Friday, December 26, 2008

GOT your Gift !!

Dear Readers

First of all , We want to thank you all for subscribing for FreeVcalls. We have always tried to do something different for our readers and to benefit them in every possible way. We have launched Free calling card give-away offer on this Christmas and New year to make your holidays more cheerful. We know this is the time when you want this most.

Congratulations for winning the calling card.


Procedure for Registering for this Free Card ::

STEP 1 :: Click here to go to Pingo (The Last Calling card you ever need)
STEP 2 :: Enter Trial Coupon Code, your valid email id and telephone number with other details.
STEP 3:: You will receive an Email for verification and activation of your account. After this you are ready to go.

You can continue your Pingo Account Later when your balance got finished by recharging it.

Without you ,It is not possible to offer free calls to our readers. It’s the support and visits of you, which tempt VoIP companies to offer free calls. More readers, more free call offers. So, Keep Visiting FreeVcalls.

Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

For people who have not got their card , But they think they are eligible for the same.I request you to please send email to


** This promotion is finished, I have send new working cards to most of the people who have participated in contest. Those who have not received there new card , they will get it by this month... **

Monday, December 22, 2008

Free 350$ Pingo Calling card Give-away

** This promotion is finished, I have send new working cards to most of the people who have participated in contest. Those who have not received there new card , they will get it by this month... **

Merry Christmas

Dear visitors, As promised we have once again come with a gift for you in festive season. The simplest offer you have ever seen. No lucky draw. No hard luck

Procedure is very simple----

Method 1

Subscribe to Freevcalls blog ( 5$ calling Card )

Method 2

Discuss about Freevcalls and its advantages in any of well known forum.. Just send us the link with your details.
(First 10 entries will get 10$ card)

Method 3

Send us a new tricks and methods for free calls or cheap calls, we will validate it and post on Freevcalls with your name. ( First five entries will get 10$ card)


When you have done with any of these

:: Send a mail on with your details( name and date of registration)
:: Leave a comment with same information.
:: You will recieve your calling card before 28 Dec in your mailbox


Friday, December 19, 2008

Airtel CallHome – Temporary unavailability of services

** Service is Restored Now **

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Dear Readers, Please be informed that Airtel Call home has some technical problem due to which they are unable to provide services. As of now, they have sent one mail to every customer to inform this situation. Please be patient... It will be working soon,

Mail from Airtel Call Home
Dear Customer,
We hope that your journey with Airtel CallHome has been smooth and satisfactory so far. We will continue to pursue the path to delight our esteemed customers.
Recently we are faced with an unfortunate situation. Our undersea cable which delivers superior quality of voice services to you has been cut. Hence, our calling services will be temporarily unavailable.
However, all our engineers are working on the same and very soon the Airtel CallHome services will be up and running.
We deeply regret the inconvenience caused and request you to kindly bear with us.
Warm Regards
Team Airtel CallHome

Till Then Enjoy Freecalling with Freevcalls…… Subscribe for Regular updates

** Service is Restored Now **

0.5$ free Trial credit ::

Dear Reader... Visit regularly Freevcalls is going to announce Free calling cards offer soon to make your Holidays more cheerful. Don`t Miss it....

Well daily new VOIP players comes in to market and give us a chance to try their service for free.Today we will discuss about They are giving a tiny .5$ credit for new subscribers. Very easy to subscribe..

Click here to goto
Enter TRIAL in coupon code.
Enter your name and phone number
Onthe next page you will get two options , gofor free trial account and enter your correct email address
Thats it..

You will recieve email in seconds containing all your information

Dial the toll free access number

Toll free number: (800) 891 - 7720

At the prompt dial your destination number

For calls to USA, Canada and the Caribbean, dial:
1 + Area Code + Number
For international calls, dial:
011+ Country Code + Number

This trail amount is very less, but its free no need to enter any your real information except phone number and mailid. so Enjoy.....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Skype :: Windows Mobile Version Officially Released

No Doubt Skype is most used VOIP application across the world.Good News for people having Windows mobile or Smartphone.Now you can use Skype services on your Windows Mobile phone( Wifi or Data connection Required ). This new release Skype 2.5 Beta is very stable and gives you so many features which you have in your PC application.

* Free Skype-to-Skype calls.
* Free instant messaging.
* Call phones and mobiles with Skype Credit or a subscription.

System requirements

-Compatible device with either Windows Mobile Professional/Windows Mobile Standard.
-You need a minimum 12MB of free storage memory on your device to install Skype or 6MB free if you are installing from a memory card.
-Please note that data usage costs apply for using Skype over 3G mobile networks (EDGE, EV-DO and UMTS), so we recommend an unlimited data plan.
-WiFi connection or 3G/2G data connection (we cannot guarantee voice quality over 3G/2G. You may also be liable to additional data charges so please check with your operator before using)
-Use a headset for the best sound quality on calls.

You can download the application from this link

Want to Register Skype ... Click Here


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Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheapest Calls to India (1.9 cents/min) :: MediaringTalk

MediaringTalk is Pc to Phone based service.. They are providing very cheap call rates to lots of destinations. For India( both mobile and landline )Call rate is 1.9 US cents/Min only. . Well as this is PC to phone based service you need to download there application which is available free of cost...

They offer free calls to following 8 global destinations.

* Fixed & Mobile: US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong

* Fixed only: United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia


2c/min to more than 35 countries including France, Germany,Spain, Belgium,Greece,New Zealand,Italy, Austria, Russia,Denmark, Norway,Poland, Hungary,Malaysia, Souh Korea, Argentina, Chile, Isreal,Ireland, Mexico

To sign up with MediaringTalk Click here

Please note these points :

** You can buy credits only in 10$ denomination.
** Credit have expiry of 6 months.
** There is no other charge associated with service(no hidden or connection fee).
** You can also enjoy Free PC to PC calling within MediaringTalk Users
** As this is PC to phone based service, make sure you have a good internet connection


Google introduce 2- way SMS in Gmail

Hello Readers.. Google has introduced one more new feature in GMAIL. Now you can Send SMS messages to any US cellphone no. Just click on Settings, and go to the Labs tab. Scroll down until you see "Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat" and select Enable and Save Changes.

Well this service you can use only in Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, and Google Chrome. You won't see a 'Labs' tab in your Settings if you're not using the newer version of Gmail on the browsers listed above. Please note that if you're using Internet Explorer 6.0, you will not have Gmail Labs.

This service will work only United States numbers right now, but you can send texts to your friends with US phone numbers from anywhere in the world. You can start by just typing a phone number into the search box in the chat window on the left, then select "Send SMS." You can also select the contact you want to SMS first and then add their phone number.Your friend can reply to this text on your phone just like you'd reply to any other text. The reply gets routed back to our Gmail servers and shows up in your friend's Gmail chat window.

To stop spammers ===
If you are getting a message from somebody you don't want, just reply with the word BLOCK. If you don't want to get texts from anybody using Gmail, reply with the word STOP


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free Calls to 38 countries ::

There are lot of ad-based Voip providers in market.We will discuss about today.With tuitalk, you can make free international phone calls from anywhere in the world to over 38 countries and even mobile phones in the United States and Canada. Your calls are free of charge because they are sponsored by the advertiser.Before your call connects, you will watch a short video ad.The person you are calling doesn't need to be on a computer, you can call their landline or mobile phone directly(mobile calls limited to US and canada).

