Monday, August 31, 2009 offers Free SMS to India with unique features is offering free SMS to any mobile phone in INDIA including both GSM and CDMA. This is a very unique website. Why I am saying this just have a look---

(+) Unique Mobile Identity
(+) Update your current status to all your followers in single SMS or through web “Like want to come for movie”… this is as good as group SMS.
(+) Schedule SMS to send later
(+) Set SMS reminder for your tasks
(+) Full operation possible through any mobile phone
(+) SMS receiver will receive SMS with your number
(+) 100 character Limit per SMS
(+) Online phonebook and User group Management
(+) Instant SMS delivery
(+) Unlimited Free SMS

The best thing which we like about is, we can access all feature by simple SMS (although it will be charged as premium message).

Now let’s see how to register for this service

STEP 1 :: Click here to Goto
STEP 2 :: Click on Join Button and select as individual
STEP 3 :: Fill in details like desired user name, your real INDIA mobile no, email and other details
STEP 4 :: when you click on Create my account you will receive your password through SMS on you mobile.. That’s it…..

Now you can use by logging into your account.

To register from mobile follow these steps

(If you are outside INDIA you cannot register yourself. You need to ask any of your friends in INDIA to register for you as a onetime process)

Now the most fun part… In most of the offices free sms websites are blocked, but because this is a new one, there is a 98% chance that it can work from office internet also. So, send free SMS from office. I don’t how long it will work….

So get your mobile Identity Today…..


  1. pls develop an app 4

  2. hey dude..i guess smsmeon has discontinued registration...
    i culdnt find my way to the registration page..
    if u can..plz post the link to the page...


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