Monday, November 10, 2008

FaxZero: Send a free fax to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

Today we are going to discuss free fax. Now you can also send and receive fax over the Internet. Today we have found a interesting website faxzero , which allows you to send FAX to USA and CANADA , right from your computer. You can send a PDF, Microsoft Word (.DOC) file, or Excel spreadsheet (.XLS). or else you can type the message you want to fax. There are few limitations for free fax ...
  • Ad on the cover page
  • Fax 1 document—maximum 3 pages
  • Maximum 2 free faxes per day

Click here to send a free FAX to your friend

Apart from the free service, they also offer premium fax Just $1.99 per fax (Paypal) (66% saving from India and up to 1000% saving from Europe)
  • No ad on the cover page
  • Fax 1 document—maximum 15 pages
  • Priority delivery
Isn't it interesting, You can give a try and see it this service may help you sometimes. It is not good to send free FAX for official purpose as it has Ad on cover page. But if you want to send official fax from India, for example all certificates for the admission purpose, you can try the premium service, where you will pay just Rs 80-100 for 15 pages, which is much more cheaper than sending fax from a shop which charges 20 Rs per page. Finally saving by 66% for India. This saving is much more in the case of European countries. So if you want to send fax from Europe to USA, this could be a good choice.

Do not forget to tell your friends who are looking for these kinds of services to save some money. If you already know some of these kinds of sites, please let us know.


  1. It's always nice to have free service around but if you will send a fax regularly then I would rather sign up for a service with a fee. Faxing over internet is cheap nowadays.

  2. Yeah faxing over internet is free and cheap nowadays

    Online fax service is the fast solution which really helpful to maintain fax communication.

    But most of free fax service providers ask for so many details. Have you tried the free fax service from it is also free, fast and it does not require any details to send fax any where in United states.

  3. I found a better service that is similar to faxzero. It is called FaxOrama and you can check it out by going to

  4. is another website that lets user send free fax online to the US and Canada. User can either upload a PDF/Word file or enter text to fax. Plus, it does not add Ads to the fax, which makes it more suitable for faxing formal documents.

  5. Very useful! I also use an internet fax service and it's so good! can be accurately described as a very reliable fax service, that you can use without neither a fax machine nor a phone line.


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