Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phone Power Digital Phone Service : Unlimited USA and Cheap VOIP International Calls

The traditional and hassle free way of using VOIP is through VOIP adapter. No need of using Dialer Softwares or Headphone and Microphone to make the phone calls.

There are many Voip Service providers, who provide their services through phone adapters. But what if you get that phone adapter for free. Yes, Today we will discuss about a similar VOIP Provider, Phonepower offering Digital Phone Service

Phone Power is a year 2005 founded US based company with business in 48 states of USA. Basically they provide cheap VOIP solutions for Residential users,Small Business users and PBX.

For all Packages they have facility of unlimited incoming and outgoing in USA, with fair usage limit of 5000 min Outgoing/month. Apart from there Free US calls they have a very cheap international call tariff , like for INDIA 2.5 cents/min - 3.3 Cents/min

Click here to visit Phonepower website.

Now lets see what are the special features
* You can keep your current phone number for free
* $15 Activation Fee waived for online orders, no cancellation fees
* No contract , Free phone adapter
* 2nd Free cloned line if you order before 28 May
* 3-way conference facility
* Call From Online portal
* You can enable or Disable your International Calling
* Caller ID and Call waiting
* Exciting Referral Program which will give you 10$ Free Credit for referring your friend

And many more... That too at a competitive price. check the table below for comparison of PhonePower with at&t, Comcast, Verizon and TIME WARNER ...

I think for those who are regular USA based user and occasionally make international calls then this will be best suitable for you. Please leave your comments about the service....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lebara mobile review: Free and Low cost calls from mobile phone using Lebara pre-paid SIM card

Today we will discuss about pre-paid Mobile SIM cards customized to the needs of ethnic minority communities, particularly migrant workers to save some money on their local as well as international mobile phone bills who does not want to use calling cards, access numbers, and have no access to Computers and internet.

The name of the provider is Lebara-mobile owned by Lebara Group BV. ENTRADA 111. 1096 EA Amsterdam The Netherlands. With 700,000+ customers, Lebara Mobile operates in 8 countries:


Lebara Mobile launched the first ever low-cost international mobile service in the Netherlands in 2004. By 2008 over 700,000 customers had joined their network because of their low cost calling service and offers. In this blog we will review its Lebara UK service.

Free SIM Card
FREE Lebara Mobile Pay As You Go SIM Card for low-cost UK and international calls with an online top-up with No hidden charges or access codes and Free Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery

FREE Calls & SMS 
Calls and SMSs between Labara Mobile customers in the UK are completely FREE, with no connection charge. All calls within the UK from Lebara to Lebara are FREE for the first 15 minutes, and charged at 10p per minute thereafter
All SMSs within the UK from Lebara to Lebara are FREE

£5 FREE call credit to transfer your mobile number.
You will receive £5 FREE call credit if you transfer your existing mobile number to Lebara Mobile.

For this you need to call your current provider and request a PAC code, see ‘Keep Your Number’ for more details. Once you have received your PAC code, call Lebara Mobile on 0870 075 5588 (or 5588 from your Lebara Mobile), state that you want to keep your existing number and give your PAC code.

Cheap International Calls from mobile
Australia: 4p-15p
Europe: 4p-13p+
Ghana: 7p-12p
Nigeria: 5p-10p
Pakistan: 9p
Poland: 4p-9p
Romania: 4p 15p
USA: 4p

Refer and Earn
Earn £5 FREE call credit when you recommend a friend who buys Lebara SIM.

You can compare your existing SIM card rates with the labra-mobile rates and check which one suits you.

Thanks to Mr Vijay Kanawade from UK for sharing this to us, he tells that Lebara mobile is very very very good as their call quality is very nice and they always have some offers and calls between us are free.

What do you think about it???

Friday, May 22, 2009

Calleasy Betamax starts Access number in Pakistan to Make VoIP calls from your fixed/mobile phone

Along with PC to phone calls and SIP calls, betamax also provides access numbers in more than 40 countries to "Make VoIP calls from your fixed/mobile phone" 
Some service of betamax (click here) offers all the ways of making calls, while some are specific. 

Calleasy, one of the Betamax brands, is fully dedicated to call via access number which is the easiest way for cheap international calls because you do not need internet and microphone to make the phone calls. Just dial the access number with phone and you are connected.

