Monday, October 22, 2007

Click2Voice offers Free calls within UK, US, Canada, Europe and many more

Click2Voice offering free calls within many countries like UK, US, Canada, Europe and many more, but not India, please check the list on Click2Voice website.

I thought of writing this blog for our friends who want to talk for free among the friends living in free countries.

How you can make free calls using Click2Voice?
1) Register at Click2Voice, (
Once the registration is complete, password will be sent to your give e-mail ID
2) Login and start making call.
3) Select your country, Enter your number
4) Select your friends country and enter the number
5) Click on Call button.

First your phone will ring and after few seconds you are connected to the friend.
Each call is limited to 15 Mins, but you can call again the same number and get 15 mins free.
You do not need to download any soft phone and use headphone.
Enjoy free calling among all your Friends living abroad and saving money/minutes of your phone.

Enjoy free calling. Keep visiting this blog for more chap and free calling option and forward this blog to your all friends.

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