Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Manifone: Half an hour to try before buy (India included) and Competitive rates for African Countries

Update: wef 07 Nov 2008, Italy (Brescia access number) also included.

Today we will discuss about the manifone, a france based VoIP company which allow you to make free trial calls and cheap calls specially to North African and African countries via local access numbers. You can use this service from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Luxemburg, Manifone, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. They have also manifone with (ISD code 005) as a country. The good thing is, you can try their service without registration. IF you find it good, you can register and get 1.00 EUR/USD/STG credit.

Have you tried $5.00 Free call to India??? Hurry! Register Today !!

I do not think, it is the cheapest option to call to India, but they claim that they are generally competitive to all North African and African countries. Being based in France, those countries are big markets for them. Few of the rates are shown below.
Algeria fixed : 0.07
Algeria mobile : 0.14
Senegal fixed : 0.13
Senegal mobile : 0.2
Morocco fixed : 0.12
Morocco mobile : 0.25
for more rates (Click here)

Five minutes Free Manifone Test Call.
(Without regisration)
First of all you can try their service for five minutes without registration. (click on the image)

1.00 EUR/USD/STG credit for freevcalls readers (Upto 25 minutes free to India)
If you register with special (freevcalls link Click here), you will get 1.00 EUR/USD/STG credit in stead of 30 cents for normal users. This credit can be used to call anywhere in the world. For example talk to India for upto 25 minutes.

Few advantages:
1. Call is not billed untill connected to final destination. You do not pay for voice like you pay for mobivox vox girl (Hi Vikas, Connecting your call).
2. One second billing, Unlikely one minute billing offered by most voip companies. When it comes to higher calling rates, one second billing is more importants.

For example, The call rate to Cuba is 60 cents per mins and you called Cuba for 5 minutes and one second. If the billing is per minute, you will be charged 3.60 EUR/USD but if you have one second billing, you will be charged 3.01 USD/EUR (20% saving on the call), This is for example. Most of the African countries are not cheap to call, so per second billing could be good choice for them.

Now you can try manifone and buy the credits specially you want to talk to African countries.


  1. This is ludicrous! Everything is in French. How does anyone expect us to understand a word they say? Disappointing.

  2. okay...found the English page. :)

  3. yar pakistan k liye bhi kuch free rakho bhai

    i need a software i want to phone call free thrugh mobile phone in pakistan to pakistan pleas help me


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