Every day! You will have a set amount of time allocated to you per day(appx 10 min). If you use up your minutes for one day, you can call again the next day when your daily allowance starts again. Note: Be sure to fill out your extended profile so that you get the most minutes and the highest daily allowance.

You don`t need to enter any credit card or bank details. Just simply signup and download the softphone from their website....Thats all.

To sign up for Tuitalk , Click here

Enjoy Calling...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ideaindiacall promotion for christmas holiday

We already discussed about IDEAIndiaCall, it is a new emerging telecom company to provide one of the cheapest long distance calls to India and rest of the world, from Canada and USA.

For the holiday season, they have multiple promotions:
Promotion One :
Upto 10 min free calls to India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong (Exclusive to our readers)
Just register at ideaindiacall (click here) (no purchase or credit card verification is necessary), and get upto 10 mins free calls
to India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong. This offer is only for new members.

Promotion Two : 50% extra
Example, normal call rate to India is 0.06 cents. With this exclusive promotion, buy $5 talk time and receive additional $2 talk time free. Buy $10 talk time and receive additional $4 talk time free. Buy $20 talk time and receive addional $10 talk time free (effective call rate
to India - 0.04 cents).

Promotion Three : Refer friends and earn bonus minutes
Each referred friend gets upto 10 mins free call.
If refered friend makes a purchase of $5, he will get $5 + $2 additional talk time and we will credit your account with $2.
If refered friend makes a purchase of $10, he will get $10 + $4 additional talk time and we will credit your account with $5.
If refered friend makes a purchase of $20, he will get $20 + $10 additional talk time and we will credit your account with $10.
Example :
Buy $10 card, you will get ($10 + $4 bonus) 233 minutes to India (0.043 cents), your friend buys $10 card, he gets 233 minutes to India (0.043 cents) and you will get 233+166 minutes ( 0.025 cents to India)

Conditions :
1. This offer is valid till Dec. 20th (sign-ups must be done before Dec. 20th)
2. Bonus minutes must be used before Dec 31st.
3. Refered friend must use Promotion Code sent to you, while signing in.
4. To refer a friend you need to log in to your account and click on 'referral' tab.
This offer is targeted for India but can be used to call many destinations including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bosnia, Czech, Philippines, China, Brazil, Europe, UK, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Saudi Arabia, USA and Canada.
The purpose of this campaign is to promote new subscribers to start using the service. Thus for a person to create several accounts with
different phone numbers or different email addresses is against the spirit of this campaign and will be considered as misuse. These accounts will be deleted from without further notice.

Friday, December 5, 2008

20 Min Free Call to India and world ::

Hello Readers. Once again we have come up with new free calling offer. combined with the i2Telecom services network, provides quality VOIP Calling on Mobiles as well as ordinary phones. They have competitive rates for international destination.For India rates starts from 4.9cents/min.You can use their services from blackberry,Windows mobile PDA and other mobiles through mobile application also.Few good features are -

** Mobile Application available for almost all types of mobiles like--
iPhone,Blackberry,G phone,Windows PDA,Java based

** Regular access by Local access numbers
** Web initiated calling
** Superior call quality
** Pinless dialing
** No connection fees, contracts or minimums

For every new signup They are giving 20 FREE INTERNATIONAL MINUTES without any card information or payment. So to signup click here.. and select 20 min free plan

Just enter your phone number ( if you have landline number choose dont know on first page).Enter your mobile no and other information through different steps.You will receive mail form MyGlobalTalk with your account information.

Well you can get even more free time if you make a purchase. with 5$, 40 min and with 10 $ , 60 min.

Enjoy ...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Want Fun :: Try Spoofing (Make Free calls within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico)

Phone Spoofing is becoming very popular these days. We have sound a website which provides free phone spoofing without any signup. Well for our readers , we want to share that phone spoofing is a method by which u can change your Caller Id number which is going to display in your friend`s mobile.

** Click here to goto
** Enter your real number in your number Field
** Enter your friends number
** Enter a ten digit number which you want to display on your friend`s mobile

This service is for fun, but we can also utilize it. Many phones doesn`t have long distance services activated. We can use this service for making long distance calls(make calls within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico) from your local phone.

*** Please don`t misuse this service ***


Monday, December 1, 2008

Make VOIP Calls from Your iPhone

3G has bring a new revolution in mobile market. With high speed internet capabilities, VOIP is searching a new platform in mobiles. After the launch of revolutionary Apple iPhone 3G , VOIP providers started efforts to bring their service on iPhone.While the iPhone has not officially supported VoIP service, Apple isn’t saying it’s not allowed either.

So we have collected some of the applications which provide a good quality calling on your very own iPhone

Fring - Fring is on the top.You can it is a leader in mobile VOIP application.Fring gives you the ability to instant message your contacts on AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Skype, Twitter and Yahoo via EDGE, GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you are on an iPhone, you can also use it to connect with Skype, Skype Out and other SIP services. Please wait for our upcoming posts where we will cover fring and its services in detail.( Download from Apple store)

Truphone(1$ free credit) - Voted the best VoIP application by The Times, the New York Times, and Stuff magazine, Truphone is a free application that gives you $1 credit to get started with. Works via Wi-Fi wherever you happen to be and supports international calling. This application is also available in Apple store.

PennyTel - Well we have already discussed about Pennytel and its use on PC.The same facility you can use with their iPhone application.PennyTel allows you to call other users of the service over Wi-Fi for free, or you can add credits to your account and you can call any number you want.(Goto and follow link to Apple store)

iCall - We have already discussed iCall for use from PC.Now they have not officially launched iphone Application.This app will allow you to switch an already in progress call over to Wi-Fi.(this works with Wifi only)<<<---- Coming soon in Apple store

Papaya - Papaya is a combination of several features in one application. It’s part social network with chat rooms and games, an instant messenger, backs up your contacts and can act as a VoIP system.They provide cheap calls and SMS facility in there application.(Please go to "App Store" on your iPhone and search for "Papaya Game Edition". You will be able to download Papaya from there.)

WalkieTalkie VoIP - WalkieTalkie VoIP allows people to talk between PCs, Macs and iPhones without using a centralized server. We have not used this application. This application is also available in Apple store.

Make full use of your iPhone today.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ciaocellular offers $5 free calls globally (up to Two hours to India)

Thanks to Madhu for sharing about Ciaocellular with us.

Ciaocellular is providing free trial call up to 300 minutes ($5.00) globally, this is 100 minutes to landline and 125 minutes to cell phones in India.

<<Click here to visit Ciaocellular>>

Start your free trial,

They provide up to $5.00 of calls using Ciao Cellular. Simply create an account by entering your email address and password. From there, you will be able to register up to 5 phone numbers that you will be using to make your international calls. These can be cell, home, or work phone numbers. It's that easy to get started! Your account will be active and you can start making calls as soon as you receive a confirmation email from us. There are no PINs to enter because you've already registered the phone numbers you will be calling from. Just dial one of our access numbers, wait for the prompt, then enter your destination number. Signing up couldn't be simpler.

The need your Credit Card Information to verify your account and to avoid fake registrations. Your credit card will not be charged for your Free Trial and its the website usage https protocol for the registrations, so its safe,

More later........

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wadja :: Send free SMS to World

We are really sad about what is happening in Mumbai today, The culprit should be caught immediately.. We share our deepest condolences.

Wadja is a social networking website, like orkut and facebook. Wadja has taken one step beyond any social networking website by providing FREE SMS across the world.

