Friday, September 26, 2008

Onetouchindia offers 30 minutes free calls to India from USA or 60 free minutes to India and Pakistan with credit card.

It seems that now we will not have to pay for the international phone calls, now every day one new company is coming into VoIP market with free trial call offers, On the right column of this blog you can find in total of 3-4 hours of free calls.

Recently tabrio is offering 5 USD free, now onetouchindia is offering 30 or 60 minutes free calls to India and pakistan.

If you are ready to share your credit card information with them you will get 60 minutes free for both Pakistan and India. (sharing credit card information is safe on this site)

If you do not want to share you credit card information, then you will get 30 minutes free to India (1.77 USD calculated @ 5.9¢/min )

Click here to register and follow the instructions.

There are two separate links for 30 mins (click here) and 60 mins (click here), You can decide which one suits you.

30 Minutes offer is only for today!!!!! so hurry up and register your phone

Toll Free Access Numbers

Its not easy to find your PIN,
After you login , click on Account Manager >> Pinless Dialing >> view PIN
You will see your 10 digit PIN,

Now you can dial the access number and call India for 30 mins free...

Onetouchindia Hack: Register multiple accounts, You can also register the phone number that you do not have and go for dialing with PIN, there is no phone verification...


  1. Call quality was very good. free 30 min GREAT!

  2. You say: Register multiple accounts, You can also register the phone number that you do not have and go for dialing with PIN, there is no phone verification...

    But don't we have to give our credit card number each time?

  3. There are two links, for 60 mins free, you need to give the credit card details, but if you try for 30 mins free, then you do no have to give the credit card details and you get 30 mins free without phone verification

    You can try it now..and leave your comment

  4. It seems they have removed the functionality to view the PIN

  5. Hi Dear Freinds

    Now the option of view pin is removed by site admin so can anyone has hack to make free call ?


  6. Hi Raju,

    Great!!! you also found that - You could potentially make a free call - if you know of any registered phone number. And these OnetouchIndia guys are not even known of this. I escalated to the cust care - but they were all non-technical. They dont know anything. All the people on Cust care are tele marketers.
    Last but not the least is - You can loose big money if you are registered with OTI. Any body can make a call using your mobile number. Beware of this OTI


  7. These guys are terrible. I used them long time ago and now they keep calling me with automated promotional calls on all my registered phones (including cell phones). I have called them, and sent them emails, numerous times, to remove my numbers from their calling list. Once you register a number for service, it can not be removed.

  8. Horrable..........Never go for it.....
    I have used them 2 years ago and they are still calling me at midnight 12:00 Am USA time for automated promotional offers........Its disgusting...they won't let you live once you join them

  9. Horrable service
    dont try it otherwise for lifetime you will get harrased by their promotional calls at midnight..they will keep hammering once you get registered with them.... I have used Airtell, stanacard and many other India calling services but ONETOUCHINDIA is the WORST AND BITTER EXPIERENCE..not only for me but in my group all 11-12 friend has same problem with disappointed....They should feel Shame on them by calling people at midnight for advertise!!!!

  10. NEver go for it eventhough they give you 60 mint free...once you will get registered they will keep calling you any time even 1 am ,11 pm,12 am midnight for their promotion and it will disturb your life at all..... Once they get your no there is no way you can stop them calling you specially midnight.they are so rude in answering...If you care for your friends/family please forward them email not to buy any service from one touch india....

  11. One Touch India Calling- A Ripoff

    Recently I register with One Touch to have an international unlimited calling plan. I want to say they are really a ripoff company, to loot your money.They advertised, unlimited calling to India and other 90 destinations around the world for $19.99.They also offered 9 phones line to register for pinless dialing.But when I bought the deal ,nothing is there as they promised.they only register one single line for pinless dialing.only 2500 minutes in total to India / month.No Unlimited.In fine lines they classified countries under different group and give limited minutes.Its cheating and a complete Rip off.Friends Please don't get ripped off with


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