In order to use this service 
  • Make sure that you have registered and verified your number which you are going to use, your caller ID will be identified to authentication. 
  • Now Call the local rate access number for your country from your home number or mobile phone and wait for the voice prompt...
  • You can now enter any number you want, for India, dial 0091XXXXXXXXXX

If you do not want to double dial the number you can save the numbers in your mobile phone, you can use pause between access number and the number you wish to dial.
For example you use the UK access number to call a Indian number: 
Save the number as follows 0044123456789P0091XXXXXXXXXX and you never have to enter the recipients number again.

TO add pause, follow the following methods.
Nokia phones: Press * 3 times until a 'p' appears
Siemens and Panasonic phones: Press 0 and hold until a '+' appears
Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson phones: Press * and hold until a 'p' appears
LG Phones: Press # and hold until a 'p' appears
for other brands, refer the manual.

Right now they are offering access number in the following countries, which includes Pakistan. We would have expected India if BJP would have won this general election as they promised to offer Unlimited VoIP to all in their pre election agenda. (click here and read 18.) 

Argentina, Australia. Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, El Salvador. Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

You can find these access numbers from most of the services, but some services like sipgate does not offer this service.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Betamax and Dellmont VoIP providers: 33 Brands under one umbrella offering cheap calls

BETAMAX... I hope you might have heard this name many times and I am also sure that you must be familier with the following VoIP names and using atleast one for making cheap call to your country.
  1. 12voip
  2. Actionvoip
  3. Budgetsip
  4. Calleasy
  5. Dialnow
  6. Freecall
  7. Internetcalls
  8. Intervoip
  9. Jumblo
  10. Justvoip
  11. Lowratevoip
  12. Netappel FR
  13. Nonoh
  14. Poivy
  15. Rynga
  16. Sipdiscount
  17. Smartvoip
  18. Smsdiscount
  19. Smslisto
  20. Sparvoip.de
  21. Voipblast
  22. Voipbuster
  23. Voipbusterpro
  24. Voipcheap UK
  25. Voipcheap
  26. Voipdiscount
  27. Voiphit
  28. Voipian
  29. Voipraider
  30. Voipstunt
  31. Voipwise
  32. Voipzoom
  33. Webcalldirect
BUT do you know that that these all companies belong to Betamax GmbH & Co.Kgm Köln Germany. In 2005 it took over all of the VoIP services previously run by Finarea SA, and keep on adding new VoIP every month. Now they are the most used VoIP service for International phone calls. They still use the Finarea softfone, You can still see the name of Finarea while installing their soft phone.

Why they are marketing with different brands?
They launch a new brand with the lowest possible rate which are advertised via the previous brands and then slowly slowly they increase the rate to the normal level and again they launch another brand. They also launch service specific brands.

For example, the recent launches are smartvoip with the 0.005 EUR/min to India which has been increased to 1 cent and I am sure than in near future it will reach 2-3 cents per min and at the same time we can expect the launch of a new betamax site.

Most of the services offer pc2phone, phone2phone, SIP, Access numbers and cheap sms.

All the services use common login data base locked for one service, so if you have already login in one brand, you can not create the same login to other brand. You might have experienced this problem before.

The sites actionvoip and voipian belongs to Dellmont Sarl Luxembourg, they use the same user data base of betamax but the payment goes to Dellmont.

So many companies, which provides the best rate? You can compare the rates for all services for all countries

Please answer these question?
Which service  did you like most (Today and in past if you have used)?
Have you ever had any payment problems with any of the services?
What do you expect from these services?

Please share with us, may be we can find some solution for you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pidipompi POMPI-DIAL review: Avoid 0.9 cent call to India mobile

Thanks to our readers for a very good response for our 1 Cent/min article (comparison of various 1 cent/min offers), We have always tried to save your money from the duping offers claimed by various VoIP companies . Today we will review such company PIDIPOMBI which is claiming to offer 0.9 cents call to India-mobile from USA and canada under POMPI-DIAL scheme. I would just say STAY AWAY from this offer.

Lets see what pompidial is claiming
USA No 1 Telecom player gets you an incredible offer - POMPI-DIAL. Sign up now & you can call India at just 0.9 ¢/min with local access number. There is no Hidden Fees, no Taxes, no Gimmick and no Rental Fee. We provide minute to minute rounding with validaty of 180 days from first day of use. This is applicable on any call terminating on mobile phone in India. i.e. you just make call to India at 0.9 ¢/min using local access numbers and 1¢/min extra using toll free numbers. We are the biggest company in USA with more then 4000 local access numbers. So hurry...Sign up NOW !

Pidipompi is powered by Amvrin Systems (P) Ltd which seems to be FOOLING us. We have gone through their site to review their offer(s).

