean your cookie
2. Change your number.

How to delete cookies?
You can do this thing with internet explorer, but I request you to download and install firefox so that you do not loose your stored information in internet explorer.

After download, first disable your cookies
For firefox
Goto Tools>>Options..>>Privacy>>Cookies and then check out (un select) the box "Allow sites to set cookies" and then press ok.
For Internet Explorer
Goto Tools>>Internet Options..>>In General tab you will see Browsing history now click on the delete button to delete the Cookies and history. (But you will loose your other stored information) then press ok.
(Please note that You have to delete cookie after each call)

By doing so, your number will not be stored into your PC.

How to change your number stored on the jajah server?
you can not change it but you can add additional digits to the number for eg, a If you have a landline number 1129876543 and if you add an additional digit to your number 11298765430, 1129876543123 or 112987654390059 it will ring the same phone because the first 10 digit of the phone is same. Doing so every time you make a call, jajah will recognize it as a new number.
Jajah supports 14-16 digit number of India, UK, Germany and many more country (try this If your country supports) but most of the telephone numbers are 10 digits only, If your number is 10 digit (for eg 1129876543 ) and if you add additional 4 digits at the end (11298765439999) the same phone will ring but the server will recognize as different number. So start with adding 0 at the end of your number and endup with the maximum supported digits for eg 999999, In this case you can me 5000000 Mins of free calls, seems to be unlimited.
All US number are restricted to 10 digits, so you can not add additional digit to your number, so the call is limited to 5 mins only.
Italian telephone numbers are with varying length and maximum supported length is 11 digit, but most of the telephone numbers are 10 digits so if you add 11th digit, you can make 11 calls of 5 mins each.
So, every time you finish your five minutes free trial call, start adding or changing the additional digits (from 0-999999 or to maximum supported length) to your number. In this way you can make unlimited free calls.

To make Unlimited free call repeat the procedure shown above
If you have another number, then your free talk time is doubled.

If you have any problem, please leave a comment, I will reply it asap. I am here to help you.

I request all of you to try this from your country and write a comment in both cases if it works or it doesn't work, so that everybody will come to know and will not waste time trying for their country. please write a comment

Enjoy free calling. Keep visiting this blog for more chap and free calling option and forward this blog to your all friends.

Cheap call offers on Diwali from Tpad and Yahoo Voice

Diwali News: Tpad (, a VoIP provider slashes 30% off all worldwide call charges on November 07th and 8th for the celebration of the Diwali. The normal call rate for India is 0.007 USD per min, after 30% Discount the call would cost 0.049 USD, But it is not the cheapest one. To make this cheap call you have to buy a minimum of $5 Tpad call credit. , If somebody is already using Tpad, they can use this offer in this period. This is just for the information.

Last year on Diwali and Holi Yahoo voice ( had offered free calls to India, but this year, it is offering calls at 4.9¢/min between Nov 08 10:30am PST (Nov 09 12:00am IST) and Nov 09 10:29am PST(Nov 10 11:59pm IST) It quotes "Get Yahoo! Voice and celebrate Diwali with friends and family with amazing rates on PC-to-phone calls to India:" If you have some pending balance in Yahoo voice, it is the right time to use it.

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