Monday, November 12, 2007

Unlimited free call hack, India ,UK, Germany and Many more

It is free call, but with good quality . Please read it carefuly to fully understand and make free calls

Can anybody think to make it working from everywhere in the world?
This hack is about jajah, jajah is a leading VoIP provider, may be just after skype (I do not like skype, it is hell costly) It enables web-activated VOIP calls between two landline or mobile phones. Jajah offered five minutes free trail calls from many countries to many countries. with this hack you can convert this five mins of free trial calls to 50000 Minutes of free call. This hack has been tested from UK, India, Germany, If you do not live in UK, India or Germany, you have to check for your country, if it supports this hack, and write a comment so that I can update the list.

What you have to do to make Unlimited Free Calls.

1. Download firefox,
You need firefox to delete your cookies.
2. Go to website
3. Type your number in My Phone Number,
4. Type the destination member, India or other countries, but I am sure for India.
5. Then make a call. :)

You will hear a voice message and your call will be connected.

After five mins of free trial call, your call will be disconnected automatically, now Follow these following steps

1. Delete your cookies, For firefox Goto Tools>>Options..>>Privacy>>Cookies and then check out (un select) the box "Allow sites to set cookies" and then press ok.
2. Go to website

3. Type your number in My Phone Number,(
add or change the additional digits after 5 mins)
4. Type the destination member, India or other countries, but I am sure for India.
5. Then make a call. :)

You will hear a voice message and your call will be connected. You can talk for another five mins, keep on deleting the cookie and changing the number and enjoy unlimited free calling.

If you still have the problem in making free trail calls, then read this blog completely and try to understand how it works, you can also leave a comment, I will reply asap.

Please read the description if you have problem in making calls

After clicking for your first call, first your phone will ring and once you pickup the phone, then a short message from jajah, and then your phoen will be connected. In this way you will get undisrupted five mins calls. After five mins, the call will be disconnected and you will not be able to place call anymore from the same phone number.

Why can you not change your number?
Jajah determines your IP and assign your country code. once you make a free trial call, jajah sets a cookie and your number is stored into computer memory that you can not change. Jajah also stores your number on the server, Now you can not make free trial call from your number that you used last time. If you try to make, it will give a message "You have used up your free minutes. Please register."

To avoid this and make free call you need to do two things
1. Clean your cookie
2. Change your number.

How to delete cookies?
You can do this thing with internet explorer, but I request you to download and install firefox so that you do not loose your stored information in internet explorer.

After download, first disable your cookies
For firefox
Goto Tools>>Options..>>Privacy>>Cookies and then check out (un select) the box "Allow sites to set cookies" and then press ok.
For Internet Explorer
Goto Tools>>Internet Options..>>In General tab you will see Browsing history now click on the delete button to delete the Cookies and history. (But you will loose your other stored information) then press ok.
(Please note that You have to delete cookie after each call)

By doing so, your number will not be stored into your PC.

How to change your number stored on the jajah server?
you can not change it but you can add additional digits to the number for eg, a If you have a landline number 1129876543 and if you add an additional digit to your number 11298765430, 1129876543123 or 112987654390059 it will ring the same phone because the first 10 digit of the phone is same. Doing so every time you make a call, jajah will recognize it as a new number.
Jajah supports 14-16 digit number of India, UK, Germany and many more country (try this If your country supports) but most of the telephone numbers are 10 digits only, If your number is 10 digit (for eg 1129876543 ) and if you add additional 4 digits at the end (11298765439999) the same phone will ring but the server will recognize as different number. So start with adding 0 at the end of your number and endup with the maximum supported digits for eg 999999, In this case you can me 5000000 Mins of free calls, seems to be unlimited.
All US number are restricted to 10 digits, so you can not add additional digit to your number, so the call is limited to 5 mins only.
Italian telephone numbers are with varying length and maximum supported length is 11 digit, but most of the telephone numbers are 10 digits so if you add 11th digit, you can make 11 calls of 5 mins each.
So, every time you finish your five minutes free trial call, start adding or changing the additional digits (from 0-999999 or to maximum supported length) to your number. In this way you can make unlimited free calls.

To make Unlimited free call repeat the procedure shown above
If you have another number, then your free talk time is doubled.

If you have any problem, please leave a comment, I will reply it asap. I am here to help you.

I request all of you to try this from your country and write a comment in both cases if it works or it doesn't work, so that everybody will come to know and will not waste time trying for their country. please write a comment

Enjoy free calling. Keep visiting this blog for more chap and free calling option and forward this blog to your all friends.


  1. Hey Vikas,

    Why are you keep posting the same blog again and again. Post some new information if any.
    There is no new information gettimh updated on ur blog for the past many days. I think now this blog is of no use.

  2. Dear
    I always look for something interesting stuff to write, I try my best. But I am all alone to check all and then write the blog, sometimes, it works and while writing the blog it stops working.
    I have four half written blogs with me.

