Monday, November 12, 2007

Cheap call offers on Diwali from Tpad and Yahoo Voice

Diwali News: Tpad (, a VoIP provider slashes 30% off all worldwide call charges on November 07th and 8th for the celebration of the Diwali. The normal call rate for India is 0.007 USD per min, after 30% Discount the call would cost 0.049 USD, But it is not the cheapest one. To make this cheap call you have to buy a minimum of $5 Tpad call credit. , If somebody is already using Tpad, they can use this offer in this period. This is just for the information.

Last year on Diwali and Holi Yahoo voice ( had offered free calls to India, but this year, it is offering calls at 4.9¢/min between Nov 08 10:30am PST (Nov 09 12:00am IST) and Nov 09 10:29am PST(Nov 10 11:59pm IST) It quotes "Get Yahoo! Voice and celebrate Diwali with friends and family with amazing rates on PC-to-phone calls to India:" If you have some pending balance in Yahoo voice, it is the right time to use it.


  1. Hi,
    I used my free minutes and tried to follow exactly as u have mentioned by unchecking the cookies option and adding additional digits but it isnt working. do u have any other workaround let me know.It would be of great help. In anticipation of ur kind thoughts...



  2. Dear Surya,

    Thanks for the comment, please let me know your country, Then I can suggest you what to do?


  3. Thanks for your kind response.
    I am an Indian..

  4. Dear Indian Friend

    If you are in India and want to call then its 100% working without any problem.

    My friends from India has called me many time with the same numbre and still they have more than 50000 minutess left.

    First let me clear

    1. You can make call from India to any destination marked as free, like US/Canada (landline and mobile) Europe (landline only) and vice versa.

    2.YOu can not make call from India to India. Initialy I thought that it will work within India, but the cost of call for jajah is more so its not working.

    Now, read the blog again and try to call your friends living abraod, and let me know if you are facing any problem, I will help you.

    PS: This works for only five minutess from US and eleven minutes from Italy


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  6. Dear Vikas,

    Thank you very much for ur patient and detailed reply. As told by U, it works if i call from India to Uk and not vice-versa. Do u have any other solution to call from UK to India in the similar way.
    Anyways..if it doesnt work..I will go with NONOH as advised by U.

    Thanks once again..



  7. Dear Surya,

    I think that it should work from UK, if the added digit numbers are not used by somebody.

    Sometimes try in different time, I mean try in morning, afternoon and then in the evening.

    If it does not work then read different posts like



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