Monday, March 30, 2009

Winners of $100 trial call contest, $10 for winners and rest get $5 each

Thanks for participating in 100 USD free trial cards contest from freevcalls and pingo . I got overwhelming response of this contest. I hope you will tell your friends about this contest and bring them to visit freevcalls.

We had total 27 contestants by comments and 9 contestants by email. The most used VoIP service by the contestants is nymgo, stanacard, rebtel, freecall and actionvoip

The winners of the $100 contest are
  • Harish
  • Kiran
  • Ajay
  • Jain
  • Mohamed Faisel
  • Mridul
  • shusheng
  • Jyoti
  • Rohit
  • Narendra
Congratulations, $10 trial card has been sent to all the winners. If you have not received, then please leave a comment I will send it again. 

Click here to know the method to register this trial card. ( follow the link and steps given in the blog. Registering from other link will not  guarantee free calls)

Please note that you have to use this trial card before the end of 31st March 2009 GMT.  So I request you to register this card as soon as you get this card. After 31st March, we will not be responsible for this card.

Other friends who could not win $10 cards, need not to be worry, they will also receive $5 trial card within 7 days

The 9 contestants by email are not included in the $10 contest. Bishnu and Goanews were not included because they had not given their email IDs. Those with misleading email IDs were also not included in the contest. However their email will receive a mail with $5 trial cards.

Toolani: Free Trial, Up to 25 minutes to over 230 destinations worldwide

Toolani is an Austrian company offering up to 25 minutes (limited to 50 EUR cents) free calls worldwide including India.

To receive free calls
  • Click here to Register with Toolani.
  • Enter the desired destination numbers. For each one, you will receive a corresponding local number.
  • Place your call using the local number from Toolani, which connects you to the international phone number.
  • Save the new numbers in your registered cell phone and call the local number.

You will receive a local phone number for each international number you wish to reach. Simply dial the local number and Toolani automatically connects you with the desired destination number, at a much lower price.

Toolani claims Crystal Clear Connections with Toolani Hybrid Optimization Technology, which guarantees excellent quality connections all over the world. Disturbance and noise-free. No Headset or Computer Necessary with mapped number, but you have to pay for the local call. With Personal Caller ID, Toolani transmits your own number as the sender number so the party called will recognize your number as the sender. is the same site in dutch while is in English.

We did not try any hack for this site. I think you can only go for multiple registration if you have more than one number.

Enjoy free calling.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

100 USD free trial cards contest from freevcalls and pingo

Winners announced: Click here

Freevcalls in association with pingo calling card would like to offer $10 worth free trial calls to 10 readers of this blog, which is in total $100.

We had similar promotions/contest earlier too. It is a good opportunity for our friends who could not participate last time. However this contest is open to all readers of this blog.

In order to be eligible for this promotion, you need to participate in this contest.
This contest is open for one day only (ends at 30th March 2009, 2200 Hrs GMT)

Please tell your friend to participate in this contest.

To participate you need to leave a comment under this blog by giving the answer of the following questions along with your email ID.

1. Which Phone call Voip service do you use to call your home?

2. Why do you like the service you use?

3. Did you come to know about the service from freevcalls? If NO, then please mention the name of other source.

Ten best comments will be selected for $100 free calls.

The winners will be announced on 30th March 2009, at 2300 Hrs GMT and they have to use the card before 31st March 2009 2400 Hrs. After than the card will expire.

The trial card will be send to the winners before the list is published on this blog.

Enjoy free calls

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ACTIONVOIP Betamax: Call India for less then 1 cent (34 paise per min)

I am sorry for the late posting. Now you can call India for less than one cent.

Betamax comes with another VoIP service, actionvoip offering cheapest call to India, You will not believe that its only half cent a min (34 paise per min). The only difference with other betamax services is that with action VoIP you do not get any free days.

The calling rates to India are:
India (Landline:0.50(0.60) EUR cents/min
India (Mobile):1.0(1.2) EUR cents/min

Tip: The rates in the bracket are including VAT. Register with Indian address to save 20% VAT.

