Monday, August 10, 2009

Goolel JAVA mobile application for Social networking, Email, Push mail, Chat, and Pics upload

Goolel is a JAVA mobile application which provides you so many things at one platform.Social networking has become very popular among everyone. Actually Goolel is Indian version of "morange".Till now there was no Indian site offering social networking. Moreover, most of such sites have been developed for the PC and then optimised for the mobiles. This really takes away the user experience. But the recently launched "Goolel" mobile application is a social networking application that changes everything. Designed specifically for cellphones this app is simple and extremely snappy to use.

Lets See what are the features of this newly launched application.

(+) JAVA Application - Large range of Mobile phone compatibility
(+) Social networking
(+) Mobile photo sharing
(+) Web surfing with application inbuilt browser
(+) Applications like Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk, MSN messenger, Push Mail
(+) Widget type interface
(-) No VOIP Support as of now

Goolel is a application which can serve your all mobile needs related with internet. All you have to pay is for your 3G/GPRS data charge. Overall, "Goolel" is a fun filled application for your mobile phones.

"Goolel" can be downloaded for free from or Nokia ovi store.

Login to for more information.

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