Monday, March 30, 2009

Winners of $100 trial call contest, $10 for winners and rest get $5 each

Thanks for participating in 100 USD free trial cards contest from freevcalls and pingo . I got overwhelming response of this contest. I hope you will tell your friends about this contest and bring them to visit freevcalls.

We had total 27 contestants by comments and 9 contestants by email. The most used VoIP service by the contestants is nymgo, stanacard, rebtel, freecall and actionvoip

The winners of the $100 contest are
  • Harish
  • Kiran
  • Ajay
  • Jain
  • Mohamed Faisel
  • Mridul
  • shusheng
  • Jyoti
  • Rohit
  • Narendra
Congratulations, $10 trial card has been sent to all the winners. If you have not received, then please leave a comment I will send it again. 

Click here to know the method to register this trial card. ( follow the link and steps given in the blog. Registering from other link will not  guarantee free calls)

Please note that you have to use this trial card before the end of 31st March 2009 GMT.  So I request you to register this card as soon as you get this card. After 31st March, we will not be responsible for this card.

Other friends who could not win $10 cards, need not to be worry, they will also receive $5 trial card within 7 days

The 9 contestants by email are not included in the $10 contest. Bishnu and Goanews were not included because they had not given their email IDs. Those with misleading email IDs were also not included in the contest. However their email will receive a mail with $5 trial cards.


  1. hi this is bishnu
    i am surprised to know that i didn't give email boz wile posting the comment i put my gmail id in the blow optionn commnet as:.......
    hope you will think about me my email id is

  2. Hello Vikas

    I Have Received The Calling card from You.

    Thanks a lot. Looking forward for more Contests from u.

  3. Dear Vikas,
    i am really happy with the pingo service. Thanks for choosing me a winner. Pingo service is really good.

  4. please let me know, how long my card is valid, as i used few minutes of the talk time to India

  5. problem with verifyng actionvoip account...what to do???

  6. Hi There,

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  7. Thanks vikas,

    I got the trial card with around 3 hours of talk time. Its a lot.

    Thanks again

  8. Thank you soo much vikas...

    I have 3 hours of talk time... wow..

    And the service also wonderful...

    Thanks a lot... :)

    Mohamed Faisel

  9. hello vikas

    I received the trial card


  10. hello vikas,

    thanks a lot , i have received and successfully registered the pingo card send by you.
    freevcalls has once again proved to be numero uno

  11. Hello Vikas,

    I can't express in words how Happy I was by seeing my name in Winner List. I've received the trial card and registered at Pingo successfully. Thanks for everything, keep up the good work, Really appeciate your work, Thanks a Ton, may god bless you.


  12. hi Vikas,
    I just checked my mails, then i saw ur blog, but i think i am lil late, anyway congrats to all winners, Vikas u really are a GEM,


    In case it works my mail id is

  13. See it's not from Betamax but offers calls for just 1 cent flat (no minute charges)!

  14. Hi vikas
    thanks for sending me the 10 dollor card to me and looking for the new offer and new information about the voip world
    thanks again

  15. Hi Vikas,

    Thanks a lot for your trial cards.

    I made calls using both regular phone and soft phone on the Pingo website. The quality of calls was pretty good, but the one using regular phone was better.

    By the way, how long can use the cards? Do I have to use them within a day otherwise they will be expired?


  16. thanks alot vikas
    i have received and successfully registered the pingo card send by you.


  17. send me the card as well my id is


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