Click here to visit

They offer all the services as offered by other betamax services.

PC to Phone
Local access number
SIP Based calling

Enjoy cheap calling to India.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BSNL introduces online recharge of Prepaid mobile SIM, new Special Tariff Voucher and extends grace period

Starting from 16th March 2009, BSNL has intordouced many things to the the BSNL prepaid mobile customers.

Now you can recharge/Topup your BSNL prepaid mobile SIM online (click here to know more)

BSNL also decided to extend the grance period of your SIM from 30 days to 60 days and also allows incoming call. Earlier the call was barred during this grace period. The SIM will be deactivated After 67th day of validity.

BSNL also introduces new STVs (Special Tariff Voucher), with these STVs, you can really save a lot on your local and national phone calls. Now you can make unlimited local calls for just Rs 300 INR.

Unlimited Calls STV
Local call- Own Network Unlimited free

Reduced calling Rate STV
Local calls- Own Network @ Rs.0.40/Min & Other Network @ Rs.0.60/Min

Local call- Own Network @ Rs.0.49/Min & Other Network @ Rs.0.70/Min

Local call- Own Network @ Rs.0.30/Min

Local call- Own Network @ Rs.0.10/Min

STD call- Any Network @ Rs.1.00

Own Network call - Local @ Rs.0.30/Min and STD Rs.0.60/Min

Night Call (11-07)Own - Local @ Rs.0.20/Mn and STD @ Rs.0.50/Mn

SMS Pack
Local & National SMS @ Rs.0.10/SMS

Night Local SMS- Unlimited free (11.00 PM to 07.00AM)

300 Local & National SMS Free

Data Packs
GPRS Pack- 5 MB free & usage while in home

GPRS Pack- Unlimited usage free while in home LSA:
Rs. 230.00

Monday, March 16, 2009 webchat with Yahoo, Gtalk ,AOL and MSN friends

Chatting (Text,video and Voice) is most used feature of internet. Few people use Yahoo ,While other use GTalk, MSN or AOL. There are no of websites which allows you to chat from all of these service at a single platform without insalling a software. 

Remeber the success of google chat, it was the first to offer the webchat feature integrated with email. Now Iloveim comes with web based chating platfrom where you can use any login and chat with any of the friend, it does not matter which software he/she is using. designed to use Yahoo, MSN, GTalk and AOL at one single webpage. No need to install messengers seperately. No softwares , Nothing.. You can also use voice or video chatting ( this function is very unique for web based chatting).

This website can also be useful for people who wants to chat from their office. In most of the offices chatting softwares are blocked or not installed. iloveim also beats the firewall of your network and allows you to chat freely. So you can simply log in to your internet explorer browser and start communicating with your friends.

So Logon to


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Skype Unlimited US & Canada, Unlimited Country, Unlimited Europe, Unlimited World Plans with One online number free.

Today we will disuss some plans of Skype which could be better than the plans offered by other betamax services, With these plans You can make calls any time of day, any day of the week without the need for a long term contract. All subscriptions contain online numbers that let your friends, family or business contacts reach you directly on Skype. And with your Skype To Go number you can reach your friends and family abroad at great rates using any landline or mobile phone.

Click here to see the details on skype website.

Unlimited US & Canada
Unlimited calls to US & Canada

Unlimited Country
Unlimited calls to landlines* in Your country of Interest

Unlimited Europe
Unlimited calls to landlines* in 21 European countries.

Unlimited World
Unlimited calls to landlines* in 36 countries worldwide.

VAT applied on the above rates.

Skype out discount (Click here)

This subscription comes with Call day or night, One online number, and free voice mail service.

Don't know how to clear chat history in Skype

Most of the people love Skype, its popularity and ease of use. Non of the VoIP software could become famous as skype.

