Monday, August 31, 2009 offers Free SMS to India with unique features is offering free SMS to any mobile phone in INDIA including both GSM and CDMA. This is a very unique website. Why I am saying this just have a look---

(+) Unique Mobile Identity
(+) Update your current status to all your followers in single SMS or through web “Like want to come for movie”… this is as good as group SMS.
(+) Schedule SMS to send later
(+) Set SMS reminder for your tasks
(+) Full operation possible through any mobile phone
(+) SMS receiver will receive SMS with your number
(+) 100 character Limit per SMS
(+) Online phonebook and User group Management
(+) Instant SMS delivery
(+) Unlimited Free SMS

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Review of Reliablecalling RI limited, RI Unlimited Plan and plus India plan with RInetworks is calling card based service, which is quite popular in US people. Now they are promoting regular VOIP service i.e. equipment based VOIP service. Yes is new VOIP service. We have studied there offers, and we found them interesting in few aspects. Let’s see what is offering.

BSNL Rajasthan introduces Unlimited STD voucher for Rs600

BSNL Rajasthan has launched Unlimited BSNL to BSNL STD voucher for Rs600 only. We have seen same type of tariff vouchers in Reliance CDMA and TATA Indicom. The main advantage of BSNL plan is the widest coverage of BSNL. wherever a mobile network is present, you will find BSNL network there. Initially this promotional scheme has been launched for a period of 90 days w.e.f. 29.08.09 up to 26.11.09 for prepaid 2G segment customers.

Details of the plan are

Voucher Name :: STV-600
Price :: 600Rs
Applicability :: Prepaid 2G customers
Validity :: 30 Days
Talktime :: Zero
Tariff ::

BSNL to BSNL Local and STD ---- Free of Cost

All other Local calls @ Rs 0.50/pm
All other STD Calls @ Rs 0.60/pm

600 local and national SMS free on any network

Please check BSNL Rajasthan website for details

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unlimited Calls to INDIA and 60 countries in 24.99$/month with Vonage

Vonage is one of the most favourite VOIP Provider in USA. Now Vonage also joined the lane by introducing a new Unlimited calling package which will allow you to call unlimited free in just 24.99/momth to over 60 Countries.

Lets review Vonage VOIP service ---
(+) Unlimited free calls to 60 countries including

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas*, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei*, Bulgaria, Canada*, Chile, China*, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam*, Hong Kong*, Hungary, Iceland, India*, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Macau*, Malaysia*, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico*, Romania, Russia, Saipan*, San Marino*, Singapore*, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand*, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States*, U.S. Virgin Islands*, Venezuela, Zambia (* shows calls includes Ladline)

(+) Automatic Voice mail to Email and Text message
(+) Exclusive 25+ calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Network Availability Number, 3-Way Calling, Caller ID Block, DND etc
(+) Keep Your Existing Phone Number
(+) No access codes , pin codes, calling card
(+) No Setup Fee, Equipment or shipping Fee (with one year agreement)
(+) Money Back Guaruntee
(-) Equipment Based Calling
(-) A Disconnection Fee of $39.99 will apply for cancellation before 1 Year.
(-) No Freedom to call directly from Phone or Web
(-) High speed Internet connection Mandatory

There is nothing to doubt about Vonage. Vonage is one of the biggest name in Equipment Based Calling. But if you see Terms and Conditions of Money Back Guaruntee, you will see terms like one year contract, disconncetion fee and refurbished equipment.

Check more details about Vonage

Friday, August 28, 2009

Unblock Ringomax with new link, Cheap calls to INDIA from UAE

Most of the voip providers are blocked in UAE. Initially Ringomax was working in UAE, but very soon it was blocked by ISP. If you having this problem and ringomax website is blocked or does not open in your browser then you can switch to its new domain which is

Old Blocked URL of
If this does not work, then try without www and S after http

Still can't open, then try
ringo333 (

We will keep on updating the new URLs of ringomax

Resellers can also try these links

Ringomax took this decision because of the huge customer base in UAE. With Ringo-max, you can do all the things, like download their Pc2phone dialer, Mobile dialer and Callshop software or to get online support. However old link keep on working from all other ISPs.

