Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ten Minutes + (100 Minutes) Free trial call from Rebtel

Rebtel is a fomous name by now, which allow you to make calls to India (anywhere in the world also) simply by dialing a local phone number.

Rebtel is providing 10 Mins of free calls worldwide including India (Your first call is free) These 10 mins are limited to each phone number.

What you have to do to make 10 Minutes + (100Mins) of free trial call?

Please select your country and the nearest city and then give your phone number, by which you are going to make a call, this will be your login. Please choose your PIN, only numbers between 4-12 Digits. You can use your any e-mail ID for the registration.

2. After registration, It will ask you to add your friends number, Add the number, where you want to call. It will only ask for name and phone number, (no need of email)

3. Once you add the number, rebtel will provide you a local number and tell you to make a call.

4. Take your phone (which you used for registratoin) and call to that number. The indian phone will ring.

(It looks little bit tedious, but its simple, it will take only one min to register and one min to add a phone, no verification is required. Please leave your comment, if you have any problem, I will help you to correct it) If you are still confused, read the first comment, it is a chat conversation between me and my friend to setup his account to make first 10 mins of free calls. By reading it, it would be more easier for you.

5. Refer it to atleast 50 friends, so that from each friend you can earn five thank you mins.

Please note that it works with the registered phones only. if you call the same local number from another number, it will not work.

Please do not forget to refer your friends to earn more free minutes. More referrals, more earning.

How rebtel works?
Rebtel works in complicated way. First you have to register your phone from where you are going to make free trial, after registration, you have to add Indian number that you want to call, rebtel will provide you a local number, Please save this number, whenever you will call to this local number, your call will be connected to India.
For Eg. You are living in US and have a number +14041231234 and want to make a call to +914429876543. You have to register with +14041231234 and add +914429876543 as your friend. Rebtel will provide you a local US number starting with +1XXXXXXXXXX depending on the location you have chosen. Once you call this number from +14041231234, The Indian phone will ring and the call will be connected.


  1. me: someone,
    someone: yes
    5:13 PM me: can you try something for me..., if you do it successful, you can call for 10 min, free to india, it needs only 2 mins to try
    someone: tell me
    5:14 PM me: click on the register link of the blog and register your self
    register with you true cellphone or landline number, you can give fake email, no verification needed
    someone: ok
    5:16 PM me : click on join rebtel and select your nearest city
    someone: ok
    5:17 PM ye kya mob to mob hi ho sakte hai kya ?
    me: first you register, then I will tell you...
    someone: ok
    5:20 PM someone: do i have to give my email add ?
    in join
    5:22 PM me: you can give secondary email or fake email also. No need for verificatoin
    but your number should be correct
    someone: ok..i gave another email
    now asking for friend's mobile
    and country
    5:23 PM me: you can add your home number, or another number whereever you want to call
    there is not need of email
    only name and number
    someone: should it be mobile number of landline number ?
    5:24 PM me: any number...
    better give landline
    someone: ok
    5:25 PM me: now skip other two steps
    someone: ok..they gave a rebtel number to call india
    5:26 PM and says "calln ow"
    me: skip it
    someone: u mean i shouldnt call
    do next
    me: you can click call now...
    even if you call its the same
    now you tell me, how much you pay when you make a local call
    5:27 PM someone: local call ? i dont know..
    me: I hope nothing
    someone: maybe some 25cents/min or more
    5:28 PM me: I hope, in US and canada, you get 600 free mins, for both icoming and outgoing calls
    someone: NOOOOOOOOOO
    only 150 free mn /month
    should i call now or not ?
    5:29 PM me: if you have free mins, then you can call on the given number..
    once you call, the indian phone will ring
    otherwise don't waste money
    someone: ok
    5:30 PM me: because for this local rate will be applied
    are yougoing to call
    someone: ok..
    weekends are free for me...
    for locals
    5:31 PM me: so its weekend..
    so you can call now
    call and tell me, if you could call
    someone: i call...and then what next ?
    after this 10 min free
    me: just call the given number...
    someone: using my phone ?
    5:32 PM me: yes, the phone you used for the registration
    it will work only with that phone
    someone: trying
    me: ok
    someone: this test call will last for 10 min...
    5:33 PM called...
    mom talking
    me: you have saved your home number as mom, i hope..
    if you could call then tell me
    5:34 PM someone: yes...
    me: is it ringing
    someone: am talking
    me: good
    enjoy talking for 10 mins

  2. hi
    will u please tell me how can i make free or cheap call from saudi arab to india.


  3. Dear Manoj, for free try voice globe, if it works, as I am not in UAE, I can not check if it will work.

    For cheap calls, try globe7, justvoip or yahoo voice.


  4. Vikas,
    I tried jajah from US2india and it allowed ony 5minutes of talk time. Then I deleted cookies by tools -internet options-delete- delte all,
    Again tried jajah and getting message you already used free minutes.

    Tried with Firefow also and getting the same message . Please help.



  5. Dear MS,

    From US2India, jajah works only for five mins, you can try rebtel hack

    I hope its working


  6. HI there, Nonoh has recently increased the prices to call to India (now $0.03). Does anybody know of a cheaper service than this?


  7. Dear Amit,

    Right now Dialnow is offering cheap calls, please read this blog

    otherwise still nonoh is the cheapest.


  8. dear vikas, i heard that freecalls is giving .02Euro/minut to india, please let me know if so.


  9. Dear Narendra,
    Try actionvoip, it gives cheapest rate which is less than 35 paise a min. search this keyword in my blog to find more about actinvoip.

  10. u guys try mediaring offers free calls to 8 countries .

  11. I tried registering for rebtel(I am in india) but it says they dont provide services to india yet. Is taht correct?


  12. sir, i wanna free mobile call in bangladesh! plzzzz help me!!

  13. pl. tell me how to make free calls from computer to mobile within India.

  14. How to make free calls within India from computer to Mobile ?

  15. its not applicable here in the Philippines

  16. sir tell me how i can make free call kuwait to india .

  17. there is no india in the country lust


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