Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jaduka Labs, Free calls to North America with interesting VoIP applications

Jaduka offers innovative internet technologies that can be useful for you in your if you like the internet technology.

These are the list of interesting services offered by Jaduka, I hope you would like to try.

  • Jaduka Earthcaller (free PC 2 Phone calling in North America, make calls in North America, absolutely free)
  • Dukalink creates personal HTML hyperlinks that you can post on Craig's List, Facebook, your blog or emails
  • Dukadial Free Phone to phone calls in North Americs but web initiated
  • DukaBUZZ enables site visitors to leave audio messages and testimonials that can be shared with others. Instead of typing and posting written comments, site visitors record audio comments using the dukaBUZZ widget and their standard phone (no software downloads or headsets required)
  • Dukabar No more forgetting or misdialing phone numbers. dukaBAR provides automated one-click dialing from any Web page.
  • Jaduka TV
  • Jaduka My Private line anybody can call you calling a tollfree access number(60 mins to try)
  • Jaduka Click and connect. Connects the call over Internet, it could be used for business or personal purpose. (free 60 mins to try)

You can Visit Jaduka's interactive showcase of useful applications and widgets demonstrating the power and clarity of Jaduka's voice communication technology.

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