While using the skype, I found the it save the chat history permanently on your local machine. Well it could be good for some but I do not prefer something software occupying my space for nothing. Moreover having some personal chats stored in your PC could also lead to some issues, so its better to delete the chat history in stead of keeping it for longer period of time.

Click here to know the step wise instructions to delete the skype chat history.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gizmo OpenSky :: Call Skype users from any mobile, web browser

If you and your friends use Skype, main problem is use of Skype is very much limited with few softwares like Skype, Fring, Iskoot. But now you may not feel this restriction. Gizmo has launched a new service named ,Opensky which allows any mobile phone, web browser or IP aware phone network (SIP, asterisk, etc) to communicate with Skype users. OpenSky supports sending text messages and voice calls.

OpenSky can be used through any High end VOIP systems(like Cisco call manager, Avaya etc), PBX, Wifi enabled phones, SIP devices and the best part , all mobile phones which doesn`t have any internet or data plan.

How to Use OpenSky

From any PC:
Go to from any browser, register (it's free and requires just an email address). Then enter a Skype ID like this: skype_echo123 (in this example echo123 is the Skype username). The skype_ indicates to GizmoCall that you want to dial a Skype user. Then click the green call button and you're ready to talk! Nothing to download or install. 1-5 minute calls are free. For longer calls you will need to buy OpenSky. This is best way...

From any mobile phone:

On your mobile phone or your PC go to and create a Gizmo5 account if you don't already have one. Be sure and enter in your mobile number including country code. Then send a text message to the OpenSky number (1-941-421-9832).

Sending an instant text message:
Here's an example of how to send an IM message to Skype name JoeThomas:

Sample SMS message to Skype Name------------------
To: 19414219832
s JoeThomas I am going to be 20 mins late for our 3pm meeting.
(Replace JoeThomas with the Skype name you want to text)

Placing a Call:
Here's an example of how to place a call to Skype name JoeThomas:

Sample SMS message to Skype Name-----------------
To: 19414219832
s JoeThomas
(Replace JoeThomas with the Skype name you want to call)

Your phone will ring and after you answer it, then your call will be connected to the Skype name you sent in the text message. Placing a call to a Skype name requires the purchase of CallOut credit from with ultra low worldwide calling rates.

How much do OpenSky calls cost?

OpenSky calls are free for 1-5 minutes from depending on how heavily the servers are being used (except mobile calls which require CallOut credit). For longer calls OpenSky can be purchased which will allow longer calls to Skype users and even create numeric aliases for Skype names so they can easily be dialed from a traditional phone. One single OpenSky account will cost arround 20$/anum which will have 2 hour per call limit, up to 10 Skype names PLUS $2 Bonus calling credit to call other numbers.

for more details on Opensky, please Click here


Gorilla Mobile Service Termination

Last year FreeVcalls has posted about 5$ free credit from Gorilla mobile. Latest news is, Gorilla Mobile has terminated is servies from 4th march onwards and all usage details and charges have been posted to your account at through April 30th 2009. No action is required to disconnect from their service. They will automatically remove all your payment information from the Gorilla Mobile site.

No need to worry for readers,who are permanent user of gorilla mobile, as this is a post paid calling provider. Your last bill will be generated and all your details will be deleted from their database.

MediaRing Talk: Unlimited free calls to US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Taiwan and Australia

Mediaringtalk is offering unlimited free calls without any commitments. Promotion is applicable to all new users as well existing customers, The best thing is no purchase necessary to get this offer. 

Unlimited Free calls are applicable to calls made to: 
Fixed & Mobile: US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong 
Fixed: United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia (Promotion does not include calls to mobile lines) 

Call India for just 1.7 cents per minute. For all other destinations, standard charges apply. 

Promotion will end on March 31, 2009 GMT 23:59. 