There are are several other reasons behind success of Wadja like....

• Web messages, emails and free SMS
• Deliver messages to any mobile phone
• Keep in touch with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail friends
• Upload photos and videos
• Embed favorite YouTube Flickr and Metacafe media
• Edit and crop photos
• Email and send media to friends

And the best part is you will get Message delivery report in your wadja mail box....

Click here to goto Wadja

OR if you want to access from mobile visit

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dhawal makes Unlimited free calls to India, Do you?

Update: They are again back to 6 minutes...., but you call many times with same registrations.

I need not to write more than a personal experience of Dhawal who is a regular reader of freevcalls. He personally shares his experience about our blog and ringplus. I would like to remind you that we published about ringplus four weeks ago, till then they have been continuously offering the free calls, but below are the some extraordinary findings from Dhawal.

Hi Vikas

You are really doing a great job. I started following your blog 3 months back and I can say that you have saved lot of money for me. I have used many free calls from your blog, most of them limited on time or with multiple registration but few days back you published about ringplus which is really great.

The reason for writing you to tell you about the Ringplus, I came to know about this from your blog only but I do not know if many people are using ringplus to make unlimited free call. Initially could talk for only 12 minutes then I have to call again and listen that ads, slowly slowly they reduced this to 6 minuets and I thought that this free call will also dye, but for the last two days I am noticing that I can talk endlessly without any interruption. I talked upto 1 hour 26 minuets to talk to my wife in India without interruption. I tried this 4 times within last two days and I talked to my family for more than three hours. This is the biggest free serviced I know ever and wanted you to update on your blog, so that anybody can talk hours and hours absolutely free. Keep posting latest offers like ringplus.


This mail has been published with the consent of Dhawal. We are really thankful to him for sharing his nice experience with freevcalls. In future we hope the regular cooperation from our readers. We are really happy that our friends are taking advantage of this blog.

To know how to use the ringplus, click here

No ringplus hack or multiple registration required to use this free service.

**UPDATE :: This unlimited calling has worked only for 2 days , Now again they are giving 6min per call**

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nymgo: Cheapest calls to India and Asia (limited destinations) with monthly subscription

Update: Montly subscription is descontiued by nygmo, but now you can use their new Pay as you go rate to India, which is 1.3 cents for India mobile (click here for details)

India is the most popular destination for VoIP calls. All the new voip companies think India first and then something else. Today we will talk about a new voip provider Nymgo "Take your Time", which belongs Splendor Telecom LTD. It comes with an impressive Monthly Subscription plan if you spend more than 1700 minutes (almost 28 hours) over the phone, then this could be a good option for you.

Click here to go to Nymgo web site

The Good:

nymgo provides 1750 minutes with $20 monthly subscription under Asia and Australia plan. This plan includes selected destinations of seven Asian countries including India.

The Bad:
All Indian numbers are not included in this plan, only the following destinations are allowed which has less termination cost. Almost all the VoIP calls to India are routed through these location.
India (Ahmedabad) 9179
India (Bangalore) 9180
India (Calcutta) 9133
India (Chennai) 9144
India (Hydrabad) 9140
India (Mobile) 9198,9197,9196,9191,9190
India (Mobile) 9199
India (Mobile) 9193
India (Mobile) 9192
India (Mumbai) 9122
India (New Delhi) 9111
India (Pune) 9120

You can see that BSNL mobile is not included in the list. For BSNL mobile and other destinations their pay as you go rates very from 4.9 cents to 6.4 cents for India (Rajasthan, Bihar etc.)

We have not checked this service before publishing this article, so not sure about the call quality but you can claim your refund if you are not satisfied with their service.

Is it worth for you to try?? then go for it...., You need ot download and install Nymgo Messenger to make the phone call, You can recharge your account through online purchase of subscription plans or Nymgo Messenger credit or, through buying Nymgo prepaid calling cards available in most markets. To check for the nearest reseller of Nymgo prepaid calling cards.

We would like to remind that you can make free calls, just go through the previous posts of this blogs.

Dialsimple :: 15 min free calls from USA to anywhere in the world including India (New UPDATE)

Dialsimple is a well known service. They have phone mapping technology to Call abroad conveniently.Thanks to our active reader Nitin who has provided one gift code which will give you 15 min free trial calling while signup( without code it is 10 min).

To register click here and click on sign up button , Enter the coupon SNV121 and complete the registration process.If you have any problem in using this service please refer to our previous DialSimple post.

We want to remind our readers about Latest Promotions ::

Thanksgiving offer: Half hour free call to India

Rebtel: Get 50% off on calls to 23 countries for 30 days (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh included)

New pingo coupon code "freevcalls91" to double your credit (1.37 cents to India )

Enjoy Free calling.....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving offer: Half hour free call to India

Update: This promotion was only for 22-25th November, now its over. Freevcalls and ideaindiacall extends thanks to all who participated in this offer.

We recently published about ideaindiacall, a new emerging company to provide one of the cheapest call to India. They are still in the beta phase, having offering few free calls in the first phase, they are ready to give half hour free calls for thanks giving. This offer is targeted for India but can be used to call many destinations including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bosnia, Czech, Philippines, USA and Canada.

This is exclusively for freevcalls readers (while registering, you can see in the filed "How did you hear about us?").

<<<Click here to register>>>

You just need to register with valid phone and email, after verificatoin you are ready to call via access numbers and PIN. (for complete procedure, click here)

The readers who tried their service after the first blog, can also try to register and take the benefit. However this offer is valid only to the new users registered between Nov 22 till Nov 25th.

Just like to remind they are offering regular cheap rates to India (4 cents per min). I tried and the call quality was nice. If you like the quality during this trial, you can buy some credits.

If for some reasons, if you are not getting, 30 minutes free, please check the following
  1. Have you checked your spam/junk mail folder?
  2. Have you Verified your account?
  3. Can you Login and see if you have $1.2 (equivalent to 30 mins, 4 cents per min )balance in your account?
  4. Are you dialing the destination number without 00 or 011, means if you want to call Delhi India, dial 9111XXX12345?
Still have the problem, then leave your email, we will make sure that you get 30 minutes to call India

The purpose of this campaign is to promote new subscribers to start using the service. Thus for a person to create several accounts with different phone numbers or different email addresses is against the spirit of this campaign and will be considered as misuse. These accounts will be deleted from without further notice.

Friday, November 21, 2008 :: Send Free SMS to India From PC or Mobile

We always try to cut down mobile bills of our readers. We have found a very reliable way of sending free SMS to India. You can send message from their website or you can directly log in to their WAP portal from your data enabled mobile. This service is totally free. You just need to register an Indian Mobile number. Well registration process requires entering confirmation code which will come to your mobile. So if you are living outside India you need to ask any of your friend in India to register for you. Their service quality is very good. You can be very sure of your message delivery.

** To register with Way2SMS Click Here
** Enter valid Email ID and Mobile No
** A SMS containing the confirmation code will come to your mobile. You need to enter the code and now you are ready to send free SMS.

This service is tested and works pretty well.