    I have recently written the voiceglobe blog of 28 mins of free calls to India. Hope you will like, I am testing one hack for one website and soon I will write it.


  3. Can you please provide the link for a blog to make 28 mins of free calls to India.


  4. Hi,

    This is the link to make know about 28 miutes of free call

    Please read the latest post of this blog

    Do not forget to write your comment


  5. Hey Vikas,

    Sorry buddy.... If u feel bad about my first comment.
    I now really appreciate ur work...

    u rocks... :)

    Thanks... :)

  6. Dear Indian Friend

    If you are in India and want to call then its 100% working without any problem.

    My friends from India has called me many time with the same numbre and still they have more than 50000 minutess left.

    First let me clear

    1. You can make call from India to any destination marked as free, like US/Canada (landline and mobile) Europe (landline only) and vice versa.

    2.YOu can not make call from India to India. Initialy I thought that it will work within India, but the cost of call for jajah is more so its not working.

    Now, read the blog again and try to call your friends living abraod, and let me know if you are facing any problem, I will help you.

    PS: This works for only five minutess from US and eleven minutes from Italy


  7. Hey Vikas..Its Surya again. I followed the steps u have mentioned for But, my system gave me a warning message that the site's security certificate has expired. But, keeping belief on ur blog i carried fwd and got registered. Will it be any problem in my system in future say some virus creeping in. Also, my IP address was known to them. Will it be a problem in future. Also, I havnt got a confirmation mail. I had used yahoomail ID as it didnt take rediff ID. Can i download softhone without any problem to my computer.Plz let me know. If so..i wont use it. Plz reply immly as normally do..



  8. Dear Surya,

    1. You need not to worry about the security certificate as you have not given your credit card details

    2. About the IP address details, its not a problem, even when you check your yahoo, gmail or rediffmail your IP is known to them. whenever you visit any site, your IP is tracked, Even I know the IPs of the visitors of my blog.

    3. There would not be any virus. Security certificate is only for the secure transactions or authentification.

    4. I think voiceglobe neighter works with yahoo nor with any commercial email IDs, you should have business ID for that. I do not know how you were able to register with yahoo.


    If not then you have to register again with your business ID, if you have.

    Download the softphone, only after receiving the second mail with approved account information, if you do not have the account information, it is useless to download the softphone.

    Hope I have answered everything, if you have any further query, please leave your comment,I would be happy to answer.

    Please forward it to your friends

  9. I have my biz. ID ie Company's mail ID. But I dare not to give it. I wonder whether its worth giving my company ID. Plz ink ur thoughts.


  10. Thanks you for your patient comments. In addition to my previous comment, could you please answer to this comment also. In nonoh site, while checking the rates, there is a line which says 'You will be charged for calls to both sides'. what does this mean exactly.



  11. Dear Surya,

    Its upto you to give your business ID, but I do not think there is some problem except spaming,

    About nonoh, please read the nonoh blog carefully, you will understand.

    Nonoh connects two calls, if both side calls are free then you will not be charged for any call, if both side calls are not free, you will be charged for both.

    and if one side is free then you will be charged for only one side call. Hope its clear now

    Feel free to write if you have further query


  12. Hi Vikas,

    I read ur blog and currently I am living in Australia though I am for calling to India i went to and tried to make a test call but is says that test calls are not available right now........u have to reigster first.....then i got myself registered...but then too I am unable to call anyone...could you please help me that how can I call frre of charge to india.....???
    waiting for your reply


  13. Hi Gaurav

    sorry for the late reply

    Jajah is still working, but I am not sure from Australia,

    YOU can read these blogs to make free calls, I hope it will work


  14. Hi Vikas.....dis is gaurav..frm Aus...
    You had replied me last time...and i was succesful in making some free calls to india from jajah for one day.....but now on the next day the free calls have stopped.....i m regularly changing my number....but the phone doesnt rings anymore and automatically the page refreshes and it comes to the homepage where i have to again insert my phone no and my friends;s phone....
    plz reply and help


  15. Dear Gaurav
    Hacks are Hacks, not paid serivce, it works temporarily, if you are lucky you use it, otherwise you do not, jajah hack almost worked for more than two months. Still it works some times,

    keep on visitng this site, I hope to find some more hacks to make free calls worldwide.


  16. Its not working for USA. just 5 mins of call.

  17. Hi Vikas.......

    Recently two three days back the site of jajah was under maintenance and construction...........and now today i have been trying to make calls through Jajah but the same message is coming with every number i am trying......that is " YOU HAVE USED UP UR FREE MINUTES PLEASE REGISTER"........has jajah stopped working or has Jajah removed the bug from its system which enabled us to make calls......Is there any other service like Jajah??
    Waiting for your reply.........THANKS A LOT

  18. hey vikas..

    as i m in UK, i tried wit jajah call INDIA.. using firefox...
    spoke for 5 mins..n got d/c...
    thn tryin ur steps..but still it says tat i hav used my FREE minutes....

    Am I doin sumthing wrong... or has JAJAH recognised its mistake??

