Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gizmo OpenSky :: Call Skype users from any mobile, web browser

If you and your friends use Skype, main problem is use of Skype is very much limited with few softwares like Skype, Fring, Iskoot. But now you may not feel this restriction. Gizmo has launched a new service named ,Opensky which allows any mobile phone, web browser or IP aware phone network (SIP, asterisk, etc) to communicate with Skype users. OpenSky supports sending text messages and voice calls.

OpenSky can be used through any High end VOIP systems(like Cisco call manager, Avaya etc), PBX, Wifi enabled phones, SIP devices and the best part , all mobile phones which doesn`t have any internet or data plan.

How to Use OpenSky

From any PC:
Go to from any browser, register (it's free and requires just an email address). Then enter a Skype ID like this: skype_echo123 (in this example echo123 is the Skype username). The skype_ indicates to GizmoCall that you want to dial a Skype user. Then click the green call button and you're ready to talk! Nothing to download or install. 1-5 minute calls are free. For longer calls you will need to buy OpenSky. This is best way...

From any mobile phone:

On your mobile phone or your PC go to and create a Gizmo5 account if you don't already have one. Be sure and enter in your mobile number including country code. Then send a text message to the OpenSky number (1-941-421-9832).

Sending an instant text message:
Here's an example of how to send an IM message to Skype name JoeThomas:

Sample SMS message to Skype Name------------------
To: 19414219832
s JoeThomas I am going to be 20 mins late for our 3pm meeting.
(Replace JoeThomas with the Skype name you want to text)

Placing a Call:
Here's an example of how to place a call to Skype name JoeThomas:

Sample SMS message to Skype Name-----------------
To: 19414219832
s JoeThomas
(Replace JoeThomas with the Skype name you want to call)

Your phone will ring and after you answer it, then your call will be connected to the Skype name you sent in the text message. Placing a call to a Skype name requires the purchase of CallOut credit from with ultra low worldwide calling rates.

How much do OpenSky calls cost?

OpenSky calls are free for 1-5 minutes from depending on how heavily the servers are being used (except mobile calls which require CallOut credit). For longer calls OpenSky can be purchased which will allow longer calls to Skype users and even create numeric aliases for Skype names so they can easily be dialed from a traditional phone. One single OpenSky account will cost arround 20$/anum which will have 2 hour per call limit, up to 10 Skype names PLUS $2 Bonus calling credit to call other numbers.

for more details on Opensky, please Click here


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  1. I'm actually trying this out through sms and i've never receive the call, i live in canada, can anybody help me with this?


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