Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reliablecom calling card: Cheap calls to India, Pakistan and middle east from USA

New York based Reliablecom offers cheap calling rates. The products featured under the website illustrate an appeal which is universal throughout various ethnic markets. Using their calling card service you can call India just for 2.9 cents per min and you can call Pakistan for 5.9 cents per minute.

This is not a promotional offer, this is their regular rate. They also offer premium services with higher rates. The quality of call with premium service, after paying 5.9 cents in stead of 2.9 cents is quite good but if you pay 2.9 cents, then have to adjust with the quality of call. Moreover they have three-four minutes rounding, means if you talk for only one minute then you will pay for three minutes, which increases the cost of call. I do not like this type of calling cards with three minutes rounding and which hides their service fee.

They offer different types of Calling cards for calling almost all parts of the world. They provide a quick customer care via online chat if you have any problems with any of the card. Basically if you talk about Cheap India calling card, they mainly have 2 calling cards

1. 2.9cents/min (Everyday Deal)
2. 1.9cents/min (Only on Thursdays)

So if only on Thursday you buy calling card you will get an option to buy 1.9cents/min card.

Details for 1.9cents/min calling card:
1. It's a 3 minute rounding card, i.e. calls will be rounded for three minutes.
2. You have to pay 20% service fee per call. So effective rates will be 2.28cents/min.

Apart from this no other fee if you are using local access.

How to signup:
Step 1: Go to reliable website. Click here, Signup for free account
Step 2: Enter your Card details for payment.
Step 3: They will call you and verify your card details (only for first time)
Step 4: Every Thursday you will get 1.9cents/min calling card option on their homepage.
Just click there and buy for any amount ( if you buy 15 $ or more their will be no transaction fee)
Step 5: With in few minutes they will mail you pin details. now you are ready to call.Just dial their Local access number and pin to place call.You can also register your for pin less dialing, from website and from phone.

If you are ready to compromise with the quality of calls after paying less, then you can go for this calling card.


  1. Hey Vikas
    Thank you for a wonderful job what you are doing by keeping us all informed. I just checked, Freecall from Betamax has slashed their India rates to 1.5 Euro Cents for Landline and 2.0 for Mobile.

  2. Reliablecom offers this service to US customers only. I tried from dubai.

  3. THE WORST CALLING CARD I EVER TOOK. Never take this calling card. Their billing is very bad. They cut much more minutes in every call. I used Airtel, Reliance, Dial91 and Pingo.... never had any problems with them. But this is worst...........

  4. i use jumblo.com
    its cheap and reliable

  5. Customer Service is really bad !! will never recommended to my friends !! Website looks creepy, never provide much information like how many minutes is the limit for unlimited plan and how many minutes we used from it...remaining minutes..and all....

    Note for Reliablecom - Please hire some nice Customer service people who can talk friendly not rudely. Also, hire a nice developer who can make your website little sensible and informative.

    Hope NOT to hear from your. AND PLEASE STOP calling me I am NOT interested in your SPECIAL deals.



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