Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Yahoo! Mail to offer free SMS to India

Yahoo! Mail is soon going to change to new look and going to introduce many features..

The new features includes chatting (already working) and free text messaging (SMS) to mobile phone numbers in the US, Canada, India, and the Philippines, and the ability to send instant messages (IM) from Yahoo! Mail to members of the world's largest combined IM community, including users of Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live(R) Messenger(2).

To send a text message, press the “t” key or click Text Message (SMS) under New. Then enter a mobile number in the “To:…” field. You can also use a mobile number from your Contacts list. Now type your message and hit Send.

Earlier the messages were free but limited to 3 messages per mobile number. Now you can enjoy the unlimited free SMS feature from your yahoo mail.

Jai Bharat
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  1. This is not working for me??? I have yahoo account,but cant find this facility. Are you sure about this??

  2. in future you will find this facility, still it is not working, but due to competition in the market, yahoo will soon implemet it

  3. Hi did you see the site free sms site

  4. hello,
    I found and tried this free unlimited sms to all network website. You can send unlimited texts to all Philippine subscribers.
    We can also meet new friends and txtmates through discussion and chat.

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