Main highlights of services
(+) PC to phone application (Killer application to bypass ISP Blockage)
(+) Mobile Dialer
(+) Call Back Service
(+) Moneyback guarantee to work in UAE
(+) Purchase from resellers or by Credit Card
(+) Min 1 euro recharge for trial
(+) Excellent Voice quality
(-) May be blocked again by ISP in UAE.

Rate to INDIA from UAE are very competitive

Calls to INDIA mobiles is 1.25 cents/min
Calls to INDIA Landline is 1.45 cents/min

This rate applies from all the countries, you can use ringomax from all over the world.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

3GUNLIMITED.CA offers Unlimited Calls to INDIA in 19.95USD per month

3GUNLIMITED.CA is offering free unlimited call package for INDIA. 3GUNLIMITED is associate company of 3G Digital Solutions INC. In current offer they are offering three packages for Calling to INDIA. These package includes both unlimited and regular calling Packages.

Let’s first review their services

(+) Cheapest Unlimited call to INDIA package with year subscription
(+) No Equipment required
(+) Calling through Access numbers
(+) Unlimited package from USA and CANADA
(+) Multiple Payment through Check and Credit Card
(+) No Fair Use policy for unlimited plan ,Talk as much as you can
(+) No worry of Connection Fee or disconnection Fee
(-) One Time activation Fee of 10$ for both regular and unlimited plan
(-) No SIP facility
(-) High order Processing Time
(-) No money Back guarantee

Check Details about 3GUNLIMITED here

Packages …

1.INDIA UNLIMITED Year plan @ 19.95$/month

This plan offers true unlimited calling to INDIA. You need to make a commitment of 1 year to use a package rate of 19.95$/month. Onetime activation fee of $10 will be applied. Access no can be dialed from USA and CANADA only. 3GUNLIMITED.CA has a fair coverage for getting you Local Access no. you can find the list of access number from following link..

2.INDIA UNLIMITED Monthly plan @ 24.95$/month

This plan offer same facilities as in UNLIMITED 19.95$/month plan, The only difference is you don’t need to make 1 year contract.

3.INDIA Regular @ effective rate of 3.9 cents/min

This plan offers solution to non frequent callers. In this plan you will get 1000 Minutes to India for 6 months in just 29USD. An activation fee of 10$ will be applied on this package which will make effective rate to 3.9cents/min. The main highlight for this plan is you will get access numbers from 24 countries. BUT wait rate of 2.9 cents/min will be only applicable if you call from USA or Cananda. For all other countries rates are much higher.

We do not have experience fo buying credit from this website but we found that This website uses 3G Digistal solutions payment gateway for the payment which is verified GeoTrust. SO you can trust this service and buy India unlimited credit if you like.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Airtel Launches mCheck M-Commerce Service on VOICE number 543219

Airtel is the most favorite and reliable GSM mobile service in INDIA. And now there is one more reason to make it more favorite. Everyone knows about the Airtel`s E-commerce initiative mCheck. Initially Airtel was offering this service by SMS , USSD , J2ME Application , SIM Application and WAP. But now there is good news that now this service will be available to any Airtel user with any type of mobile handset (From Nokia 1100 to Apple iPhone 3G) totally free of cost.

All Airtel mobile customers can make use of mCheck service for Airtel bill payments, recharge using credit cards by simply calling 543219 Toll Free.

Before this initiative almost all M-commerce applications are based on JAVA with GPRS or SMS based phones. Providing M-Commerce facility on Toll Free voice based platform will give M-commerce services a huge boost in INDIA.

“There is tremendous potential for voice enabled m-Commerce services in India and we are giving a huge thrust in this area,” said, Atul Bindal, President, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel. Further added, “We believe that m-Commerce has the power to facilitate a paradigm shift in the way mobile users do commercial transactions and business in future.”