Just remind our readers about current promotions

New pingo coupon code (1.37 cents to India )

Rebtel: Get 50% off on calls to 23 countries for 30 days

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rebtel: Get 50% off on calls to 23 countries for 30 days (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh included)

Rebtel double money promotion is over, Now rebtel is offering lower rates by giving 50% discount to 23 countries during the first 30 days after signing up. So effective rate to India is 2.8 cents per minute.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New pingo coupon code "freevcalls91" to double your credit (1.37 cents to India )

Finaly pingo reduces the calling rate to India to 5.5 cents per minute, freevcalls was the first to bring this to users (click here ). Now we worked with pingo to bring you the best offer to call India 1/4th of the normal rate, that is 1.37 cents per minute.

This offer applied for all countries, you get you calling rate by 1/4th.

You might be knowing that pingo is already offering some discount calls on the selected days in the coming month. They are giving 50% off on all calls to all destinations made during December Wednesdays (10th,17th, 24th Christmas night, 31th New year) January Sundays (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th) and 1st week of February 2009 (Feb 1st till Feb 7th, Throughout the entire week) if you sing up now (30 Nov 2008).

<<<Click here to register and get $10 off on the purchase of $20>>>

Select payment of $20, and your credit card will be charged $10 only and you will get $20.

This video could help you out.

Update: Pingo confirmed that the sign up process will work to take $10 off a min. $20 sign up. As long as you're a new customer to Pingo. If in the rare case there is an issue, Pingo's customer service is aware of this promotion and can assure you that you will get your $10 credit.

If you are looking for cheap calls to Cuba, you can try this offer, the effective rate would be around 20 cents, which you will never find.

Want to talk 3000 minutes to INDIA in one month for just 2.8 cents per minute, click here

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

IDEAINDIACall: Free calls to try and cheap calls to India from Canada and USA

Update: Try their Half hour free calls offer, exclusively for you because you are freevcalls reader.

IDEAINDIACall is offering 10 mins free calls from Canada and USA to India, Pakistan, Bangaladesh or Europe. This offer is for the registered users only. Regularly they offer five minutes but they promise us to give 10 mins for each new registration.

User needs to register with valid phone # (where the calls will be made from) and a valid email address, The confirmation email will be sent with the access number in USA or Canada to dial and PIN.

To get the free call offer
  • Sign-up (click here)
  • Check and verify your mail for PIN and access number
  • Now dial the access number
  • Dial the PIN when asked
  • Dial the destination number without 00 or 011, means if you want to call Delhi India, dial 9111XXX12345.
We tried calling from USA to INDIA via the Candian access number, the call quality was nice.

Access Numbers:
16472585431(Toronto, Canada)
12016800886(Jersey City,USA)
19703730822(Greeley, USA)
12064247196(Seattle, USA)

They offer cheap calling rate to India, 4 cents per minute and the best thing, they offer minimum $1 purchase via paypal to call for 20 minutes. If you like you can buy more credits, you can purchase.

IDEAINDIACall is Canada based company and is not related to IDEA cellular INDIA.

Text4Calls: calling by sending a text message from your cell phone

Text4Calls is the new betamax service offering lowest international tariffs to many destinations. You just need to send one text message and your call is connected, no data plan, no internet is required. Right now this service is only operational from UK, may be in future they will include more countries.

We have not tested this service. So you have to try and leave a comment.

How to call?
  • Click here to register for text4calls
  • Add credit to your account by regestering your number.
  • Send a Text Message to +44 7624 802 808 with the complete international number.
  • Once the Text Message is received, You will be called first and willautomatically connected you to the international telephone number.
Make sure you enter the phone number in the international format, for example text +919X29123456.

Please note that you will be charged for both the calls. For example, If you want to call your family in India (+919X29123456) from your UK mobile (+447812X12345), you will be charged around 10.0 cents per minute.

As similar to other betamax services, Text4Calls softphone is not available for the download.

They are offering the cheapest rates to India mobile and Pakistan landlines along with the following destinations.
Antigua and Barbuda, Ascension Islands, Barbados, Belize, Benin, British Indian Ocean Territory, Comoros, Comoros, Cook Islands, Djibouti, Dominica, Eritrea, Eritrea, French Guiana, French, Polynesia, Gabon, Gambia, Gibraltar, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, India (Mobile), Madagascar, Mali, Montenegro, Nauru, Niue, Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island, Pakistan, Rwanda, San Marino, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Somalia, St Helena, St Lucia, St Pierre and Miquelon, Swaziland, Thuraya, Togo, Tuvalu , Vanuatu, Zimbabwe.
Ireland [national numbers], United Kingdom [0845 rate], United Kingdom [national rate], United Kingdom [personal]

We have worked hard to prepare this list, somebody will simply copy and paste in his/her blog.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Save your Money with Skype

Skype is well known name in VOIP. But most people use skype only for skype to skype calls. Do you know skype can be used as an ordinary phone, and also from your mobile phone. If you have a good internet connection then we can say skype has better voice quality than your mobile phone. Today we will discuss how you can save big amount with skype..........

:: Skype-Out is service by which you can call any phone in world right from your skype...

Now have a look on their monthly skype-out plans

2.95 $/ month for US and Canada Unlimited
5.95 $/ month for Mexico
9.95 $/ month for unlimited calls to over 36 countries


:: Skype-In is a service by which you can get an online number from over 21 countries around the world (e.g. Australia, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA)

People can call your online number from any landline or cell phone from any part of world. The best feature about this service is if you have online number for USA , this number will work around the world , that means you can receive calls to your US number while you are in France , UK or India without any extra charge.

This service will cost you only 18$ for 3 months ( 12$ for 3 months if you have subscribed for any other unlimited monthly plan )

Now if you compare for per month unlimited call in USA( incoming and outgoing to US/Canada)

You are paying only (4+2.95= 6.95 $/month) with Skype
if you choose any other phone service it will be minimum 30 $/ month

Click here to subscribe

So go for Skype and save your money....... Please note skype is not limited to only desktop now.In next post we will discuss about ways you can use Skype.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gorillamobile: Cheap premium quality call to India for just 4.5 cents lifetime with $5 free to try

Today we will discuss about Gorillamobile which I found to be the cheapest, just 4.5 cents for life time, among the premium calling providers. Not only this, they offer this cheap rate for life time, not for the promotion period. Like pingo where you endup paying 5.5 cents after you finish your first purchase.

We have tested gorilla mobile for three months, its really working great. If you want a single solution for India, then I think this is the BEST.

<<<To signup for gorillamobile, click here>>>

The best thing, They will not fool you
They are providing a 5$ free trial (two hours free) without any fee, which require your card information. Gorilla mobile uses the encrypted SSL for the secure payments, you can also verify the thawte certificate before giving your card details. If you like you can continue to use their service after trial period, If you do not like, Be sure if you don`t use their service beyond trial they will not charge a single thing to you.

Now if you want to use only the free trial you can simply cancel the service by just one simple click without any conditions and fee. But i am very sure that you will like to continue the services because of crystal clear voice quality.......

GorillaMobile is one of very few calling card who provides postpaid facility, means you use their service and after one month they will charge you bill. They only charge $5.95 as annual fee, which is worth paying to become post paid customer.

And one more exciting offer, if you decided to continue their services after trial you will be eligible to get referral bonus of 5$ for each sign up.....

I think you should go for it and try for at least $5 given for free.

Parlatanto offers unlimited phone to phone calls from Italy to over 22 destinations

Parlatanto, Italian company offering free phone to phone calls with PIN via the access numbers in Italy. There is no time limitations on how many times and how much time you can call , once connected you can talk as much you like. We tried to call from Italy to Germany for 37 minutes and it works perfectly with excellent voice quality. This free call promotion is valid till 31 Dec 2008.

