Monday, August 27, 2007

Call India for 1.1 Rs per minute

This blog will help you to call India for 1.1 Rs per minute if you own mentioned phone in any of the following countries (free destinations, you can make free calls to these destinations)

Argentina (Landline)
Australia (Landline)
Austria (Landline)
Belgium (Landline)
Bolivia (Landline)
Brazil (Landline)
Bulgaria (Landline)
Canada (Landline & Mobile)
China (Landline)
China (Mobile)
Croatia (Landline)
Czech Republic (Landline)
Denmark (Landline)
Estonia (Landline)
Finland (Landline)
France (Landline)
Germany (Landline)
Greece (Landline)
Hong Kong (Landline)
Hungary (Landline)
Ireland (Landline)
Japan (Landline)
Latvia (Landline)
Malaysia (Landline)
Netherlands (Landline)
Norway (Landline)
Panama (Landline)
Peru (Landline)
Poland (Landline)
Portugal (Landline)
Puerto Rico (Landline)
Romania (Landline)
Russian Federation (Landline)
Singapore (Landline)
Slovak Republic (Landline)
Slovenia (Landline)
South Korea (Landline)
Spain (Landline)
Sweden (Landline)
Switzerland (Landline)
Taiwan (Landline)
Thailand (Landline)
Thailand (Mobile)
Turkey (Landline)
United Kingdom (Landline)
United States (Landline)
Venezuela (Landline)

How can you make cheap calls?
You will use nonoh web calling service. nonoh offers phone to phone calling service. Call to India costs 2 euro cents per min if you call from any of the free destination. Please note that the call cost will increase in you make a call from a paid destination.

What you have to do to make the call......
1. Go to

2. Register your self by clicking sign up
(After registration you can make 60 mins of free calls between the free destination countries. To make a call to India, you must have credits)
3. Purchase the credits (Plese see the rate list before purchasing the credits)
(You can use many payment options, I like money bookers because it offers INR transactions also)
click here to open a moneybookers account, its very easy and safe.

Once you open the money bookers account you will enjoy it.

Once you have purchased the credits, you can start making cheap call to India...

This is the cheapest calling option that I have found so far..,

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