Monday, November 3, 2008

Pingo to announce a rate drop for calls to India

Pingo is going to reduce the call rates to India.

Pingo’s NEW RATE!
5.5 cents to India (Local) 6.5 cents to India (Toll free) * As of 11/4/08 5pm on EST

Pingo’s RateWatcher technology is always on the look out to reduced its costs, to pass on the savings to its customers!

History of Pingo’s India Phone Card Rates
  • Pingo’s Really Old Rate 11.5 cents for mobile and landline
  • Pingo’s Old Rate – 7.3 cents to mobile & landline (Local) 8.3 cents to mobile & landline (Toll free)
  • Pingo’s Last Rate – 6.5 cents to mobile & landline (Local) 7.5 cents to mobile & landline (Toll free)

Compare Pingo India Phone Card Rates

  • 5.5 cents to mobile & 6.5 cents to landline (Local)
  • 6 cents to mobile & 7 cents to landline (Toll free)
  • 6.9 cents to mobile & landline (Local & Toll free)
  • Reliance Call India network - 5.9 cents to India (Local) 5.9 cents to India (Toll free)
  • Out of Reliance call network - 5.9 cents to India (Local) 6.9 cents to India (Toll free)
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