To make sure that everyone has an opportunity to benefit from this promotion, each call is limited to 10 minutes. However, there are no restrictions on calling the same destination multiple times. However, if you have a MediaRing Talk Out credit balance, you will not be limited to the 10 minutes, but your account will be charged at published rates for that portion of your call that exceeds 10 minutes. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

AIM Call Out service no longer available after 25th March 2009

Last year, if you remember, AIM call out had offered unlimited phone calls for two days around Mothers day with the initial purchase of as little as $5 credit (click here)

It might be possible that you made the free calls and your $5 credit remained in AIM call out, I am writing this blog to let you know that AIM Call Out service, phone call service of AOL voice services will close on March 25, 2009, and as of that date you will no longer be able to make calls with the service. 

If you have some amount left in your account, you are requested to use it completely so that you do not wait for the refund. However If you have any credit left in your account when the service shuts down, you’ll receive a refund on your method of payment within 60 days.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Nymgo: Everyday low pricing policy, slashed India calling rates to 1.3 cents

Nymgo is the first telco in the world to offer its customers the assurance of Every Day Low Pricing. To do that, they trawl the internet calls marketplace each and every day. If they find a price that's lowers, they either match it or, more usually, come in at a still lower cost.

To keep their promise, they reduce the calling rate to India. Now you can call India mobile (except BSNL 94) just for 1.3 cents per minute. Although the rates to India vary from 1.3 cetns to 2.3 cents.

So nygmo promise to bring you Every Day Low Pricing, not like betamax , which increases after the launch of the service.

With this latest reduces rates for pay as you go, they have discontinued the India promotional package (monthly subscription) 

Anyway, nymgo is a good service to try, We have not tried this service but reviews in my last post about nymgo (click here) has mixed comments. If you are going to try this service then please leave your valuable comment.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Send Unlimited Free SMS to any Indian Mobile :

Dear Readers, we have always tried to find new free stuff for you to reduce your phone bills. We have found one new website which offers totally free unlimited SMS to any mobile phone in India. To send free SMS, follow these steps

STEP 1 : Click here to signup with, Please enter your valid email ID while registration

STEP 2 : You will recieve an email to verify your email address.Click on the link provided in email .

STEP 3 : Open, and login with your username, Then goto Send SMS >> Mobile settings

STEP 4 : You need to enter an Indian Mobile no, on which they will send verification code. (for readers outside India, please ask any of your friend to register)

STEP 5 : Now you are ready to send unlimited SMS. Simply goto Send SMS >> Compose.

Please note that step 1 to 4 is onetime process. and believe us SMS delivery is very fast.Your message will get delivered instantly.


How VoIP Technology used in Mumbai terror attack

26/11 Mumbai terror attack was one of the brutal inhuman act, this act is not possible without the use of the technology. Today we will discuss how VoIP technology was used for the terror attack 

Investigations showed that the terrorists used one USA virtual number (+1-201-253-1824) and other five Austrian DID (direct inward dialling) numbers with an Austria country code. 

This USA virtual number was used by the handlers in Pak to route calls to terrorists in India. The virtual number was initially set up by a company Callphonex, by a person called Kharak Singh from India on 20-21 Oct 2008 with email ID “” (registration details can be changed) Investigations shows that this email ID was accessed many time from Pakistani IPs.

To activate the callphonex VoIP account, The initial payment of $250 was made by some Muhammad Ishfaq through a Lahore-based agent using moneygram. A second payment of $229 (186.5 EUR) was sent to Callphonex from Western union money transfer location Madina Trading, Corso Garibaldi, S3A, Brescia, BS25100, Italy on November 25, 2008, 12:15pm with MTCN: 0579326626”. The senders name is Javed Iqbal, a Holder of Pakistani passport (Number KC094281) with date of Birth December 31, 1962.

We had a chance to visit Madina trading in Brescia, Italy and see the receipt of the payment made. Freevcalls is the first one to release these photos on the website.

Receipt of the payment

The WU shop from where the money was transferred.

The investigations also reveals that the role of Pakistan government organisation - the Special Communications Organisation (SCO) - headed by Army officials, for giving telecom support to the conspirators in Pakistan and the terrorists in India.

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