What you need to do?
  • Request your PIN number (click here) by giving your
  • Nome e/o cognome: (Name and/or Sirname)
  • Indirizzo Email: (email ID)
  • Sesso: (Sex)
  • Paesi che intendi chiamare: (The country where you want to call)
  • Select terms and conditions (Autorizzo il trattamento dei dati) and then click on "Rechiedi subito il PIN"
  • You will receive you PIN in your mail box.
How to call?
  • Dial your nearest local access number (
  • Dial the PIN provided in email
  • Dial the destination number and you are connected
Free Destination countries (Names in Italian)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Free call hack, multiply free trial minutes offered by VoIP providers using voxox number

Recently we published vovox offering free calls to all destinations along with a free US phone number.
Thats great to get a free phone number. Having one extra phone means having lots of free calls by registering to many Voip providers with free test call and if the free test call for each registratio is more than half an hour, then it is worth to register. What do you think?

eFax: Free incoming FAX number, Send and receive fax by email

Few days back we posted about sending free fax to USA and CANADA. Today we will discuss about eFax which allows you to Send and receive fax directly from your mail box without Fax machine and they also provide fax numbers in more than 40 countries, like USA, UK, Italy, Germany, India too etc.

The purpose of writing this blog is let you know about this service, you can keep in mind and use it whenever you require. There are so many providers who provide facility to receive fax without a fax machine, i.e. directly to your email. But they charge your from 2$ to 5$ per message. We have found one website by which you can receive fax in your email, when anybody sends you fax to your unique US FAX number.

To send and receive the free fax
  • Click here to go to EFAX free signup
  • Please check your mail and activate the service
  • They will provide your desired FAX incoming number randomly.
  • You need to give this number to your friend to send you a fax.
To read
  • Whenever your friend send you fax ,it will directly come to your email id, as an attachment.
  • To view that attachment you need to download one software(E FAX messenger) which is available free of cost on their website. msgrplus.exe (i2 Global communications, Inc.)
  • Install the software and validate with your login.
  • Now just open the attachment with the software. You have your fax with you.
They will ask you to upgrade to premium service but it is optional. So enjoy this free service with high quality FAX receiving. We have tested this service. There is no time lag in receiving the fax, you will receive the fax immediately.

We checked this service sending fax from USA to Italy, and fax arrived in less than one minute to my mail box. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Google introduced voice and video chat directly from your gmail

It was the Google who launched chatting right inside gmail while browsing your mail. Now you can talk face to face with Gmail voice and video chat right inside gmail. you don't need to login to your gtalk for the voice purpose. I think this is a great news. This small tool is developed by Serge from Google Sweden. This takes gmail far ahead of yahoomail.

To enable voice and video chat, you need to install one small application from Google.
Click here to download and install Voice and video chat.

Have a look at this video from Google and enjoy the innovative products from Google.

Voxox beta extends free calls to all destinations including India

We discussed about voxox two hours free calls to USA with free incoming USA number, Now they have have enabled free calls to all destinations including India and also offering free in number, I tried calling Italy, India, Germany, UK.. all are working which was not possible when voxox was launched in the beginning of this month. The same has been tested from USA to India and its working.

If you have some credit left, you can call free to India for almost 17 minutes with the fresh registration. I tried to find out voxox rates but could not locate on their website.

Click here to register at voxox

Multiple registration is possible with same PC and IP, so you can do it and get free calls and phone number. I think voxox is the only company which is giving free calls and free number. This facility we can utilize to use further free calls. Soon I will post about it. Mean while you can do multiple registration and keep the number and few USA minutes for you.

If you have signed on the day I published the first blog, you might have received $2.40 credit in your account, using this you can talk for more than half hour to India, which is equivalent to two hours to USA.

Each time you invite your friend and if he/she register for voxox, you get 17 minutes to India (two hours to USA). You can invite maximum of 10 friends and get almost three hours of free pc to phone calling to India.

Voxox comes with bundle of free services like voice mail, efax, call-back, reach-me, conferencing, social networking, email. I think you must give a try at least to call free to India. Click here for the old post of voxox

If you are facing any problem, feel free to leave a comment. I tried calling with voxox call-back service, but it wasn't working.

Nexus123: 10 Minutes free trial call with 50% discount up to 35 dollars.

Nexus123, by NexUStel is offering 10 min free trial calls to across world ( including India). No need to pay or enter any card information. Just enter your name, valid email id and phone number. Activate service by clicking link in your mailbox. Thats all, Once you receive the confirmatin, you are ready to make the call. If you have some free time, you can try this.

To sign up to 10 free minutes... click here

To make the call
  • Call the nearest access number available and press 2 for english
  • then number in 011+country code+number format followed by # key
  • Call quality is good.
  • You can use the free trial for only one time, so finish all minutes in one instance.

Do not try the hacks, it will not work with nexus.

If you like their services & want to continue then, subscribe for Nexus123.Platinum plan,It has $2.99 monthly fee. apart from that no other hidden charges. call rate for India is around 6 cents /min.

Well that`s not enough they are running one promotion to provide you 50% discount for initial purchases of more than 20$. that means for 70 $ purchase you need to pay only 35$ .
So effective rate will become 3cents/min to India.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raza Communications: 100 minutes of free calling to over 27 destinations, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Gulf Countries Included

Raza communications, is a USA based company is offering up to 113 trial Minutes to over 27 different countries (including India). There are no restrictions, taxes or hidden fees. Call any body, anywhere, any time. No purchase is necessary to get the free trial offer.This trial offer is available for new customers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. This offer is limited to one person per IP address. The list of free minutes are as follows.

Afghanistan 9 min,
Bangladesh 100 min,
Bulgaria 56 min,
Canada 104 min,
China 103 min,
Egypt 13 min,
Ghana 26 min,
India 100 min,
Indonesia 24 min,
Japan 82 min,
Jordan 62 min,
Lithuania 45 min,
Mexico 21 min,
Nepal 12 min,
Nigeria 20 min,
Oman 12 min,
Pakistan 30 min,
Philippines 14 min,
Poland 113 min,
Qatar 10 min,
Saudi Arabia 21 min,
South Korea 69 min,
Sri Lanka 20 min,
Ukraine 21 min,
Arab Emirates 12 min,
UK 104 min,
United States 103 min

Follow the instructions to signup
  • To sign up for 100 minutes, click here
  • Then click on the 100 minutes trial image link
  • Select your country and complete the registration with credit card details
  • As soon as you sign-up, you account will be activated, and you can enjoy Free Trial offer.
Many companies are offering free calls, one dollar, 10 minutes but due to the fake registration , companies are loosing lot of money. With raza, you can not do fake registration because you need to give your card details for the verification purpose only and to avoid fake registration. So if you a legitimate customer, you get around two hours of free calls.

You have to trust me, we found this service one month ago and we used and successfully tested it before writing the blog. It is safe to use the credit card over this site. Raza uses the encrypted SSL for the secure payments, you can also verify the thawte certificate (screen shot show above) and McAfee secure certificate before giving the credit card details. They will not charge your credit card unless you want it. The company is based in USA, so you have more reason to trust this site.

