Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rebtel plans to offer free calls on this diwali 2008

Rebtel is incredibly getting name and fame and continuously updating them selves with the international festivals like Ramadan, Deepawali etc. Recently they are running the free call program on this ramadan.

As freevcalls has attracted many users to Rebtel, they are happy to offer free calls, either in the form of money or in the form of free talk time, to the paid users. This time it wouldn't be absolutely free.

If you purchase at least 10 USD, Rebtel is planning to offer 10 USD or more to make free calls on this Diwali.

If you do not belong to India, still you can use this offer and call your country during this offer period.

If you are already a user, then do not worry. This offer would be for all users, new as well as existing users.

Do not purchase now, just wait for my next blog(s)

Keep visiting this blog for update and to get the rebtel voucher code to avail this offer.

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