They have one POMPI DIAL INDIA-MOBILE offer, which will give you 0.9 cents/min call using Local Access and 1.9 cents/min for TOLL free Access worth 5 USD purchase.

This seems to be a kind of joke to me. The min price of product is 5.00$ and a service charge of 2.99$ which is around 60% but as per there website if you purchase more than 5$ service charge of 2.99$ will be waived. I tried very hard to get more than one card in my shopping cart but no use, actually you can not purchase more than 5$ at a time. So each time your purchase a card you have to pay 7.99$ for 5$.

Another problem is the auto recharge, when your balance dropped below 2 USD, they will recharge your account, it means this 2 USD is non refundable. If you fall below this amount
your credit card will be charged again.

They are also offering some special rates for other destinations which you can check here

The only thing which is good is they have a SSL certificate, which you can check on the payment page. In final words we never recommend these type of Websites who plays double game.. But if any of our reader has tried it... Please share your views here..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vodafone ZooZoo ads, Animated Cartoons or Humans

If you are watching Indian Premier league IPL2 then you must have watched Vodafone ads of funny acts of egg shaped creature called ZooZoo. These videos are about the Vodafone value added services like call filter, chota credit, stock alert, Phonebook backup, message to group, dating tips, beauty tips, world tour ad, cricket alerts, musical greetings, Vodafone maps etc. I think they have made more than 30 ads in this series.

These advertisements are made by O&M ad agency. This ad agency has really great imagination. They created amazing alien type creatures, their eye contacts, expressions, the way they laugh, smirk, hop like spring, the way they dance effortlessly, slender arms and legs, pot bellies they are simply overwhelming.

Apparently the characters look like Animated Cartoons but actually they are not, they are human begins with mask; you can watch the videos and photos on the making of these ads.

For Photos and slide show

For making videos 

ZooZoos are becoming famous in social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook and Myspace and also getting attention on YouTube. Vodafone India has already started their official facebook page which has already has more than 180,000 fans.

You can watch most of the vidos and phots on facebook, If you have not seen the videos, you can watch it here

What do you think about these ads???

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bueno Social networking: Free incoming USA number and free phone calls

It has been long time since we were looking for the free USA number without verification and giving credit card information. Now BUENO, an advanced social networking site, is offering free USA phone number to receive calls and to make free calls within USA. BUENO is the site to connect with your friends, family, and business associates. Having US phone number is quite useful for many VoIP applications. These phone numbers can be used for phone verification in the courtiers where you have difficulty in verifying your phone.

We are thankful to Driss from morocco for sharing this information to us, this is third time he is sharing such valuable information to freevcalls.

Website: http://bueno.com/

Complete your registration at Bueno and get your incoming number.

After registration you need to install additional plug-in IE dialer for Internet explorer and mozilla-buenoai-plugin for Firefox to enable bueno webdialer.

With this additional phone you can repeat all the free call offers published on our blog which you might have done with your original number

Apart from this phone facility, you get all the features of a social networking site. Beuno is still in beta stage hope to see more interesting features from it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tata Indicom Launches International Broadband Roaming Facility with One world One account

Tata Indicom has come with first of its kind in India, One World One account Service in Broadband Services. This feature will allow you to use Broadband services in over 160 countries through Dial Up, Wired Broadband and Wi-Fi Access with a single account you use in India. This will Save data cost on roaming costs with a per minute charging pulse rather than buying an hourly or a day card.

Tata Indicom is proving this service by Over 100,000 partner Wi-Fi hotspots and Ethernet hotel broadband locations in over 70 countries, including venues from top-tier providers such as T-Mobile, iBahn, Wayport and AT&T Wi-Fi in the U.S.; T-Mobile, BT Openzone and the Cloud in Europe; Korea Telecom, NTT Japan Telecom and China Telecom in Asia. This service also includes 433 airports, including 83 of the top 100 busiest by passenger volume, and more than 22,000 hotels and conference venues around the world.

The launch of One World One Account is basically useful to such customers who frequently travel to abroad and need internet access on the move for business purposes. Mehul Kapadia, head, sales and marketing, Tata Indicom brand said, “It is a proud moment for the Indian Internet industry that such a unique innovation has got delivered,”

Any Tata Indicom user can use this service through Global Roaming Client (IPass) which integrates all access types - WiFi, Wired Broadband and Dial Up, it also includes automatic hotspot detector feature. In addition to the client, you can also access some of our partner hotspots by simply logging in to their web login page with your user name.

