Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving offer: Half hour free call to India

Update: This promotion was only for 22-25th November, now its over. Freevcalls and ideaindiacall extends thanks to all who participated in this offer.

We recently published about ideaindiacall, a new emerging company to provide one of the cheapest call to India. They are still in the beta phase, having offering few free calls in the first phase, they are ready to give half hour free calls for thanks giving. This offer is targeted for India but can be used to call many destinations including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bosnia, Czech, Philippines, USA and Canada.

This is exclusively for freevcalls readers (while registering, you can see in the filed "How did you hear about us?").

<<<Click here to register>>>

You just need to register with valid phone and email, after verificatoin you are ready to call via access numbers and PIN. (for complete procedure, click here)

The readers who tried their service after the first blog, can also try to register and take the benefit. However this offer is valid only to the new users registered between Nov 22 till Nov 25th.

Just like to remind they are offering regular cheap rates to India (4 cents per min). I tried and the call quality was nice. If you like the quality during this trial, you can buy some credits.

If for some reasons, if you are not getting, 30 minutes free, please check the following
  1. Have you checked your spam/junk mail folder?
  2. Have you Verified your account?
  3. Can you Login and see if you have $1.2 (equivalent to 30 mins, 4 cents per min )balance in your account?
  4. Are you dialing the destination number without 00 or 011, means if you want to call Delhi India, dial 9111XXX12345?
Still have the problem, then leave your email, we will make sure that you get 30 minutes to call India

The purpose of this campaign is to promote new subscribers to start using the service. Thus for a person to create several accounts with different phone numbers or different email addresses is against the spirit of this campaign and will be considered as misuse. These accounts will be deleted from without further notice.


  1. I didnt get 30 mins .
    my ID is

  2. hello tellhabeeb
    Which country did you try to call?

    30 mins are for India only, you get equivalent free calls (up to $1.20) to your country


  3. hi vikas,

    I registered my number with valid email and after verification i did not get any access number and pin.

    my email id is



  4. hi vikas,

    I got my 30 free mins, it my mistake i did not check it properly, anyway thanks and I wanted to tell u that u are doing a great work. Iam one or ur regular blog visitor.


  5. did not get 30 minutes ID is

  6. Hi
    You have 30 minutes in your account, check your junkmail folder and verify your email....,

    otherwise your PIN has been already sent to your email.


  7. did not get 30 minutes my ID is

  8. Hi Vikas,

    Thank you so much. really u are doing a great job. we are very thankful to you.

  9. hi
    i didn't get 30 mins
    my mailid is
    thank u

  10. hi vikas,

    thank u so much. i used my 30 mins talk time

    great job

  11. hi vikas,

    I got my 30 free mins, it my mistake i did not check it properly, anyway thanks and I wanted to tell u that u are doing a great work. Iam one or ur regular blog visitor.


  12. Hi Vikas, Pls let he readers know, the promo is over. I will send the new promo soon.
    Pls thank all the users who participated.

  13. Hi vikas,

    Really i was pleasure to visit ur blog.very very useful blog..
    should not stop appreciating you...
    u r doing a g8 help to all the people calling their homecountries.
    God Bless u vikas.
    I have used the 30 min...
    I hope it has expired.
    i tried was not working...

    thank u...

  14. I didnt get my 30 minutes...

    my mail id is

  15. Friends,

    This promotion is over.. Thanks for participating



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