Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stanacard promo code: Spend 10 USD and get 40+ USD, Call India at 57 paise per min

STANA CARD ~ CALLING CARD OF THE NEXT GENERATION, is an US based company that mentions that “Stana Card is the only calling card that frees you from dialing Access Numbers, PIN–codes, and long 011–international phone numbers.

Stanacard offers the calls to India at 0.047 USD (around 2.30 Rs per min, and 57 paise per min after reading this blog). 

<<Register at Stana Card (Click here to register)>>

Now what is the deal here, there are many companies offering similar calling rates to India.

Here is the deal.

You must have an USA ,Canada, Russia or any number from Europe and a valid credit card, that’s it. Then you need to buy 10 USD credit and you will be given 10 USD for free, so the call rate to India is reduced by half (0.0235 USD and 1.15 Rs per min), then you refer your friends, for example you have referred 10 friends and out of 10, two signed up with 10 USD each, they will get 20 USD, but this promotional program you will also get 20 USD for free, Gr8!!!!! So your calling rate is reduced by quarter (0.0118 USD and around 57 paisa per min) WOW!!!! If your new friends kept on signing, you will keep on receiving 10 USD each time if a new friend signs up, after some time you are calling India for almost FREE .

If your friend circle is quite large, then for the next six months you need to buy any phone out credits to make call to India.

Then why are you waiting for, please follow the following procedure

  1. Register at Stana Card (Click here to register)

  2. Then on the website, click one the top of the page where is shows “click here OPEN YOUR FREE ACCOUNT NOW

  3. (You need to register your email, after registering, you will see this message (Account confirmation email was sent to the email address that you provided.))

  4. Check your mail and verify your account and complete the details, Like your password, Name and the phone that you are going to make the call.

  5. You will see a PROMO code “238021” inside the box of Enter PROMO CODE (if you have one), If you do not see this code or a different code, please indicate this PROMO code “238021” to get extra 10 USD credit into your account. Free calling card voucher code for

If you do not use this code or wrong code, you will not get free 10 USD credit.

Trick: If you own two numbers and two credit cards, first register one number and then register another number by referring from first number. You will get 50 USD after spending 20 USD.

Apart from this, stana card allows you to take smart dial numbers, you need not to dial the access number and then PIN and then the Indian telephone number again and again, one you register a new phone, it will provide you an local telephone number, just use this number and call this number, you call will be connected.

They have access numbers in the USA ,Canada, Russia,Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom and also toll free access within US. (click here)

Those blogger who are copying this blog and writing this by themselves also needs to mention this promo code, otherwise your blog readers will not get the benefit of this offer. (I do not mind if you copy and write for this blog)


  1. NO need to specify any promo code on Stana card to get 10 USD


  2. Hi Anony (no name)
    I am not sure about it that no need to specify promocode on stanacard. I have used the promocode and I got on purchase of 10 USD I got 20 USD.If you are sure then you do not mention the promocode. But I am not sure. It is not written anywhere on the stanacard website that they will give you free 10 USD without using the promocode.

    Anyone who got 10 USD extra after using this promocode, please leave the comment

    Anyone who has got 10 USD without suing promocode, please leave a comment.



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