Sunday, August 30, 2009

Review of Reliablecalling RI limited, RI Unlimited Plan and plus India plan with RInetworks is calling card based service, which is quite popular in US people. Now they are promoting regular VOIP service i.e. equipment based VOIP service. Yes is new VOIP service. We have studied there offers, and we found them interesting in few aspects. Let’s see what is offering.


RI Limited Plan 
($5.99 Per month, After 6 month $7.99 Per month)
** Unlimited Incoming
** 750 minutes outgoing to anywhere in USA & Canada

RI Unlimited Plan 
($9.99 Per month, After 6 month $11.99 Per month)
** Unlimited Incoming
** Unlimited Outgoing to anywhere in USA & Canada

RI Unlimited Plus INDIA 
($24.99 per month)
** Unlimited Incoming
** Unlimited Outgoing to anywhere in USA, Canada & India* (2000 minutes)

Now let’s see what the unique features of RInetworks VOIP services are
(+++) 911 enables VOIP service
(+) Caller ID
(+) Voice Mail
(+) Call Waiting
(+) Voice Mail sent to Email
(+) Get one month free for every referral
(+) Low international Calling rates INDIA 1.9cents/min
(+) Excellent Voice Quality
(-) Equipment Based calling
(-) Service only covered in USA and Canada
(-) Unlimited package is not truly unlimited
(-) Installation Charge of 29.99$ and Shipping of 14.99$ for each plan

Review ::
After seeing everything about their services I must say services are very much costly one should NOT go for this. Specially their initial charges are very much high and the calls are really not unlimited, it is restricted to 2000 minutes only. I think if a company is looking for a long term customer they should avoid these type of charges. Apart from these you can guarantee about services because of name. I request readers to comment on this service.

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  1. Reliable calling is completely unreliable

  2. I took the "unlimited' monthly $24.99 plan from Reliable Calling, I was really cheated by the company which has the condition in small letters below which state that "limit is 90 min per day" and you can call only 5 numbers per day. when there ia limit of 90 min a day how are they calling it unlimited????? its a clear cheating...

  3. what chandu says that true, this is really unreliable


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