Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Make 10 minutes of free calls each time you spend 2 minutes

Those who are living in US could not be benefited with the jajah free call hack, now we have alternate hack for the readers of

This blog is rebtel unlimted free call hack, you can make call to anywhere in the world, even cellphones in European union.

To understand this hack, I request you to read these blogs.

First try to understand how rebtel works

First you your telephone number with rebtel (click here)
Second you add the phone number of your friend
Rebtel gives you a local number to call
Once you make a call, your call is connected
Rebtel identifies your call with your Caller ID information and then connects the call.

Now where is the hack to make free calls?
If you have not made 10 minutes of trial calls from rebtel, then follow the procedure at Ten Minutes + (100 Minutes) Free trial call from Rebtel then for the next each ten minutes.

Please follow steps A to C
Step A
Reregister your number by adding extra digit to it, for example 4042624567 and its already registered then register your phone as 40426245670 or 4042624567999 or any number in between by putting an extra digit(s) to it, you can put as many as digits you want till rebtel accepts the registration

Register your friends or family number

You will get a local number to call you friend

How Can you generate the caller ID that you have registered?
Step B1
If you are using nonoh,

then in Your phone number: type the registered phone with extra digit, for eg, 40426245670 or 4042624567999 and in Destination phone number: type the local number given by the rebtel.
Step B2
If you are using any other betamx services like justvoip etc
Follow the steps written in the Caller ID and Caller line identification with betamax, like justvoip, nonoh etc and set 40426245670 or 4042624567999 as your caller ID.

Once your caller ID is verified, call to the local access number given by the Rebtel.
Step C
If you are not using any betamx services, then read this Free calls from India to US/Canada, UK, Europe and many more and start following step B2
Once your 10 Mins are finished, start from the step A and make another 10 mins of call. Repeat and make.

Enjoy free calling, if you have any problem then leave a comment, I am happy to answer.

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  1. That was great !!! I could call for INDIA from Canada for almost 35 min free through the VoiceGlobe.. that works !!
    take the advantage !!!!


  2. thats great, but little bit boring and time consuming, but its working for free.


  3. do u know of sites that allows us to send free sms to india?


  4. Free SMS and Free calls are temporary..,

    for free try to use these


    (Try to send SMS instead of making call)

    if you are interestes in cheap sms, please read


  5. It didnt work for me while I use Nonoh to call India from Germany. My confusion is If I give the wrong number of my phne (whiche is beem registered in Rebtel) then how I will get the call in my mobile..?? An how it will be verified? Please help..


  6. Dear,
    If you are in germany and using nonoh, then do not use mobile, try to use landline phone.

    Do not coufuse with the wrong number, the number you will give to rebtel is your number with added extra digits.

    Try to understand this, then hope it will work

    If you have a landline number 1129876543 and if you add an additional digit to your number 11298765430, 1129876543123 or 112987654390059 it will ring the same phone because the first 10 digit of the phone is same

    try to read

    You need not to verify your number if you use nonoh, verification is required in the case of softphones of justvoip etc.

    There could be another problem if you are unlucky, means if your phone number with extradigits are used by somebody then it will not work.

    If you have only cellphone, then do not use nonoh, then try to use voipwise or 12voip.

    Good luck, and do not forget to write your comments


  7. Hallo Vikas,
    Sorry I tried with landline number and I registered in Rebtel with landline number with three extra zeros. And now they gave me a number and I use Nonoh with this extra zeros and with the number provided by the Rebtel...
    Alas my phn never rings...
    Now what is the problem.. can you figure it out?

  8. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Please let me try it tomorrow and then I will send you the screen shots of Nonoh it doesn't work. But again thanks for the reply.

  9. Hi Vikas,
    Whenever i make a call from nonoh, rebtel gives me a welcome message and ask me for a verification of phone number and when i verify it gives a message that we will call you with an Instructions and i never get a call back. Can you tell me how to set up my callerId from nonoh or please tell me how to use rebtel service.



  10. Dear Ashish,

    In principle, when you type "Your phone number:" in nonoh, it should work as your caller ID, but if the call load on nonoh server is more, then the server does not generate the caller ID.

    I hope with some trails it will work. In the case it does not work, you can try try other options mentioned on the blog.

    feel free to ask further


  11. Hi Vikas,
    Thanks for the reply. I tried making call with VoipBuster and JustVoip with enabling my CallerID but still rebtel ask me for verification and i get the same message that they will call me back but i never receive any call back. I am still facing the same problem.


  12. Dear Vikas,
    No it didn't work for me atleast. I don't know why phone never rings with extra zeros or 9's or something else !!!
    I don't know why.. may be am doing something wrong. Will try to send you the screen shots of Nonoh.. May be you can help me.

  13. Hi Vikas,
    i got some problem in my voipstunt account,many of my friends got the same problem.cant make calls even when i got balance left.
    when i try to make a call,it shows,the call ended due to unknow e-mail address is,hope you can solve my problem.bye


  14. Hello Chang,
    I am very sorry to say that I can not help in this mater, I tried to help others by calling Betamx but they asked me its not my account so they will not help.


  15. Hi Vikas,

    Must really thank for your support and helping global indians. I tried installing the software and if i try dialing it, it says waiting for proxy registration......... continues on n on

  16. Hi Vikas,

    I really appreciate your work here, trying to help unknown people. Keep up the good work.

  17. HI Vikas,
    i m mukesh from india ...can i call from india to india with the help of rebtel or nonoh........plz advice me.........

  18. hi vikas,
    i tried this rebtel thing but when i registered extra digits with my real number and then rang my destination number it said, this test call will last for 5 mins, even thought i am entitled to more bonus mins with this scheme. help please. will the minutes work even though the person says it will only last for 5 mins?
    thanks very much

  19. hi, please tell me how to call jamaica from canada for free, thank you very much.
    is it possible to call jamaica for free?

  20. can i call fom india to us


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