Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Voxox beta extends free calls to all destinations including India

We discussed about voxox two hours free calls to USA with free incoming USA number, Now they have have enabled free calls to all destinations including India and also offering free in number, I tried calling Italy, India, Germany, UK.. all are working which was not possible when voxox was launched in the beginning of this month. The same has been tested from USA to India and its working.

If you have some credit left, you can call free to India for almost 17 minutes with the fresh registration. I tried to find out voxox rates but could not locate on their website.

Click here to register at voxox

Multiple registration is possible with same PC and IP, so you can do it and get free calls and phone number. I think voxox is the only company which is giving free calls and free number. This facility we can utilize to use further free calls. Soon I will post about it. Mean while you can do multiple registration and keep the number and few USA minutes for you.

If you have signed on the day I published the first blog, you might have received $2.40 credit in your account, using this you can talk for more than half hour to India, which is equivalent to two hours to USA.

Each time you invite your friend and if he/she register for voxox, you get 17 minutes to India (two hours to USA). You can invite maximum of 10 friends and get almost three hours of free pc to phone calling to India.

Voxox comes with bundle of free services like voice mail, efax, call-back, reach-me, conferencing, social networking, email. I think you must give a try at least to call free to India. Click here for the old post of voxox

If you are facing any problem, feel free to leave a comment. I tried calling with voxox call-back service, but it wasn't working.


  1. Hi Vikas....

    You are really doing a g8 job in giving us the free calls info...
    i tried using the vovox insatalling on my pc.
    I have made calls to india...using different ids.
    But the next day when i tried with saying that you are using the serve with the same u cant call anymore.

    Pls do help me how can i continue calls in vovox for free.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Now they increased the security..., so you only use it once per IP.., try ideaindiacall

  3. hi. i tried to register on voxox but .cant register it .on second step some picture are there . can u tell mi how to register on voxox

  4. Hi Vikas ! Can it also be used to call US from India?

  5. Hi sharad

    You can use this from anywhere in world


  6. hiz am sry but i wanna 2 call uae from jordan i wanna a website can make a trail call 2 uae plz if u can help me thanks

  7. sir please tell me how to avoid err in voxox.cuz when i place call it giving err that already call in progress like that

  8. Hi i mmukesh from india
    i registered voxox account but when calling from india to india the a error massage display "Please end your current call before placing a new one" i can't understand tis frror massage plz anyone advice me .......i just wait for your message.......

  9. I am not able to sign up.please help.I have both Internet explorer and the firefox.

  10. voxox not open...tell me what problum...i am in u.a.,e

  11. hi to all off u i have 109 accounts for voxox i used voxox its g8 but this days there is prob to make account i try so many time its giving 020 block number if some one get proper number plzz tell mee on

  12. Ahmed pervaiz aziz
    hello its dont work in U.A.E because there is a prob in a port 5060 listen i have try because i am in usa but one off my friend in u.a.e hee tell mee that voxox is not work in my pc some prob like to open voxox so i send him the file 5060 port i have that and u can find in google go and search or contact me

  13. is giving 110 free minutes for gift code YR09

  14. deal only good for India.

  15. Hi, Vikas, I am Aftar from Saudi Arab. I open d an account on voxox but it gives me a noisy voice a when i try to call and "ringing" "error" msg display. Please help me.

  16. can some one tell me the cheapest internet call to ethiopia from europe?



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