Friday, November 14, 2008

Free call hack, multiply free trial minutes offered by VoIP providers using voxox number

Recently we published vovox offering free calls to all destinations along with a free US phone number.
Thats great to get a free phone number. Having one extra phone means having lots of free calls by registering to many Voip providers with free test call and if the free test call for each registratio is more than half an hour, then it is worth to register. What do you think?

Here we will talk about rebtel and voxox. Please follow the steps.

Step 1
Register multiple account with voxox (Click here)
Registering each account, you have 120 mins free to USA (17 minutes to India) plus one number.

Step 2
Click here to register for rebtel with the free USA voxox number with rebtel with the latest voucher code "ShanghaiDaily" (without quotes).  Select USA as your country while registration.
I need not to explain how to use the voucher code, if you do not know (click here)

You need not to be in USA to try this hack, I think it works from non rebtel supported countries. While registration, choose USA as your country.

Registering each voxox number with rebtel, you get 40 free minutes to call your country.

This workaround has been tested for USA and working perfectly till rebtel stops it. You can repeat the process as much as you like.

If you have some free time, you can register for other trial services, Here is the list of free trial calls providers, they provide trial call for each registered number.
Enjoy free calling

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  1. none of it is working.. all bullshit..


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