Let`s see what are the facilities provided on mCheck for both Prepaid and Postpaid Customers

For Post-paid customers:

** Pay their own postpaid bill
** Pay for others postpaid bill
** Make full or partial bill payment (customer driven)
** Recharge for other prepaid customers
** Pay any Airtel landline Bill
** Recharge his Digital TV account
** Recharge Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway toll tag ( for Delhi/NCR users )
** All other merchant payments like Pay insurance premiums, Buy gifts, Bus tickets ,Train tickets, Flight Tickets and shopping with Indiatimes, Homeshop18 and

For Pre-paid customers:

** Recharge for self
** Pay Landline Bill
** Recharge Digital TV account
** Recharge Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway toll tag ( for Delhi/NCR users)
** All other merchant payments like Pay insurance premiums, Buy gifts, Bus tickets ,Train tickets, Flight Tickets and shopping with Indiatimes, Homeshop18 and

To avail this service, Airtel customers have to call 543219, create their own 6 digit mChekPIN and link their VISA / Mastercard credit card. The one-time registration links the user’s credit card automatically to the mChek on Airtel service. For all future transactions the user is required to only enter a six-digit mChekPIN on their registered mobile number to authorize the transaction.

mChek on Airtel provides an on-demand solution for mobile payments with a unique two-step authentication process, the mChekPIN and the Mobile Number.

Check Details about mCheck here

Monday, August 24, 2009

Clayprepaid free international roaming SIM card with Free incoming calls in 50 countries

Are you planning to travel to EU, UK, USA Canada, Australia and looking for a roaming free SIM card. If yes, then Clayprepaid is offering free international roaming SIM card which can be purchased for just Rs 999/- before you leave your country.

For details visit

We have carefully checked Clayprepaid website for their Rs 999 introductory offer. But very sorry we have not found any detail on their website regarding that particular offer. Their Basic starter pack is of 2000 INR, which will have a Talktime of 440 Rs. We have checked about their tariff plans and other services and found
(+) Free incoming calls in 50 countries
(+) Value added services Like Call Conference, Call Record and SMS
(+) No Monthly Charges
(+) Full Talktime on recharge depending on Current Dollar Value
(+) No Connection Fee
(+) Free Voice mail on PC
(+) Online Recharge and Call Details , Complete online call management
(.) Coverage over 130 Countries across the globe (Not in INDIA)
(.) Higher outgoing Call Tariff, but fairly normal in roaming countries
(.) No service in INDIA but lot of offers from Indian travellers.

Other clay prepaid sites

Friday, August 21, 2009, Cheapest calls and free calls with new dellmont service

VoipBlast is offering “cheap or free VOIP calls” to various countries. VoipBlast is another new service by dellmont. The call rate offered is 0.7 cent to INDIA landline phone and one cent to mobile phone. This rate is probably the cheapest right now. But there is a cache, unlike other Betamax or Dellmont services this service has a connection fee for each pc2phone call, which is 3.9 cents/call. However the same charge is applied for the phone2phone calls, which makes is less than other services where you were paying 5 cents as connection fee.

Lets review VoipBlast service in aspects of economy, quality of service and features

(+) Cheap Calling rates
(+) Minimum Recharge Amount is only 1Euro through any reseller
(+) 35 Free Calling destinations worldwide including Malaysia, EU, USA etc
(+) Features Like SIP, VOIP-in, SMS and Both PC to Phone, Phone to Phone
(+) Reduced connection fee of 3.9 cents for Phone 2 phone calls
(-) Connection Fee applicable 3.9 cents per PC 2 Phone call
(-) Poor Customer Support , No Live Support

We have reviewed every aspect of their services and compared with other Betamax service. In our opinion Voip Blast is good to use Phone to Phone calling facility because for phone2phone service other providers are charging arround 5 cents/call as connection fee. Apart from this connection fee rates are lowest as of today. Another best part is that you can try this service in by recharging for only 1EURO through any VOIP reseller. I request readers to share their experience with us on FreeVcalls Comments.

Check Details about VoipBlast

We recommend this service to the phone 2 phone users, however paying 3.9 cents as connection fee of PC to Phone calls to India landline makes it cheapest in the world if you are talking for more than 13 minutes.

You can also use voip blast with your SIP device or phone,

VoIPblast SIP settings for your mobile of SIP device
  • SIP port : 5060
  • Registrar :
  • Proxy server :
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty
  • Account name : your VoipBlast username
  • Password : your VoipBlast password
  • Display name/number : your VoipBlast username or voipnumber
  • Stunserver (option) :

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free Unlimited call Hack for Free STD Calls in INDIA

Now you can make unlimited STD calls in INDIA. Yes you heard it right, But wait I am not talking about Ibibo or Jaxtr. I am talking about Rediff Local Ads. Yes we have found a trick by which you can make unlimited number of STD calls anywhere in INDIA with a limitation of 1 minute 30 seconds per call. Lets see how you can make it done....