If you have any problem, which is unlikely, you can contact their excellent customer care over phone or through online chat. If you have any confusion, you can leave a comment. I do not think there is a risk involved using this service. You must try..., Call rate for India starts from 4.7 cents/min, if you like you can buy the credits also.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

FaxZero: Send a free fax to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

Today we are going to discuss free fax. Now you can also send and receive fax over the Internet. Today we have found a interesting website faxzero , which allows you to send FAX to USA and CANADA , right from your computer. You can send a PDF, Microsoft Word (.DOC) file, or Excel spreadsheet (.XLS). or else you can type the message you want to fax. There are few limitations for free fax ...
  • Ad on the cover page
  • Fax 1 document—maximum 3 pages
  • Maximum 2 free faxes per day

Click here to send a free FAX to your friend

Apart from the free service, they also offer premium fax Just $1.99 per fax (Paypal) (66% saving from India and up to 1000% saving from Europe)
  • No ad on the cover page
  • Fax 1 document—maximum 15 pages
  • Priority delivery
Isn't it interesting, You can give a try and see it this service may help you sometimes. It is not good to send free FAX for official purpose as it has Ad on cover page. But if you want to send official fax from India, for example all certificates for the admission purpose, you can try the premium service, where you will pay just Rs 80-100 for 15 pages, which is much more cheaper than sending fax from a shop which charges 20 Rs per page. Finally saving by 66% for India. This saving is much more in the case of European countries. So if you want to send fax from Europe to USA, this could be a good choice.

Do not forget to tell your friends who are looking for these kinds of services to save some money. If you already know some of these kinds of sites, please let us know.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Free trial call to Australia mobile from USA

UPDATE: $500 free trial contest is complete now. All the cards has been distributed. I congratulate those who received the cards and I am sorry for those who were late in leaving a comment and send me the mail. Anyway, if you think that you left the comment earlier and have not received the card, please let me know, your card is reserved for you and I will send the mail again.

Have you tried $5.00 Free call to Your country??? Its absolutely free. Hurry! Register Today !!

Call61 is providing very cheap call rates to Australia. They provide access to their service from over 25 countries around the world including USA, Spain, Italy, England, Japan, Mexico,Canada etc.

Give a try call Australia, Talk 10 minutes for free on cell phone and landline!

>>>Click here to try now for 10 min Free<<<

Well That's not enough ... You can also have Australian Virtual number by which your friends and family back home will be able to call you on a local number and you will be able to answer on your cell phone or landline in the country where you live only for only $9.99/month to receive an unlimited number of calls.

Click here to visit Call61

Friday, November 7, 2008

VoIPZoom, Unlimited Free Calling Around the World for only € 2.50/month

VoIPZoom is the latest betamax service launched to give unlimited calls to more than 40+ popular destination with monthly subscription for just EURO 2,50 a month.

Whats new about it, betamax has been offering free calls (free days)?
Well, that calls were limited to max 200-300 minutes per week, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address. Unused free minutes cannot be taken to the following week(s). If limit is exceeded, You had to pay the normal rates. But with this offer, there is not limitation. Those who want to talk endlessly, can use this service.

Click here for details and go to VoIPZoom

With this you can also call to India (2 cents per min) and other paid destination at cheap rates.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Manifone: Half an hour to try before buy (India included) and Competitive rates for African Countries

Update: wef 07 Nov 2008, Italy (Brescia access number) also included.

Today we will discuss about the manifone, a france based VoIP company which allow you to make free trial calls and cheap calls specially to North African and African countries via local access numbers. You can use this service from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Luxemburg, Manifone, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. They have also manifone with (ISD code 005) as a country. The good thing is, you can try their service without registration. IF you find it good, you can register and get 1.00 EUR/USD/STG credit.

Have you tried $5.00 Free call to India??? Hurry! Register Today !!

I do not think, it is the cheapest option to call to India, but they claim that they are generally competitive to all North African and African countries. Being based in France, those countries are big markets for them. Few of the rates are shown below.
Algeria fixed : 0.07
Algeria mobile : 0.14
Senegal fixed : 0.13
Senegal mobile : 0.2
Morocco fixed : 0.12
Morocco mobile : 0.25
for more rates (Click here)

Five minutes Free Manifone Test Call.
(Without regisration)
First of all you can try their service for five minutes without registration. (click on the image)

1.00 EUR/USD/STG credit for freevcalls readers (Upto 25 minutes free to India)
If you register with special (freevcalls link Click here), you will get 1.00 EUR/USD/STG credit in stead of 30 cents for normal users. This credit can be used to call anywhere in the world. For example talk to India for upto 25 minutes.

Few advantages:
1. Call is not billed untill connected to final destination. You do not pay for voice like you pay for mobivox vox girl (Hi Vikas, Connecting your call).
2. One second billing, Unlikely one minute billing offered by most voip companies. When it comes to higher calling rates, one second billing is more importants.

For example, The call rate to Cuba is 60 cents per mins and you called Cuba for 5 minutes and one second. If the billing is per minute, you will be charged 3.60 EUR/USD but if you have one second billing, you will be charged 3.01 USD/EUR (20% saving on the call), This is for example. Most of the African countries are not cheap to call, so per second billing could be good choice for them.

Now you can try manifone and buy the credits specially you want to talk to African countries.

Tringme special offer: Call India at 2.95 cents per min after the first 15 mins.

Tringme claims the following...

On this festive occasion, call your family and friends in India at 2.95 cents/min and around the world at some of the best rates available.

India: 2.95 cents
US: 1 cent
Uk: 1 cent
Singapore: 1 cents
China: 1.3 cents
and more...

As always, no minimum recharge is needed, neither any hidden fee to get this special offer.

This is a limited time offer so make a call now!

The reason for writing this blog is to make you aware that 2.95 cents are after the first 15 mins. For the first minutes of the call you will be charged 4.95 cents per minute.

For example, if you make a call for 60 minutes, then for the first 15 mins of your call, you will be charged 4.95 cents per minute. For the rest of the duration, in this case 45 mins, you will be charged US 2.95 cents per min. Effective rate 3.45 cents per minute. Still you think that you can save some money on the longer calls, you can buy the credit and call right away.

Click here to signup >>>

Enjoy cheap calling

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reliablecom calling card: Cheap calls to India, Pakistan and middle east from USA

New York based Reliablecom offers cheap calling rates. The products featured under the website illustrate an appeal which is universal throughout various ethnic markets. Using their calling card service you can call India just for 2.9 cents per min and you can call Pakistan for 5.9 cents per minute.

This is not a promotional offer, this is their regular rate. They also offer premium services with higher rates. The quality of call with premium service, after paying 5.9 cents in stead of 2.9 cents is quite good but if you pay 2.9 cents, then have to adjust with the quality of call. Moreover they have three-four minutes rounding, means if you talk for only one minute then you will pay for three minutes, which increases the cost of call. I do not like this type of calling cards with three minutes rounding and which hides their service fee.

They offer different types of Calling cards for calling almost all parts of the world. They provide a quick customer care via online chat if you have any problems with any of the card. Basically if you talk about Cheap India calling card, they mainly have 2 calling cards

1. 2.9cents/min (Everyday Deal)
2. 1.9cents/min (Only on Thursdays)

So if only on Thursday you buy calling card you will get an option to buy 1.9cents/min card.

Details for 1.9cents/min calling card:
1. It's a 3 minute rounding card, i.e. calls will be rounded for three minutes.
2. You have to pay 20% service fee per call. So effective rates will be 2.28cents/min.

Apart from this no other fee if you are using local access.

