Friday, August 24, 2007

Ten Minutes free calls to India

Dear Friends,

This is the first blog of this website. This is the initial effort to provide you all the way to call India for free of for very cheap.

This blog will help you can call India for ten minutes absolutely free and the best thing is that you need not to register your self to any site.

Most of you know about Jahah, It is giving five minutes non stop free calls to India. Please follow these following steps

1. Go to website
2. Type your number in My Phone Number.
3. Type the destination member, India or other countries, but I am sure for India.
4. Then make a call

In this way you will get undisrupted five mins calls. After five mins, the call will be disconnected and you will not be able to place call anymore from the same ip and same phone number.

To get another five minutes, tell your friend, relative in india to repeat the same procedure, from India with the Indian ip and his phone number. This time the source number is Indian numbers and the destination number is yours.

Enjoy this 10 mins calling for free free...

Upcoming posts.....

1. Call India for 1.1 Rs per minute......(legal without hack)
2. Send SMS to India for 30 paise per minute....(legal without hack)
3. Free SMS to Europe (Hack)


  1. Is it possible to so within India? I mean from an Indian mobile to another Indian mobile??

  2. when r u telling about calling india at Rs1.1 per minute??? i m desperately waiting for that...wud be reallly thankful if u can telll

  3. Thank you for the response,

    I am not in India, so I can not try the call from and to India. I think it should work but I am not sure, if you can try and let me know. I would be thankful to you.

    About Rs. 1.1 per min call, I will post the blog within this week, plese keep visiting this bolg and tell you friends about this.

  4. hello sir plz help me
    i tried jajah onse after that it will show like this "Mobile number is already registered at JAJAH
    Skip this step and sign up free"
    plz help me as soon as possible

    thank u


  5. Hi anony..., your problem will be solved

    please read this blog

    Jajah Unlimited free call hack, India ,UK, Germany and Many more

    There would not be any problem of registration


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