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Call India for Rs 1 per minute, cheapest call to India

Warning: use betamx services at your own risk, Betamax GmbH & Co is a Köln, German company which has the following voip services.
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First they offer cheap calls, and later on they block your account.

First of all, I would like to thank all the visitors of this blog for spreading freeVcalls to all your near and dear one, and hope that your patronage will continue to give the benefit to our family and friends to be in touch with each other without paying anything or for paying very less. I will do my best to find out the best ways to call to India. I request all the visitors to subscribe this blog that you can receive the updates through email. I also request all of you to forward this blog to all of your friends to get the benefit.

How can you make cheap calls?
You will use nonoh web calling service. nonoh offers phone to phone web initiated calling service. Call to India costs 2 euro cents per min for cellphones and 2.5 cents to landlines, but only if you call from any of the free destination. Please note that the call cost will increase in you make a call from a paid destination (but don't worry this blog will solve this problem)

Before going to tell you the procedure, I would like to tell you the good things about nonoh.

Good Features of Nonoh

1. You can call for very cheap cheapest (To India and From India).

2. The voice quality is superb and the call connects like you are calling in the same country.

3. Your family or friends in India can use your login and password and call you whenever they like (Suitable for boy/girl friends, husband/wives and parents) If they call to free listed countries, then the call will cost 1.1 Rs per min, if they call to not free destinations, then you have to check the rate. In that cases I will suggest them to use their normal ISD enabled phone to make the call. For example, if your parents are calling you on the landlines in Italy the call will cost 2.0+1.5 = 3.5 (Rs 2.00) Cents or calling on the cell phone in Italy then the call will cost 2.0+8.0=10 Cents (Rs 5.50 ) which is cheaper than the normal ISD rate (9.00 Rs per min to Europe) but if you are calling to UK mobile then better to call by normal ISD.

4. No need of broadband (If you are not using free incoming US number) suitable for Indian environment, where one is having dial up connection can use Internet to initiate the call, once the call is connected, You do not need Internet. In another cases (yahoo voice, skype) you need broadband to make call.

5. No connection fee, as other betamax providers, like voipcheap, justvoip etc.

6. Provides many ways to purchase credits.

What you have to do to make the call.??.
You need to follow four steps to make this cheapest call.

1. Register your self at nonoh (,

Don't forget to select India as your country (To save 20% EU Taxes), after successful registration, you must verify your account by downloading the exe file from nonoh.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What are Moneybookers and Paypal?

Update: Now Paypal also supports INR trasfer via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) system

Most of us find difficulty in finding the safe ways to purchase the credits for the VoIP calls. We are not sure that the site where we are giving our credit card information is safe or not. This blog will help you to know about the safe way to transact online without giving information on the web.

To Open the Moneybookers account click here.

To open the Paypal account click here.

Please read the blog carefully, I hope at the end you would like my post and open free account with them.

moneybookers and PayPal are international payment gateways which provides safe online transactions without sharing your your information on the website. Moneybookers is UK based company and Paypal is US based, but in July it came into Europe also. Paypal is associated with e-bay. These two accounts come with bundle of features that can be used in out daily life, if you are an international personality. I would like to mention that these accounts are highly secured.
The security is really too much, and moneybookers has more security features. you will realise once you open the account. For eg. You will not be able to transact online unless you verify your identity (address, phone and other information).

I am listing the few benefits of these two accounts
1. International Payment (You can pay in any currency, independent of credit card) For example if you have your credit card in USD and want to pay in EUR, they you have to pay the transaction fee to your bank, but with these accounts you save this fee
2. Credit card information is safe (Your information is known to only moneybookers or Paypal which are FSA regulated)
3. You need not to type your details each time you transact online
4. Send and receive money from your friends in seconds, it does not matter where you are and which is your currency
5. You need not to keep money into these accounts, you can upload funds whenever you want.

6. These accounts are free, no hidden fee and Many More....

As an Indian, I would prefer to use Moneybookers because it transact in INR also and you can send money to India in few seconds and only in 50 cents.

Almost all the VoIP providers accept payments either from one or both. I request readers of this post to open both the accounts as soon as you read this post, because you need not to pay to keep this account active. I hope that it would be useful for you.

(You can read the terms and conditions on their website for more details)

If you have any query, please write me your comment, I would be happy to answer it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jajah, Unlimited free call hack, India ,UK, Germany and Many more

This blog is modified for unlimited free calls to India and from India,

Please forward this blog to as many as of your friends so that they can also try the free calls,

I request all of you to try this from your country and write a comment in both cases if it works or it doesnot work, so that everybody will come to know and will not waste time trying for their country. please write a comment

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Talkplus offers free calls to India (landlines only)

Talkplus offers free calls to India (landlines only), 110 Mins Sure and Upto 200 Mins (Please read the Hack below)

Go to:

Select your country and phone number
then select Your Friend's phone number (Indian Landline number)
Then Call

First your phone will ring and once you pickup the phone, your call will be connected and you will be able to talk for 10 mins.

