Friday, September 5, 2008

Yahoo stops: give away 100 free minutes of Yahoo Voice service to 5 friends

After launch of Yahoo voice with three consecutive promotions of free calls on holi and diwali, yahoo voice became very famous among Indian NRIs.

If you were a paid customer of Yahoo voice, you were allowed to give away 100 free minutes ($1) 5 of your friends. You could had seen this promotion after Log in to Yahoo voice.

If you still have some friends remainig to give away 100 minutes, Now you can not to this, because from 30th april 2008, Yahoovoice stopped this promotion without informing their users.

I personally talked to yahoovoice, they told me that they are sorry for it, but they closed this promotion and can not help.

If you are looking for:
How to send yahoo minutes?
How to give away 100 free minutes to friends?
Where is the option to send $1 free with voucher code?

then do not waste your time, this promotion is totally stopped. Please read other posts of this blog to make cheap and free calls.

If, please leave your comment here if you are looking for something particularly. I would be very happy to answer.

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