  19. Hello friends,

    I can call to USA through jajah now..I have make 4 US calls today..
    please try now ..

    All the best..

  20. hey Vikas

    If I add numbers at the end its saying that source number is not valid. Please let me know whether its still working or not


  21. Hi,
    Ok, I will try call India service..

  22. Can I do it from Singapore? the numbers are 10 digits for Landline as well as mobile....



  23. Hi sam,

    This hack is quite old, I do not if it works, but you can try and leave your comment. I hope it still works.

    From Italy it worked for 55 mins, and from India to outside, my friends called me many times for free.

  24. Hi Vikas is there any cheap or free calls available in the Philippines. I used rebtel and refer every friends phone number I know... They already put in their $10 before I read your profile so basically, I have that 400 of free minutes for refering 40 friends. The sad part is that they already put in their first $10 dollar before I came accross your blog... Any good stuff available to call philippines out there. Thanks a bunch, I truly appreciate what you do...

    D Ginios

  25. Hi Vikas; will you be able to find out if rebtel is still accepting phone number from hawaii. Since hawaii is part of U.S. I was able to registered most of my friends phone but when I tried again today it didn't seems to work.


  26. HI Vikas,
    i m mukesh and advice that how i can call from india to india free unlimited like jajah.......

  27. Hi vikas nice work !!!!
    b4 1 yr i tried ur hack (jajah) it really workd
    now it s not working askin me 2 register n der s no free trial i think..hope u post some other gud hacks

    thanks in advance
    kind regards from
    Shalini Agarwal

  28. Hey bikash
    You r right jajah works to call free to India.but unfortunately that does not work to Bangladesh.Do u know any service allows free calls to Bangladesh? I am waiting for ur

  29. i think the free trial is no more... wen i tried it said to skip this step n sign up

  30. hi vikas,
    its not workign from uk..........

    If you have found any update then please post.
    UK to india.............

  31. hi vikas

    i am in japan and want to make free calls to india. is there any option for free calling to india?

    also i tried mediaring talk once, this offers good service. for first few days it is ok but after that i m getting problem in my inbuilt mike of my laptop. i tried reinstalling the driver for mike and also re-installed the mediaring software.
    the mike works until the mediaring talk is installed but as soon as i open the mediaringtalk client, the mike stops working.
    is there any solution fro this?

    when my mike stops aorking i always have to restore my laptop settings to some earlier day so that the mike starts working again.

    please help me.


  32. Hi Raj

    I am not sure what is the solution of your problem.., sometimes there is conflict between the two softwares/drviers you install on your PC...

    May be you can try to use your device instead of Windows default device under tools>>Option>>Audio Device.

    Choosing correct device could solve the problem

    Good luck

  33. hi vikas....
    i have got the solution

    thank you

  34. Hi Vikas,

    It seems your helping a lot of people by poviding such a valuable information anad providing them suggestions.i would also be thankful to you if you can help me in making free calls to india from uae,or atleast get me the cheapest calling plans to india from uae.

  35. Hi Vikas,

    Pls tell me wat could be done for USA customores to make unlimited call using jajah though caling # is limited to 10 digits... have u found any solution, if so pls share with us, Thanks in advance

  36. i am in russia i have tried but its not working for india....

  37. i am in germany and want to make free calls to india. is there any option for free calling to india?

  38. I tried jajah. I entered source and destination phone number. Then I hit "CALL" button.....
    No responce...

  39. I tried jajah. I entered source and destination phone number. Then I hit "CALL" button.....
    No responce...

  40. dear vikas there is telling about you should first signup free then make a five minut call free

  41. hiiiiiiiii....
    i am deepen..
    Can i meke fre calls from india to india.....
    if yes...then please rply...

  42. dear i m in canada i tried free call
    then i try to follow ur tnstructions but its no working .signup massage again and again

  43. nice post and nice information. thanks

  44. Helo vikas, if any way to creat wapsite online and earn money from it (without paypal) in india without any investment, plz tel soon.

  45. Hy vikas, i am satyam, if you know any way to creat wapsite online free and earn money from it, then plz tel me soon. . .

  46. Hi..
    I want to make unlimited free calls through within pls send me details to my mail id (,if it is possible..

  47. Dialsimple has lowered the rates to call India and now you can make call to India just in 1.99 cents per minute and get a crystal clear
    Also you can earn free credit on by just paying some quizzes or solving some puzzles. To earn free credit signup and visit voice without worrying about the balance expiring in month time or weeks time as in most of the other providers case. link and choose any offer.

  48. Skip this step and sign up free.......ths mssg is being showed...nd i cnt mke call..:(

  49. Is this method still working??....cuz when I added 0 after entering the ten digits of my mobile number it dint call to my phone...and after two or three tries its showing max test call limit is reached :|....we can make only once call dude :|.....plzzz reply to this :)

  50. Hi,
    I am looking for cheapest call to NEPAL. Can you please give me ideas on that? Why NEPAL calling is costly?

    Please let me know.

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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