How to signup:
Step 1: Go to reliable website. Click here, Signup for free account
Step 2: Enter your Card details for payment.
Step 3: They will call you and verify your card details (only for first time)
Step 4: Every Thursday you will get 1.9cents/min calling card option on their homepage.
Just click there and buy for any amount ( if you buy 15 $ or more their will be no transaction fee)
Step 5: With in few minutes they will mail you pin details. now you are ready to call.Just dial their Local access number and pin to place call.You can also register your for pin less dialing, from website and from phone.

If you are ready to compromise with the quality of calls after paying less, then you can go for this calling card.

Monday, November 3, 2008

VoxOx: Two hours of free calls plus free USA incoming number

UPDATE: Voxox service extended to all destination including India (click here)

VoxOx is a multiple desktop service supported by Telcentris Inc.,. It offers all the services that you can think, starting from calling service, VoIP, call conferencing, video, instant messaging, SMS, Caller ID, e-mail, fax and social networking, integration with gtalk, yahoo, AOL, msn etc.

However you get two hours (120 mins) of free calls to call USA and Canada with one free USA incoming number to receive the call. You get further 120 minutes free for each referral when you invite your friend.

They have developed application for windows and mac books and soon launch it for linux based PCs. You need to download and install the application in oreder to use its services.

<<<Click here to register>>>

Only USA and Canada are included in the free calls, if you try for other countries you will get error.

Rebtel introductory offer extended till 16th Nov 2008 (pay $10 and get $20)

We have discussed about rebtel many times, Rebtel October promotion (introductory offer) is now extended till 16th November 2008.

There are many advantages of using rebtel.
  • You get 10 Minutes free to Try
  • If you buy $10 credit, you get $20 ($10 free)
  • No billing for first 10 seconds (no charge if the call is connected but you do not hear any voice)
  • 10 seconds billing after first minute. (more savings)
  • Refer a friend and get 10 minutes free + $10 if your friend become paid customer.

Wow lot of benefits, that you will never get from any other voip Company. Then why are you waiting for>>>>

If you have not tried rebtel,
Click here to register and try their service for 10 minutes free. and If you will buy credit, you will get $20 on $10.

If you are an existing customer, refer rebtel to your friends and take the advantage of referral bonus.

Pingo to announce a rate drop for calls to India

Pingo is going to reduce the call rates to India.

Pingo’s NEW RATE!
5.5 cents to India (Local) 6.5 cents to India (Toll free) * As of 11/4/08 5pm on EST

Pingo’s RateWatcher technology is always on the look out to reduced its costs, to pass on the savings to its customers!

History of Pingo’s India Phone Card Rates
  • Pingo’s Really Old Rate 11.5 cents for mobile and landline
  • Pingo’s Old Rate – 7.3 cents to mobile & landline (Local) 8.3 cents to mobile & landline (Toll free)
  • Pingo’s Last Rate – 6.5 cents to mobile & landline (Local) 7.5 cents to mobile & landline (Toll free)

Compare Pingo India Phone Card Rates

  • 5.5 cents to mobile & 6.5 cents to landline (Local)
  • 6 cents to mobile & 7 cents to landline (Toll free)
  • 6.9 cents to mobile & landline (Local & Toll free)
  • Reliance Call India network - 5.9 cents to India (Local) 5.9 cents to India (Toll free)
  • Out of Reliance call network - 5.9 cents to India (Local) 6.9 cents to India (Toll free)
Special Promotion:

Compare and go for the best and cheap service that you like. Pingo has other advantages too, it can be used from 35 countries around the globe. click here to know

We are running $500 Calling card contest click here , to participate and win free cards.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ICanCall: Cheap Long Distance and International Calling with Free 1$ credit is a calling card concept company which provide quality voip calls to all over world from USA at competitiverates. Advantages of Icancall service
  • No Connection Fees
  • No PINs, No Hidden Fees
  • No Sign up or Monthly fee
  • Rechargeable
  • 100 % Minutes delivered
  • Toll free and Local access
  • Excellent Quality
Now the best part , they are giving 1$ free credit for every new signup.....,

For India call rate is 6 cents/min, not the cheapest but you can use $1 to talk for 16 minutes.

To signup for free trial just click here

Just fill up the simple form with your correct name and number. after you signup they will call you with in few minutes and verify you email id and name . after that your trial account will be instantly activated.

Now you can call any of their access number from your registered number and enter your number in 011-country code-area code- number format.............

So enjoy free calling..................

Free Calls to over 55 countries from PokeTalk

PokeTalk is a web-initiated calling service which provide free calling to over 55 countries (India not included) from Canada (+ mobile), Germany, Great Britain (UK), Israel, Japan, Singapore (+ mobile), , USA (+ mobile), They provide 50 free calls per month per registered account.

Apart from the most common VoIP countries like US, UK etc, they are providing free calls to Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China , Estonia, Greece, Guam, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Monaco, Peru, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela. That is very interesting.

Just sign up (click here) with your valid email id , a confirmation mail will be sent to you containing the activation link. after that just log in and now you are ready for free calling.....

First dial your number and then your friend`s number and click on call button. first call will come to you and then they will connect you to your friend`s number.

If you want to call more than 50 a month , just sign up with another email id and enjoy.......

Free Group SMS Worldwide from SMSGUPSHUP.COM

Today we will discuss about SMSGUPSHUP.COM , for those who likes to send sms to 100 of their friends in oneshot , well this is right stop for you. Lets Check out how we can use this service.......

1 :: First you need to Signup on Website (
Click Here )


2 :: They will send you a verification SMS ,which will have one code. After that you can create your group by any name. That`s it.....'

3 :: Now just add your friends mobile numbers in your group by clicking on "INVITE" button on MyGupShup page..once you have added numbers you are ready to send free SMS.. whatever you post in you group it will be send to all group members.

They have few more features like sending picture messages and greetings ( few are payable )

You can also send personal message to particular mobile phone like simple sms. For this just click on "inbox" button on Left bottom. then you will get a screen like this just enter mobile number and message and click on post.

sms gupshup
Although they are running premium service also which cost arround 0.20 indian rs per sms (which is very cheap ), they always have option for free messages. Paid messages will be delivered on high priority and without ads....

Well they have their mobile page also >>>>

you can use all features right from your mobile browser........ Cool

This service is fully tested and used from INDIA...... Anyone from world can register.

Friday, October 31, 2008

28TEL: 100 mins Free International Call from Brazil, China, HongKong, Korea, Tiwan, Japan and USA.

Thanks to the anonymous user for letting us know about 28TEL. It is Chinese company, offering $1-$2 free calls from Brazil, China, HongKong, Korea, Tiwan, Japan and USA to all over the world via their access number.

Click here to register and get free calls
(INDIA included)

This service has not been tested by me, Why don't you try and let us know about it quality. I hope it is worth trying to get around 20-30 Minutes of free calls.

Have you tried $5.00 Free call to India??? Hurry! Register Today !!

Do not forget to participate in $500 free trial card contest.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ringplus : Free unlimited global call (including India) from USA, Italy and Switzerland

Ring Plus is a free-spirited telephone community in which we all interact in an environment of trust, honesty, and respect. It offers Free international and long distance phone calls. No credit card, no internet is needed to make free calls.

This service has been tested by freevcalls members from Italy to India, USA to Italy and USA to India and its working good. From USA, it was used for 10 times effectively 100 minutes of free calls to India. The free countries are not listed there but I hope it works for Pakistan and all other countries. You can try this service and let us know if its working, so that I can update the blog.

