Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gorillamobile: Cheap premium quality call to India for just 4.5 cents lifetime with $5 free to try

Today we will discuss about Gorillamobile which I found to be the cheapest, just 4.5 cents for life time, among the premium calling providers. Not only this, they offer this cheap rate for life time, not for the promotion period. Like pingo where you endup paying 5.5 cents after you finish your first purchase.

We have tested gorilla mobile for three months, its really working great. If you want a single solution for India, then I think this is the BEST.

<<<To signup for gorillamobile, click here>>>

The best thing, They will not fool you
They are providing a 5$ free trial (two hours free) without any fee, which require your card information. Gorilla mobile uses the encrypted SSL for the secure payments, you can also verify the thawte certificate before giving your card details. If you like you can continue to use their service after trial period, If you do not like, Be sure if you don`t use their service beyond trial they will not charge a single thing to you.

Now if you want to use only the free trial you can simply cancel the service by just one simple click without any conditions and fee. But i am very sure that you will like to continue the services because of crystal clear voice quality.......

GorillaMobile is one of very few calling card who provides postpaid facility, means you use their service and after one month they will charge you bill. They only charge $5.95 as annual fee, which is worth paying to become post paid customer.

And one more exciting offer, if you decided to continue their services after trial you will be eligible to get referral bonus of 5$ for each sign up.....

I think you should go for it and try for at least $5 given for free.


  1. from last 12 hrs its saying me... "dis account is not activated. pls contact ur customer executive." wat to do?

  2. Hi Milind

    I request you to Call 1-800-881-3004, and tell them your phone number, they will instantly activate your service. It happens sometimes when there is a small change in address you provided and billing address of your card. So not to worry just call them , they will sort it out.


  3. its done automatically... n voice quality was ok! bt anyways thnks for such an useful link.


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