STEP 1 :: Go to

STEP 2 :: Click on POST AD Button , which will enable you post an AD on Local Ads

STEP 3 :: Fill the form with any detail and enter you mobile no as shown as red box in Pic and then Click on "Post the Ad"

STEP 4 :: After one hour your AD will be posted in Rediff Local Ads. Now goto again and search for you Ad.

STEP 5 :: As shown in Picture Enter the Destination Number in Red box as shown, and click on "Talk Now" Button. Your call will be connected between destination no and your mobile no.

In this way you can make Free calls in INDIA. Anytime you want to call your friend. just search your Ad and enter your friend`s no.

******** Rediff has a weekly call limit per Ad*************

But no problem, you can get away of that easily... You just need to publish one more Ad on rediff with the same mobile no. and you can again enjoy free STD calls. :)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SMS GupShup to Provide Facebook on SMS in India

SMS GupShup, India's largest social messaging platform recently announced their connectivity with Facebook, which is world`s largest Social Community. I know that Orkut and Facebook both have mobile portals but that will also limit access to GPRS users. Giving Social Community access on SMS and that too with a SMS community like SMS GupShup will definitely give more accessibility and reach to Facebook users.SMS GupShup's messaging platform will enable Indian users to take Facebook with them, wherever they go, using SMS.

Let`s see what are the things we can do with SMS GupShup Facebook Facility –

** Update your status updates
** Send Message to friends
** Receive status updates, messages and wall posts instantly in their SMS inbox.

As we have previously discussed in about SMS GupShup, there servers a good enough to handle high amount of SMS traffic. So you will not feel any delay in delivery of SMS.

Here are the comments from CEO of SMS GupShup and Director of Mobile, Facebook.

Beerud Sheth, CEO, SMS GupShup said “SMS GupShup has built the largest SMS-based mobile community in India, on the foundation of a high-performance messaging platform that supports nearly 6% of India’s SMS traffic”. He added, “We are excited to enable mobilizing the Facebook service in India and look forward to delivering a great mobile experience to their users.”

“We are very excited to work with SMS GupShup, given their experience with both mobile messaging and social media in India”, said Henri Moissinac, Director of Mobile, Facebook. He added, “We realize how important it is to work with great companies in the mobile space in countries like India, and by enabling Facebook on SMS, users can now use it even when they’re not near a computer.”

As of today, according to Facebook Mobile, the social networking site has a tie-up with Tata Indicom, which uses the number 9232232665 (92FACEBOOK). To use Facebook on SMS GupShup right now we don’t have proper instructions neither from Facebook nor from SMS GupShup. I think these will be available soon.

Goto Facebook Mobile by typing in your mobile browser or visit

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goolel JAVA mobile application for Social networking, Email, Push mail, Chat, and Pics upload

Goolel is a JAVA mobile application which provides you so many things at one platform.Social networking has become very popular among everyone. Actually Goolel is Indian version of "morange".Till now there was no Indian site offering social networking. Moreover, most of such sites have been developed for the PC and then optimised for the mobiles. This really takes away the user experience. But the recently launched "Goolel" mobile application is a social networking application that changes everything. Designed specifically for cellphones this app is simple and extremely snappy to use.

Lets See what are the features of this newly launched application.

(+) JAVA Application - Large range of Mobile phone compatibility
(+) Social networking
(+) Mobile photo sharing
(+) Web surfing with application inbuilt browser
(+) Applications like Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk, MSN messenger, Push Mail
(+) Widget type interface
(-) No VOIP Support as of now

Goolel is a application which can serve your all mobile needs related with internet. All you have to pay is for your 3G/GPRS data charge. Overall, "Goolel" is a fun filled application for your mobile phones.

"Goolel" can be downloaded for free from or Nokia ovi store.

Login to for more information.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Airtel, Reliance Netconnect, TATA Photon Revise Broadband Tariffs with New offers

Broadband Price war has begin in INDIA. Yes in last few days Telecom player providing Broadband Services including Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications and TATA Communications become aggressive in their pricing for broadband plans. One after another they have announced substantial price cut in their plans.