Steps to access the internet using the iPass client

Step 1 :: Open the iPass client and select the preferred access type
Step 2 :: The list of available networks are displayed on the client.
Step 3 :: Select Tata Indicom Wi-Fi and key in your Username and password to authenticate.
On selecting Dial Up as the access type, you will be shown a list of access numbers to dial. Select an appropriate number, authenticate and get connected.

To check details please visit ::

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One cent Plans from Airtel, Reliable, Reliance and Raza: Cool offers or making fool

In last few weeks, we find a pelting of one cent, one India offers from various major VoIP roviders. To help our readers we reviewed each one the offers and find how these companies are fooling customers. Airtel Call home, Reliance India Call, Reliable Calling and Raza are well known and trusted VoIP players by Indians but this time they all have come with a plan which look nice closed box, but reality is very much different.

These companies have started a new thing by introducing a Rental/Admin Fee in Prepaid VOIP system. Almost all of them have launched the One cent /min call rate to India. But in actual it varies from 1.30 to 7.79 cents/min.

We have compared Airtel Call Home IndiaOne Max plan, Airtel Call Home IndiaOne Neo Plan, Reliance India Call 7 day Plan, Reliable Monthly Plan and Reliable Fortnight Plan and Raza. Now you can see how much you are going to pay if you subscribe to any of the plans.

We also compared betamax services Actionvoip and Smartvoip in USD and EUR, the problem with these services, that you need to pay in EUR so the rates depends on exchange rate and the biggest problem that they increase the rates in overnight. However you can see the comparison.

Click this image to see higher resolution image.

I hope you can easily get catch about these plans. We can clearly see Reliable is winner with toll free access and Raza is winner with local access but Betamax brands are still cheapest service provider with unlimited validity, good quality but no support and no trust on the calling rate.

Which plan do you think is the best???
Please leave your comment

Monday, May 4, 2009

India 1 cent offer from Raza: Mother's day 09 promo

On this mother's day, raza offers one cent call to India from USA toll free and 1.9 cent call from Canada to say "I LOVE YOU MAA

Let’s review this offer, they claim 
  • No rental Value
  • No Expiration Date 
  • NO Taxes
They are offering two plans
  • Mobile Talk (Any Mobile phones in India)
  • City Talk (Major cities Landline special)
Major Cities are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.

If you call the above mentioned destinations, then the calling rate is 1 cent per min from USA using local access and 1.9 cents from Canada. Additional 2 cents are applicable using toll free access increasing the call rates to 3 cents from USA and 3.99 cents from Canada. If you call other cities, then you pay 4.7 cents per min.

There is an additional $2.99 service charge is applicable, it means if you prompt to buy 10 USD card, you will be charged 12.99 USD to your credit card and you will get 1000 minutes to call. This additional charge increases the call rate by 30%.

If you think it is cheapest offer then you can go for it.

They also offer Point System referral program, you get 250 points for each referral, a total of 4 referrals which is 1000 points can earn you a $10 card.

New BlackBerry Storm Touchscreen Smartphone Review

We have always debated about a phone which can compete Apple`s innovation of the millennium. There is Samsung, LG and NOKIA who has already came with products to compete with Apple iPhone. But frankly speaking except Samsung and Nokia  no one has given a fair competition to iPhone. BlackBerry has also launched one 9500 series product sometimes back named BlackBerry Storm. They have basically tried to capture iPhone market share as well as to focus on their traditional Business phone users.

Well BlackBerry Storm  phone, is a RIM (Research in Motion) handset. With Storm, BlackBerry has tried to give a stylish phone touch to its business phone users. Now we will review claims and reality of BlackBerry Storm.

First have a look on its specification and features

 Network Compatibility
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900,
  • 3G HSDPA 2100, CDMA2000 1x EV-DO
  • Size 112.5 x 62.2 x 14 mm, 
  • Weight 155 g
  • TFT Touch screen, 65K colors
  • Size 360 x 480 pixels, 3.25 inches
  • RAM(Random Access Memory) 128 MB
  • CPU 624 MHz processor
  • Operating System BlackBerry OS
  • Storage Internal 1 GB
  • Card slot microSD (TransFlash), up to 16 GB
  • Camera 3.15 MP with autofocus, LED flash, Image Stabilization, Video Yes, QVGA
  • No Front Camera for Video Calls
Data Capabilities
  • GPRS Class 10, 32 - 48 kbps
  • HSCSD No
  • EDGE Class 10,236.8 kbps
  • 3G HSDPA (7.2 mbps)
  • No Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
  • Infrared port Not available
  • USB, v2.0
  • Media player MP3/WMA/AAC+
  • Video player MPEG4/3gp/H.264/WMV
  • No Radio
  • Speakerphone and 3.5 mm audio jack
GPS with A-GPS support 

