Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tabrio : 5 Dollar free trial international calling including India, Indonesia

Simply register, verify your phone and get $5 international calling credit from Tabrio to call your near and dear one all over the world. Wow :) What an offer.. This can be used from any country and to any country. Like you can make calls from India also.

Thanks to Nirvikar D. to for sharing this offer to us. If you come across any such free call offers, please send me a mail or leave a comment.

What you need to do?
  • Register here (click here)
  • Verify your mail
  • Add and verify your number to get $5
  • You can use this credit to make free calls worldwide or send SMS including India, china, Vietnam, Thailand, etc .
You get 5 USD per verified email and verified phone number registered from different IP and PC.

Register your all phones and get more credits. (You need to register the phone from Different PC or different IP in order to receive the $5 free credit)(click here for details)

If you have only one Phone number or registered your both phones, you can can register and verify the same phone with one trick, you can call this as Tabrio Hack, (click here for details)

There rates are not cheap but the quality is good and latency is low.

Tabrio offers:
Tabrio Desktop (Softphone for Mac OS X and Windows OS)
Tabrio Web Online (Web initiated calling)
Tabrio Outlook Sync
Tabrio Mobile (Text call back service)
Tabrio Mobile Web (Wap, mobileweb initiated calling)

Tabrio : Say it your way and Enjoy free calling


  1. it works and good quality.. thanks

  2. The service worked. It was easy to setup, but the call quality was not up to the expectation. but it was ok.I had 2 small break in my 5 min call. but u get free calls for hours if u follow the trick

  3. hi vinu Trick is not working for me can you tell me what you did...
    send me at

  4. Hi friends,
    Tabrio seems to keep the security at first priority. Since the broaband service provider provides dynamic IP, so you do not get the $5 free trial call.

  5. tabrio sucks! i registered our two cell phones on Thursday using two separate email addresses i had never used with tabrio before. it told me it will send me an email. i have received no email in either account!

  6. it really doesnot work. I registered and tried a call, but it says not enough credit for the call.

  7. There is no free lunch....

  8. Hi Vikas,

    Pls tell me is Tabrio still offering this promotion? i tried but no luck :(


  9. It is only offering 10 minutes of long distance or 5 texts free.



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