Airtel Broadband
This is according to the News release published on the Airtel website on 28th July 2009.
Click here to check the details

** New plan offering 1 Mbps speed at Rs. 1699 - only Rs. 100 more than current 512 Kbps
** New plan offering 512 Kbps at Rs. 1099 – only Rs. 200 more than current 256 Kbps
** Introduces exciting free VAS bundle worth upto Rs. 500 every month - Unlimited gaming on Games on Demand, Anti-Virus software PC Secure, Airtel Speed on Demand and Online Desktop.

It is worth noting that these steps have came in picture after rivals Reliance and TATA are gaining popularity with their 3G wireless internet with Netconnect Broadband+ and Photon+.

Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Services
Reliance Netconnect also reduces its plan charges for its new revolutionary wireless broadband service. Along with offers for New customers, Reliance has reduced tariff plans for existing users also.

New plans in starting segments are

** 2GB of download in 750 Rs/month (previously 1 GB was costing 650Rs/month)
** 3GB of download in 850 Rs/month (previously 2.5 GB was costing 850Rs/month)
** For new connections :: Free rental for the first month OR Monthly discount of Rs. 200/- for 12 months (worth Rs. 2400/-) on any monthly rental plan above Rs. 1000/-

Check more details about tariff plans click here

TATA has not done much in regard to reduce tariff plans. But they have introduced some exciting offers like ::

** Every New connection will get one month rental waiver.
** Free 2GB pen drive, if you are placing order online.
** Minute based plans costing 1Rs/min with min rental.
Check more details about tariff plans click here

I hope this pricing war will not stop with this and we will get more and more offers and discounts. Check out for our coming post for cheap and Best GPRS plan for INDIA.

Monday, August 3, 2009

TATA DOCOMO is TATA Teleservices new GSM services

TATA Teleservices Ltd has now launched its GSM services with brand name of DOCOMO. By launching GSM service TATA has join the list of dual technology service provider after Reliance. We have waited a long to get a chance to review their services and present to you.

As always Big Brands always come with a Big Offer. TATA has come with almost similar offer which they have offered during launch of there CDMA service. “Now second is your new minute”. Yes this is the offer. TATA DOCOMO has launched their services in almost all parts of South India Tamilnadu, Orrisa, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh.

I have just thought to have a comparative study of two latest GSM launches – One is Reliance GSM Service and other one is TATA DOCOMO.

The main difference is Reliance GSM has only launch basic phone services i.e. Caliing and SMS whereas TATA DOCOMO has came with fully fledged mobile service including Calling, SMS, Mobile internet, GPRS, Voice portals, and Caller Tunes. Now let’s review services offered by TATA DOCOMO –

Network Quality
I have not got a proper network signal in all parts of city if you consider Bangalore in particular. But as it is a new network player, obviously it will take some time to give proper coverage. With the brand name of TATA, I think it will be reliable and robust.

Mobile Internet/ GPRS
There is no information whether the network is 3G ready or not. As far as common GPRS/EDGE is concerned, yes it is available in fair priced manner.

For Prepaid :: Browsing on TATA portal is Free, 1p/1KB on TATA Home Network.
Rental pack on Post Paid: Rs.99/ month (100 MB free internet usage in TATA DOCOMO Home & National Roaming Network).

Voice and SMS Based Services
These services includes news, jokes, horoscope and music services. Nothing to discuss more about it. The only point worth noting is the charges for Voice based services, in some cases these charges are based on second pulse and very low compare to other carriers.

National and International Roaming Coverage
TATA DOCOMO has physical existence only in southern part of India as of now, but they are promising seamless network coverage partnered with other operators. There is no roaming monthly rental and calls will be charged on minute pulse basis. Incoming will be charged at Rs1/min and outgoing is Rs1/min and Rs1.5/min for Local and STD respectively.

TATA DOCOMO has launched its services with a great offer in which all calls will be charged at 1 paisa/sec to any mobile or landline with lots of Free local and National SMS.

To check more about TATA DOCOMO visit ::

TATA Docomo Launches Services in MUMBAI >> 6 Aug 09

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