Batterry and Talk time
  • Standard battery, Li-Ion 1400 mAh
  • Stand-by Time Up to 360 h
  • Talk time Up to 5 h 30 min
Other Features
Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Geo-tagging, BlackBerry maps, Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

Now let’s review Blackberry Features

Design and looks
The Storm is absolutely amazing. You will definitely fell love at first sight. A big giant high pixel touch screen is the focal point of looks and a silver bezel around sides of phones. The battery cover is made from solid piece of brushed aluminum, and the camera and flash sit atop the plate, covered by a glossy plastic strip, this gives a good quality looks to a business class phone. Generally, the construction of the hardware and components used are good in quality than previous BlackBerry devices. Overall design is killing and no doubt you will love it.

I can bet, you will not find this anywhere else. Yes I am talking about “Click-Through”. With the help of this technology, you will actually feel pushing down the screen when you touch screen to press a button. This will surely help you when typing with touch screen keyboard.
In term of Screen Pixel also Storm has an advantage; the Storm Screen is 480 pixels by 360 pixels while the iPhone screen is 480x320 pixels. Tilting between portrait and landscape modes is similar to iPhone with Accelerometer Technology. In terms of touch screen Storm is surely have an edge over Apple`s iPhone.

In Landscape mode you will have a full QWERT experience in BlackBerry Storm that too with clickable screen. When you switch to portrait mode - the standard mode for a cell phone, there are two options first is Pearl - 20 buttons keypad, second is a normal phone keypad where you choose letters by multiple taps on the numbers.

Picture quality of Storm`s 3.2 Megapixel camera is great. Actually far better than Apple iPhone. Auto focus, 2X Digital zoom and Video ability is an added advantage over Apple`s iPhone.
But wait, Storm is a BlackBerry high end phone with 3G capabilities. Still very sorry to say, No front Camera for video calls.

The Storm has 1GB of internal storage and an 8GB MicroSD card is included in Box. Maximum capability is for MicroSD cards up to 16GB. Well 8GB-16GB is always enough for any Business or Media player phone.

Internet Browsing and Email
Its inbuilt browser is quite capable, but not as good as Apple iPhone`s Safari. Storm browser will zoom in when you double click on the screen and free finger scrolling is also there. 

The Storm allows for playback of almost all major audio formats. Good Screen resolution and great quality speakers. It doesn’t have Radio, which is a negative. Overall Storm is a good media player device.

Business Features
Well a BlackBerry is a BlackBerry. It has all document software like Word, Excel, and PDF... But don’t you think that a business phone should have video calling.

VOIP in BlackBerry Storm
I will say -10 for this... With non availability of Wi-Fi (WLan), your 3G data plan will cost you a lot until you have an unlimited one. There are few RIM's pre-approved apps like Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, Flickr, Facebook etc, if you talk about True VOIP application I think only Skype and Truphone are the applications right now. I think this is an area which will surely hit Storm Market.

Visual Voicemail
Visual voicemail comes in fashion with iPhone. This means you will see a visual representation of your voicemail.

Cost (Slightly over priced) 

Cost in India is around 27900 Rs.
Cost in US is around 500$ (unlocked)
Cost in Italy is around 400-450 Euro (unlocked)

BlackBerry Storm is definitely a strong competitor for iPhone. But no Wi-Fi and Video calls gives a feel that it will not be as suitable for VOIP and well as Business. Only advantage you will get from BlackBerry Storm is killing looks with BlackBerry facilities. But I don’t think this will be a wise option in 500$. We will give 2 out of 5 to BlackBerry Storm. 

Please share with us, why Do you love your phone?????..... 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pingo May promotion: 50% extra talk time + 50% off on Wednesday

Pingo is back with a new promotion, They are offering 50% extra talktime and 50% off on the calls made on Wednesday for the next two months. Effectively you will get around 66% reduced rate on Wednesday

Click on the image to register
With this offer you get
$5 bonus on $10 sign up
$10 bonus on $20 sign up
50% off calls on Wed for the next two months.

50% off calls on Wednesday start 00:00 & ends 23:59 across all U.S.A. time zones. If you are not calling from U.S.A., please calculate the time difference accordingly to match Wednesday time to get 50% off calls. Offer Valid for new customers only.

You can also earn $5 when you refer a friend to pingo.

You can check the rate for your country and if you find pingo as the cheapest provider, you can buy credit to make the call. Please leave your comment if you find this offer as a cheapest solution to call your country.

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