Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheap VoIP calls from UAE or VoIP blocked countries

If pc to phone blocked in your country so its 100% sure that long distance calling is too expensive and if you are looking for a solution to unblock it, then here is the solution.

Vbuzzer Messenger is the ultimate solution you are looking for...

It works in any country, even in places where VoIP is blocked like UAE or middle east. Vbuzzer has developed one software that combines VoIP, Internet Fax, Multi-Protocol IM and can not be blocked by service provider.

Apart from their unique technology, they also offer competitive rates.

How to sign up a new account?

1. Click here to Download Vbuzzer Messenger or Phone dialer
2. Register an account (Launch Vbuzzer. On the login window, click "Get a new account". Fill out this signup form, tick the "I have read and agreed to terms of service." then click Signup. after signup you need to verify your account. )
3. Buy credit by clicking the secured credit butto using paypal

Most of our friends from voip blocked countries like UAE are looking for the options to make cheap calls can try this. I am sure that you would like this service and save 80% on your call rates.

Please leave your comment if you have any problem.

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  1. hello sir iam living in dubai.we are having cheaper than this,bt we are expecting for free calls to india.pls can u help us.


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