Monday, September 29, 2008

MTNL pigeonvoip, say hello to 100 countries @ Re ONE/min from Mumbai and Delhi

Almost one year ago, we discussed about, ISD Calls from India from MTNL, Now MTNL with Aksh Optifibre limited has started one service, pegionvoip, If you already have a MTNL braodband connection you can apply for one or multiple pigeon phone connections.

Here are the details
  • One time Installation Charges Rs.100/- which is charged with the first MTNL bill.
  • Monthly Rental Rs.200/- charged in MTNL bill.
  • Free ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) worth Rs.1500 with the connection.
  • Call 100 countries at a rate as low as Re.1/- [Show List of Countries]
  • High Quality Voice Calls- With the base of MTNL having the largest and best last mile connectivity in Delhi and Mumbai, Pigeon provides HIGH Quality Voice Call domestically and internationally.
  • No Bandwidth Charges – Pigeon VoIP does not charge the bandwidth involved in calling. Other VoIP providers charge the bandwidth. With other providers, a customer is charged twice for one service – the calling tariff and the bandwidth tariff through out the call.
  • No Booking Charges – For booking Pigeon VoIP there are no intial booking charges. A customer needs to pay Registration of Rs.100/- (one time) once the service has started and this amount gets reflected in the first MTNL bill.
  • Free Calling of 400 mins – Pigeon to Pigeon calling is free for 400 minutes every month. This facility is exclusively with Pigeon VoIP only.
  • Many Pigeon VoIP on one MTNL Line – A consumer or a corporate house can acquire more than 20 VoIP connections on one MTNL line.
  • Free Pigeon VoIP ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) worth Rs.1500 - Pigeon VoIP provides ATA free of charge with the booking and installation.
  • Free 3 way conferencing- Pigeon VoIP allows Free 3 way conferencing which enables three individuals, divisions of any corporate, enterprise to converse at low rate.
  • Free Fax service- With Pigeon VoIP if the ATA is connected to the fax, a free fax service can be availed.
  • Free Caller’s ID – Pigeon VoIP does activate caller’s id without any charges.
  • To know more (click here for Delhi) (click here for Mumbai)
The thing I like about pigeonvoip.
you can take Pigeon wherever you travel. To use elsewhere apart from Delhi and Mumbai you need to have a broadband connection and a telephone instrument. Call the support center for further details. So you can have two connections and talk for 800 mins only for 400 Rs. You can place one adaptor in India and one adaptor anywhere in the world.

This could be also made free by purchasing two SIP devices and Puting one in India and one with you. There are many companies which provide free calls among the same SIP subscribers.

The thing I Do not like about pigeonvoip.
No DID number, means you can receive phone calls from any Mobile or landline, you can only receive calls from other pegion subscribers. Moreover Its not free as provided by many companies.

For an India its good offer but not the best, if you have internet at your home you can use betamax services or any other voip service, the call will be either free or you will pay only 40-50 paise per min. There are plenty of services available.

Now you can decide, which one is good.

In future they are planning to start this service for Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, chennai etc and also start providing VoIP Incoming numbers.

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