If you don't have an incoming number then don't worry, read this blog "Free Incoming Number"

Now there is a hack, by which you can make 110 Mins of free calls

landline numbers are 10 digit number for eg, a Delhi landline number would be +91(0)1129876543 and if you call a 11 digit number 11298765430, 11298765431 or 11298765439 it will ring the same phone because the first 10 digit of the phone is same,

First you can call with your 10 digit telephone numbers, then you get 10 mins free, now start changing the last digit on both the numbers from 0-9, you will get total of 110 mins of free calls.

If you get message "Trial Time Expired Please sign up or login" then put the 11th digit (between 0-9) at the end of both the numbers and if you still have the same message then start changing the 11th digit.

When every combination is finished, then you can check "Call-through instead of call-back" you will get a local number for the trial call, when you call the local number, your phone will be connected to Indian telephone number.

Please leave a comment if you could call and also leave a comment if you could not call

avail and enjoy this free calls before it is blocked

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Free US telephone

This blog will help you to get a US telephone number for free, it does not matter which part of the world you are and who is calling you. You can make calls to anywhere in the world and also you can receive the calls from anywhere in the world for free. Its simple, after registration you will receive a US incoming number and if some body calls you on that number, your computer will ring and you will receive the call.

I enjoy it very much because of its free incoming feature, because you can say your friends that you are in US
How can you do it?
This free service is provided by Talkdigits, it is a “Free Phone Service Over Your Internet” and provides free incoming US number, the quote like this “Get a real US Phone Number to make and receive phone calls absolutely free! Get an extra phone line without paying one extra penny!”
1. Go to or
2. Download the softphone from
(you can download the softphone in two flavors, vanilla or pineapple flavor)
3. Choose the type of yor phone
4. Register yourself of the site,
5. Then you can save and install the software.
Now you can see your Free US number on the phone.

Enjoy the free incoming number…

Don’t forget to leave your comment.
Upcoming Blog
Call India for almost free 2 cents per min from anywhere in the world, now why to waste time searchin for free and bad quality calls to India. I am writing this blog and soon you will see...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cheap SMS to India (30 paise per sms)

I thank all visitors of this blog, I need all your support to find the ways to write a blog for the free calls and sms to India.

This blog will help you to send SMS to India for almost free (30 paise per sms) but you need help of your friend or family and their mobile number in India to register and in some cases to buy the credits .

For 30 paise per sms
Most of you might be aware of sancharnet, dial up internet conncetion service by bsnl. Those who already have this account and still it is valid can start sending SMS right now.
Those not having account, need to buy a new sancharnet voucher from the BSNL offices in India and register for the sancharnet account at
For more information visit and for instructions for sms visit
login at for sending sms (for the technical reasons do not use for sms)

for 50 paise per sms
visit and register your self.
Using SMSJunction you can send free SMS to BSNL Mobiles all over India but BSNL user whom you are sending messages to should be subscribed to UMS (UNIFIED MESSAGING SERVICE) system of BSNL. I am not sure how many BSNL users use this service in India.

For 55 paise per sms

For Rs 1. per sms
Visit, after registration, you will be allowed to send 2 free sms. You can buy the credits using your credit card or paypal.

If you know more cheaper option, please leave a comment, your support is required to help our friends to find the best ways to call and send sms to india.
Up Coming Blog:
Call India for almost free 2 cents per min from anywhere in the world, now why to waste time searchin for free and bad quality calls to India. I am writing this blog and soon you will see...

We love India

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cheapest Calls to India

Please refer to my last blog about Call India for 1.1 Rs per minute , but this is limited to only for the people belong to free countries list.

This blog will help you to find out the other cheapest way to call to India.

Here is the ranking.

First: I still feel that nonoh ( is the cheapest way to call to India, but depends on which country you are living.

Second: 12VoIP ( is the second cheapest, you can call india only for 3 cents per min (around 1.75 Rs per min) and it is independent of the country from where you are calling. You can call using your PC.

Third: Globe7 (Click here for details), you can call india for approx 2 Rs per min.

Fourth: Justvoip (, you can call India for for 3.5 cents per min (around 2.1 Rs per min) and it is independent of the country from where you are calling. You can call using your PC.
You can goto the website and download the softphone, register yourself, verify yourself >>buy the credits and start calling very cheap..... Please not that the quality is excillent even if is very cheap. Apart from that it takes seconds to get your call connected. (I am not very much sure about the Globe7)

PS: This blog will be updated soon with all the details, I was going out of station so tried to put the information is short form.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami

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