Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dhawal makes Unlimited free calls to India, Do you?

Update: They are again back to 6 minutes...., but you call many times with same registrations.

I need not to write more than a personal experience of Dhawal who is a regular reader of freevcalls. He personally shares his experience about our blog and ringplus. I would like to remind you that we published about ringplus four weeks ago, till then they have been continuously offering the free calls, but below are the some extraordinary findings from Dhawal.

Hi Vikas

You are really doing a great job. I started following your blog 3 months back and I can say that you have saved lot of money for me. I have used many free calls from your blog, most of them limited on time or with multiple registration but few days back you published about ringplus which is really great.

The reason for writing you to tell you about the Ringplus, I came to know about this from your blog only but I do not know if many people are using ringplus to make unlimited free call. Initially could talk for only 12 minutes then I have to call again and listen that ads, slowly slowly they reduced this to 6 minuets and I thought that this free call will also dye, but for the last two days I am noticing that I can talk endlessly without any interruption. I talked upto 1 hour 26 minuets to talk to my wife in India without interruption. I tried this 4 times within last two days and I talked to my family for more than three hours. This is the biggest free serviced I know ever and wanted you to update on your blog, so that anybody can talk hours and hours absolutely free. Keep posting latest offers like ringplus.


This mail has been published with the consent of Dhawal. We are really thankful to him for sharing his nice experience with freevcalls. In future we hope the regular cooperation from our readers. We are really happy that our friends are taking advantage of this blog.

To know how to use the ringplus, click here

No ringplus hack or multiple registration required to use this free service.

**UPDATE :: This unlimited calling has worked only for 2 days , Now again they are giving 6min per call**


  1. Thanks Dhawal

    Ring plus rocks.....

  2. i also just subscribed to your log a week back and ever since i am only making free calls to india using different offers provided by your blog...thanks a ton Vikas!!

  3. Hi Vikas,

    you are doing a great community service with providing free voip links, keep it on the good work, my wishes : )

  4. It was working till yesterday... today again I got the same old 6 min call...

  5. 6mins was ok but now they are giving just 4 mins.i hope they dont reduce below this.


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