How they are offering the free calls?
They replace the ring tone you hear with ads, and let the advertiser pay the bill. So, no cost for you and the call is absolutely free.

What you have to do?

Click here to register at ringplus and subscribe it

After successful registration, you will receive a mail
Your account number is XXXXX
Your PIN is XXXX

Your website access password is XXXXXXXXXX

How to make the call?
  • Dial the access number provided on their website (click here) They provide access numbers in USA, Italy and Switzerland.
  • Now follow the instructions and dial the five digit account number when asked followed by your four digit PIN.
  • Dial 9 for ISD calls.
  • Finally Dial ISD number in starting from 011XXXXXXXX, means for India it is 011912244556699.
In stead of listening the ring, you will hear some voice ads after few seconds, your call is connected. Now you can talk for 10 minutes.

Once the call is disconnected, you can call again and again. No new registration is required.

Now enjoy free calling wordwide and do not forget to participate in $500 calling card contest (click here)

FreeRinger calls for FREE to 30+ countries with callback concept

FreeRinger is a flash application which allows you to make FREE calls to telephone numbers (to more than 30 countries throughout the world) right from your web browser without any software installation. FreeRinger is a joint, ad-supported service by GTalk2VoIP TEAM and Talkster International. Overall its good service which will not allow you to pay but may cost your to your friend, if he has not subscribed to any calling plans. India is not included in the list. My next post will be about absolutely free calls to all over the world including India. Anyway, with this you can save a lot on international calls without spending a single penny. You can call to more than 30 countries from the browser — nothing to download or install and the calls to mobile numbers are ABSOLUTELY FREE (your friend having mobile phone may pay for it).

The text below are copied and edited from free ringer website.

Registration and preparations instructions:

1. Sign-up to the service: click on Register, fill out the form and click Register button again. Your e-mail address will be used as login identifier to the service, so please provide a working address.

2. Check your mail box to find welcome message from our service which contains activation link. Click on the link to activate your newly registered account.

3. Turn back to the application, sign-in to the service using your newly create account (e-mail address and password).

4. Once connected, you will see a dial-pad and your Talkster roster (list of contacts) right to it. Upon first connection there will be only one contact Echo Test Call, which is helpful to test your audio subsystem and network capabilities.

5. Click on Echo Test Call, after you confirm usage of your microphone, you will be connected to a voice prompt guiding you through echo test service. Basically, what you say will be turned back to you, so you could hear yourself. This will let you learn the voice quality and two-way delay. Adjust your microphone and speaker volume if required.

Making calls:

1. Enter your friend's phone number in international format: country code followed by area code followed by local number. Examples: 16502345678 is for USA/California, 442012345678 is for UK/London.

2. Press Call button. If this phone number is not yet listed on your roster, a subscription process will be initiated and new contact created.

3. Upon success a new Talkster number will be allocated for your friend to reach you back on the web. A phone call will be placed to your friend's phone number and you will hear a voice prompt informing you on call progress.

4. Once connected, you will have 10 seconds to tell your friend to call you right back to their Talkster number, while you are staying on hold and waiting. Your friend will learn their Talkster number from: a) SMS message sent during subscription, b) CallerID displayed to them, c) you can tell them their Talkster number.

5. After your friend calls you back, the system will connect you both again and you may talk as much as you want.

6. Press Hangup button at any time to terminate your call.

7. Click on a contact and press Call to initiate another call to same number.

8. Double-click on a contact to edit contact details or to view associated Talkster number.

You can receive calls from regular phone numbers right to your web browser, when your friends (you see their phone numbers in your speed dial list) dial their Talkster numbers for you. You don't have to do anything else, just accept incoming call and talk to your friend as long as you want.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TATA True Roots Promotion: "Buy One get one free" for new as well as existing customers

Thanks for participating in Pingo calling card contest (click here) I am too busy so I would be late by one in sending the calling cards. Thanks for your patience. If you have not send your e-mail ID to me, please send it.

Trueroots is calling card service from TATA Telecommunications. They have a very robust system to provide you one of the best calling experience.

They are running " Buy one get one free " for both new and existing customers. So with this their effective call rates will become around 3.5cents/min to India.

Offer finshes in two days (30th Oct 2008)

They also have "Refer your friend" promotion , with this you will receive 60 min if you make 4 of your friends to signup at Trueroots. Apart from great voice quality you will get -

  • No hidden fees
  • Auto-Recharge
  • PIN-less dialling
  • Speed dial for 10 numbers
To Sign up with Trueroots Click here
and check out the promotion.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Freevcalls wishes Happy Diwali with the launch $500 free calling card contest

UPDATE: $500 free trial contest is complete now. All the cards has been distributed. I congratulate those who received the cards and I am sorry for those who were late in leaving a comment and send me the mail. Anyway, if you think that you left the comment earlier and have not received the card, please let me know, your card is reserved for you and I will send the mail again.

We are planning to run similar contest on the new year of 2009, Where we will personally offer free calls to our readers. Please keep on visiting this blog to have more free calls.

Have you tried $5.00 Free call to Your country??? Its absolutely free. Hurry! Register Today !!

Freevcalls wishes all readers "happy and prosperous Diwali". This time we to god to give you Shanti, Shakti, Sampati, Swarup, Saiyam, Saadgi, Safalta, Samridhi, Sanskar, Swaasth, Sanmaan, Saraswati, aur Sneh.

One the occasion of this special day, freevcalls with pingo is happy to launch $500 free calling card contest, where 100 nos of pingo trial calling cards, $5 each (One hour 15 minutes to India), will be given to 100 winners who will participate in this contest. It does not matter, if you are a new users or an existing user.

Are you new user of pingo?
Participate and you will surely get $5 Trial card.

Are you an existing user of pingo?
Then you have double benefit ($5+$5). Participate in this contest, we will give you the trial card. Now, refer your friends or family member by giving this trial card and your email. Your friend will get $5 and you will also get $5 as a referral bonus.

Are you ready??? I hope yes. I am sure that you are not going to loose lot of time participating this contest. It is very easy to participate in this contest.

The winners will be selected "first come" basis. No random selection.

What you need to do?

  • Just leave a comment by answering this question "What do you think about freevcalls and how it can be improved to serve you better?" (click here to leave a comment with your email to get your $5 card)
  • If you are not regular subscriber of this blog, then please subscribe (click here) and receive $5 trail card.
  • 3. Tell us some calling options, which are not published on freevcalls and that can be interesting for others to save money on calls.

For those who would like to do something special
  • Show your interest to write a blog for us about your call experience and share it to the world. Call experience means, which service you are using and why do you like this. Just write me a mail or leave a comment that you are interested in writing a blog for us. we will will give you $5 calling card. Now its upto you if you want to write or not in future.
  • If you own a blog or website. It does not matter how popular it is. Just show your interest to write an article or blog about freevcalls and/or pingo. Write me a mail about your interest with your blog address (we will give you $5 trial card). The blog written by you will be linked to freevcalls improve your page ranking.
  • If you are an memeber of any forum, like orkut, facebook, indyarocks freeforum etc. Just discuss about freevcalls and/or pingo. (Please send me a mail that you have discussed in some forum, we will complete our promise. If you like you can send the link also)

If you have done any of the things above, please send me a mail ( I will send you the calling card within 48 Hours.

This contest is open to all and is valid for few days. So make it soon before 100 cards are finished.

Now only 93 cards are left. I will update the blog when the cards are finished.

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